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How to Schedule Events in WhatsApp Communities

    WhatsApp has even surpassed Facebook Messenger on the list of the most popular chat programs and earned the distinction of being the third most used social media site around the globe. It’s true – it’s often used in conjunction with strategies for social media.

    In 2023, WhatsApp unveiled a fresh feature for community building, making it a fantastic platform to connect with your friends, referred to as Communities.

    After you’ve set up your community, you’ll be granted access to a one-way broadcast channel to announce admin updates, and you can set up diverse groups to allow members to interact and information.

    What Are Events?

    An event that is part of the WhatsApp community is an organized gathering or Event that gathers people for some reason. Events of any kind could count as one of them, ranging from birthday parties, informal gatherings, and social get-togethers to official occasions and even workshops. At these events, people from communities can gather and discuss their lives or create projects or hobbies that they enjoy together.

    The events, like online webinars, in-person meetings, or themed events, let the WhatsApp group members gather, discuss, and socialize. Through planning and attending gatherings, community members can create connections, exchange information, and benefit the community to grow and flourish. Every neighborhood association can organize events. At present, there will only be a single host for an event. Nobody else can do it. To make it occur:

    Within the chat of the community you belong to, locate your community group’s “pin” icon in the chat bar and then tap it. Once you’ve done that, tap “Event.”

    Input the name of the Event, the date, and t. You can also include a photo, a URL, or an address in the WhatsApp call if you wish to.

    You’ve got 2048 words to describe an event.

    You can include a WhatsApp call button for an event up to 60 days before the date.

    Including URLs to other websites, such as Zoom, in the Event’s description is possible.

    Press the button on the lower right-hand corner after you’re finished.

    How to Set Up Events in WhatsApp Communities

    Making events available in WhatsApp communities is a straightforward procedure:

    Go into the WhatsApp group of the community where you want to set up the event.

    Select the Attachment icon and then choose the event choice.

    Input the event details, including the Event’s name, description, date, time, and place.

    Turn on the WhatsApp calling link feature and select between the video and voice call.

    Click the Send icon to start an event.

    How to Respond to a WhatsApp Communities Event

    After an event is established, all group members will be informed about the Event. The members can reply to the Event to let them know whether they’ll attend. Here’s how.

    To reply to an event, click the respond opportunity beneath the message in the WhatsApp community group.

    It is now possible to select Going or not wanting to indicate your availability.

    This informs the person who created the Event, making it easier to control the participants. If you opt to go to the Event, you’ll receive more updates and modifications concerning the Event.

    It allows users to quickly create and plan occasions using WhatsApp. The new feature is currently available to those enrolled in the Beta program for the application on the Google Play Store. It will be made available to stable users in the next few months.

    How to Edit an Event in WhatsApp Communities

    If you’ve planned an event for the community group before, however, you’re now required to alter it; here’s the way you can do it:

    1. Chat with the group members within your local community where the Event was planned.

    2. Tap to Edit Event in the event Text previously shared within the group.

    Be aware that if you can not see a shared event, click the name of the group at the top of the chat window. After that, you can select the Event. Finally, select Edit the Event.

    3. Changes are needed. Hit the Send button on the corner of the right-bottom.

    It is important to note that only the organizer can modify an event.

    WhatsApp may bring event-related scheduling to groups, too.

    Besides groups, WhatsApp is exploring adding an event calendar to regular group chats.

    Many people utilize WhatsApp for online classes or to organize events. The ability to schedule and create events from inside the app could be an important feature.

    At present, the event scheduling feature is only available in a small portion of WhatsApp betas available to Android users with the version. Because this is a trial version, it’s possible that the feature will be unavailable even if you are running the exact version on your device.

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