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    India’s IT sector has experienced a significant growth in recent years because Indians have a high level of IT-related skills. Bangalore has become the centre of several large IT firms and is often called the silicon valley. For a better understanding, here is a list with the top IT companies located in Bangalore.


    None of us have the same talent. But, everyone has the chance to develop their talent. Bangalore, a main city known for its ability to build dreams, is often called Silicon Valley of India.

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    Bangalore houses some of most important IT/software companies in the world. The city is also home to many immigrants who are looking for work.


    Bangalore is India’s IT capital, with over a million workers. Bangalore (Bengaluru), often known as the Silicon Valley of India is home to tech giants Infosys Wipro, Google and Unicorn startups like Swiggy Ola Cabss, InMobi, Swiggy, Ola Cabss, Wipro and Google. If you are looking for a place to start your career in technology, Bangalore is the perfect destination.

    Top Software/IT Companies Bangalore


    Wipro is an internationally recognized organization in information technology, consulting, as well as business process services. It was established in Bangalore in 1945. They utilize newer technologies, such as cloud, robotics or hyper-automation to assist their clients. They offer services such as cloud services and mobility, infrastructure management and consulting.

    Wipro, founded in 1945, offers a range of IT solutions and computing solutions. Wipro is known for its employee-centric approach. They offer learning opportunities in a variety of verticals, and allow for lateral movements to help new employees discover their potential.


    Infosys has been called the “king of all IT businesses” and was founded in 1981. The company’s headquarters and training center are located in Bangalore. They are the leaders in global IT services, having more than 45 clients with 10,500+ employees.

    Infosys is the Big Gun within a town filled with big guns. Infosys, which offers perks such healthcare insurance and ongoing training, is known for its ability to create a happy and productive environment.

    IT solutions, BPO and Engineering services, as well as cloud services, Artificial Intelligence (and Bigdata).


    Accenture is the leading IT company. It was founded by Accenture in 1989. Its headquarters is in Bangalore. It was also established in Ireland in the year 1990. Accenture offers a variety services, including technology consulting, system integrations, BPO and outsourced infrastructure. They serve over 505,000 people in 120+ countries.


    Tata Consultancy Services Limited, (TCS), is a top consulting and training company and has a branch here in Bangalore. They are leaders in providing services such health and safety trainings as chemical spill management and basic firefighting.


    IBM stands for International Business Machines Corporation. This company specializes in consulting, design, coding and many other areas. IBM is the most popular cloud form company. It was established in 1911, and today has over 350000 employees that serve clients in more then 170 countries. They offer services including the internet, technology support and commerce.

    Three letters that are so familiar they don’t even need to be introduced. A decade of industry leadership has resulted in an organizational structure that encourages vertical mixing. This ensures a sound, well-rounded knowledge foundation no matter what sector one joins. Add to this a well-planned work/life balance and you will see a fresher rise.


    Oracle is the most successful software and technology company in the world, having been founded in 1977. It has offices in ten places in Bangalore. It is also the largest database in the world. They employ more than 10000 people around the globe.


    Cognizant was founded in 1994 by an American multinational corporation. They are specialists in providing technology services. It has four branches located in Bangalore and is one of India’s most prominent IT companies. They specialize in services such as intelligent processes automation, digital engineering and Internet of things.


    Capgemini, a global leader in technology and consulting, digital transformation, engineering services, is Capgemini. It was founded by Capgemini in 1967. It specializes in services such as business information management, application and custom solution development, outsourcing, consulting and other digital services.


    Techasoft is an IT company that is highly regarded in Bangalore. They specialize in providing IT solutions all over the globe. techasoft are specialists in Application development, PHP programming, server-side development, and digital market. They employ a team of highly skilled professionals, and offer IT solutions expertise.


    Cisco was founded in 1984, by a small group of Stanford University researchers. With more than 70,000 employees worldwide, there are seven branches in Bangalore. They offer services like cloud, collaboration data center, virtualization, security, and other related services.

    Cisco is a global innovator in networking solutions and is setting new standards in employee happiness, not just among Bangalore’s IT companies but throughout the industry. Cisco is known for its innovative software and networking solutions. It has a wide range of certifications that are among the best in the industry.


    Mindtree is an outsourcing and international IT company that was established in 1999. It is one among the most successful IT companies in Bangalore and has more than 22,000 employees.

    Mindtree, an IT services and consulting firm that is recognized as a leader in IT services and IT consultancy was founded by the company in 1999. Mindtree provides services in cloud computing, data analytics and mobile applications. This IT/software company is known for its mentoring system. New employees will experience a great learning experience.


    HCL is a top multinational company in India. It has five branches here. They are a global technology company that was founded in 1991. Their services include manufacturing, aviation, defense, telecom and logistics.

    Mu Sigma

    Mu Sigma is one the leading IT companies. The global delivery center for Mu Sigma in Bangalore was created in 2004. They offer services including risk analysis, marketing analytics and big data.


    Amazon is the number one internet company by revenue. This was led by Jeff Bezos (the world’s richest man). They focus on e-commerce services, and their development center is in Bangalore.

    This name was certain to be included in this list. Amazon is Bangalore’s best product-based IT company. They offer a welcoming work environment with many opportunities and have access to the best resources and courses to enhance your work experience.


    Dell is the most well-known Indian laptop company and the world’s biggest IT corporation. They provide services such as development, sales, repairs and customer support.

    Dell is a collective of customer-obsessed visionaries from the industry. They offer information and technology solutions including cloud computing, data security, and data storage. Dell is known for its action-oriented, delivery-oriented work culture and high expectations. Dell is the ideal place to make your mark as an aspiring fresher.


    Hewlett Packard (American giant) has many outlets in India, where it sells laptops and provides services related to software and hardware.

    Tech Mahindra

    It is one among the most renowned IT companies in Bangalore. It was founded in 1986. They have a global workforce of over 131,500 employees and are experts at providing customer-centric service.

    Tech Mahindra was established in Pune in 1987. Today, it is worth close to 5 billion dollars and has operations in 90 countries. Tech Mahindra was founded in 1986 in Pune and aims to connect people around the world. It fosters a positive, goal-oriented work environment under great leadership that places emphasis on personal growth.

    SAP Labs India

    SAP is a top-quality IT company. They are well-known for providing enterprise resource planning, which can be recognized worldwide.

    SAP is based at Whitefield in Bangalore. It has always been praised for being a great place to work by all those who walk through its doors. The company has a flexible benefits system and is open to cutting edge technologies, which makes it a great place to grow your career.

    Samsung R & D

    Samsung is the largest multinational Korean company. It was founded in Seoul, in 1938.

    Robert Bosch

    Robert Bosh, a German multinational company, is a global supplier of technology, and its five branches are located in Bangalore. They provide services such as energy, smart home, industrial technology, and consumer goods.

    Thomson Reuters

    Thomson Reuters is a multinational Canadian company with three offices in Bangalore. It was established in 2008, and offers services such tax, media technology, accounting, as well as intelligent information.


    Honeywell, the oldest Multinational Company with over 110,000 employees, is specialized in electronic and electro-mechanical manufacturing.


    CGI is a Canadian IT consulting firm that was founded in 1976. Their services include systems integrations, intellectual properties, life sciences, banking and capital markets.

    ITC Infotech India Ltd

    ITC Infotech, a technology solutions provider, enables clients’ future readiness. As an employee-centric company, ITC Infotech is known for providing a wide range of learning opportunities to its employees. They also have access to senior managers who are approachable and will provide guidance.


    Mphasis IT Service Company is located in Bangalore. They provide services like application development, application outsourcing, architectural guidance, infrastructure technology and application outsourcing.

    Mphasis, an innovative technology services company, strives to deliver outstanding service by being flexible, agile, and customer-centric. Mphasis is an ideal place for anyone looking to join the Bangalore-based software companies. They have a friendly hierarchy, many opportunities to switch domains, and provide exposure.


    Ernst & Young, a technology service company, was founded in 1989. The company has 10,000+ employees.


    Nokia is a multi-national telecom and IT company. It was founded 1865.


    Deloitte has four offices in Bangalore and is the largest financial services company. They have a lot of developers working on their products and services. Deloitte have over 10,000 employees. They are experts in providing services such as tax services, risk management and financial advisory. Consulting and Audit.


    Intel is an American IT giant that was founded in 1968. It has many offices in Bangalore and is the largest electronic chips maker in the entire world. They are specialists in providing services like artificial intelligence, manufacturing, and non-volatile memories.


    Huawei is the Chinese multinational firm that produces Honor and Huawei smartphones. They have three branches in Bangalore and one R&D Unit in Whitefield.

    Goldman Sachs

    Goldman Sachs is a major financial company that specializes in investment banking. They employ many developers and testers for their product design.


    Flipkart was one of India’s most prominent e-commerce firms. It was founded in 2017 in Bangalore.


    Microland was founded at Bangalore in 1989. They specialized on digital computing, IoT, industrial IoT, Integrated Digital Operations and cybersecurity.

    Sonata Software

    Sonata Software Limited was formed in 1986. It is one among the top IT companies of Bangalore. They provide services like managed IT services, travel IT solutions and mobility solutions.

    Netcracker Technology

    Netcracker Technology is a NEC Corporation subsidiary that was established in 1993. They provide services like revenue management, device management services, network transformation, business transformation and customer experience management.

    TESCO Hindustan Pvt. Ltd.

    TESCO was formed in 2003 in Bangalore. They provide services related financial management, supply chains, and technology.

    Larsen and Toubro Infotech

    L&T Infotech is one the best IT companies based in Bangalore. It was established in 1996. This company is a global IT company that provides digital solutions. It also offers services like Big Data Analytics (Robotic Process Automation), Machine Learning, and Digital Consulting.


    Edgeverve is Infosys’ subsidiary. They have their headquarters in Bangalore, founded in 2014. They specialize in services such as FinTech (Blockchain), supply chain software and predictive analysis.


    Microsoft Corporation is an American IT firm founded in 1975 by Paul Allen. They offer services like cloud computing, education, home software, platform, and windows operating systems.


    KPMG is a leading professional firm offering services such as Audit, Tax, and Advisory services, KPMG was founded in 1987. The firm employs about 207,000 people all around the world.


    Hitachi was founded in 1910. Its growth sectors include mobility, smart lives, industry and energy. Hitachi employs more than 300,00 people around the world. Their services include construction machinery, auto systems, equipment and electronic systems as well as logistics and smart living.


    Siemens was founded in 1847. The company is a German engineering company with a branch in Bangalore. They offer services like innovation, digitization, technology, and solutions.


    Google is an American-based IT giant. Every techie dreams of working for Google due to its awesome culture. They offer IT-related service and can also provide services related cloud computing, hardware and online advertising technologies.

    The giant with the misspelled nickname. The landmark of starting your career here would be remarkable. It would also be possible to work in an environment that encourages experimentation and has a great infrastructure. It’s not surprising that it is one the top product-based companies of Bangalore.


    Philips, which was founded in 1980, is the world’s biggest electronic company. They have over 100 offices and provide services in health care and medical devices, cardiology technology, respiratory tech, pregnancy, oncology, and other areas.

    Societe Generale

    Societe Generale is a financial-banking company that was founded in 1864. They provide services such as investment banking, mobile banking, credit, security services, retail banking, and corporate banking.

    Global Edge Software

    Global Edge, an engineering and software company, provides highly customized and tested solutions. This is done by offering training in embedded software for employees and on-site integration with customers to increase understanding. It’s possible that this is why they are so well-respected as a platform for freshers at the Bangalore product-based company software.

    NTT Data Global Delivery Services

    NTT Data is an IT services company in japan, founded in 1967. It is partly owned and controlled by Nippon Telegraph. They offer services including application development and enterprise application services.


    Intuit, the leading business and financial software firm, was founded by Mark Intuit in 1983. They provide services like sales and development of financial products and tax preparation software.

    Intuits is a global company that provides solutions. Their award-winning culture and dynamic workplace allow employees to collaborate across lines and achieve success through bold ideation. This vision of integrated teams inspires freshers to want to go to work every day to challenge their preconceived notions.

    That’s it for our list. All that remains is to send you all the best.

    Brigade Enterprise Limited

    Brigade Enterprise Limited, a company specializing primarily in Construction & Real Estate is based out of Bangalore. It offers services related to IT enabled services.

    Forbes Marshall Private Limited

    Forbes Marshall is the largest IT company in the world with over 6000 employees. The Forbes Marshall was established in 1926. The company specializes in stream Engineering and control instrumentations.

    Magneto IT solutions

    It was founded by the year.

    Appentus Technologies

    Appentus Technologies is a mobile development company based in Bangalore. They are one of the most trusted B2B businesses. They are experts in the areas of manufacturing, education and logistics.


    Trigent partners with the best software developers in India. They are experts in business intelligence and product engineering.

    Trigent was founded 25 years ago. In the past 25 year, it has developed more than 400 products for its customers. Trigent is committed in providing digital and customer-engagement solutions tailored to the problem. The company provides its employees with a wide range of problem-solving techniques to help them succeed.

    Future IT companies

    IT companies are growing like a topsy. Each day, new companies venture into the startup land in Bangalore. These are just a few of the top 50 IT businesses in Bangalore. You can also find Best IT Parks in Bangalore that include all the listed companies.

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