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Interested in hiring us? Have a great idea for collaboration? Want to write for us? Just want to chat? Don’t be shy.
Please read the following very carefully or your submission may be ignored.

We get submissions which are completely unrelated to our site. Please understand our site, the topics we cover and our style. We cover tech, gadgets, apps, design and similar topics. Do not try and submit something completely unrelated.

Have an app you want us to try? Include a promo code! We always love trying out new apps but if we have to fork out for every app we reviewed we’d be broke.

If you have an infographic, blog post or anything else you’d like to share, Please send us the link to it.

18 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi, I wanted to ask if you needed any help building a new website or re-vamping an existing website. If so, I can provide you with a free mock-up of what the new site would look like before you make any commitment. How’s that for zero risk? Shoot me a reply and let’s chat about what you need…

  2. Hey TechClient,

    I came across the blog today and though:

    “As someone who likes to write about blogging, you might get a kick out of this brand-new super infographic on “ vs”. :)”

    Let me know if you want to check that out and happy Tuesday,

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    After reviewing your Website, I just found it’s an ideal place to learn and share.

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  4. Hope you’ve got my message,

    I’m Roy, the owner of a news website.

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    Hope to receive your response as soon as possible!

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  5. Hello,

    I’m Roy, the owner of a news website.

    I have over 1M+ organic traffic and Moz DA is higher than 60. I want to ask would you be interested in a link exchange or a guest article exchange with me? Websites are in different GA accounts, have different registrars, so it is completely safe.

    I have other blogs I’d like to rank, and I have a bunch of websites that are similar to the site I wrote about, and in different niches.

    Hope to hear from you ASAP!

    Kind Regards,

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