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What Software is Used to Recover Outlook PST Files?

    In most cases, when your Outlook mailbox is full, transferring your older emails to the PST archive for safekeeping can be a fantastic option to free up space. However, the convenience is in question if you’re   the PST file is accidentally corrupted along with all its content such as mails, contacts, calendars, attachments etc.

    Outlook PST files can be susceptible to corruption, which could create a mess for users or organizations that depend on Outlook for email communications. Fortunately, a variety of programs is available to recover Outlook PST files.

    This post will review several best solutions for recovering Outlook PST files.

    What Is a PST File?

    PST, short for Personal Storage Table, is a file format open to the public that can be used to store contacts, messages, attachments, calendar events, addresses, and many other things within certain Microsoft software applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Messaging, and Microsoft Exchange Client. Outlook is the main application that utilizes the PST format for files. It is sometimes known as An Offline Storage Table (.ost).

    If you’ve got the PST file you cannot open, it might be damaged or corrupted. The corruption could be lead by multiple factors such as large size of PST file, malware and virus attack etc. It is possible to try skillful PST recovery tools. . The tools that can fix the damaged PST file. Use the following tools.

    How to Recover PST Files on Windows

    There are many ways to recover. PST file on Windows. How you do it depends on why you think the PST file is not present. Files deleted in the past can be found within the Recycle Bin or with the Previous Versions feature (which requires the creation of backups) in Windows. The desirable method to go about it is using skilful tools for data retrieval to retrieve the Outlook files, as they can be used across a variety of loss-of-data scenarios.

    1. Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe)

    Microsoft has a free tool known as ScanPST.exe, which is also referred to as the Inbox Repair Tool. It can restore and repair corrupted PST files. The tool comes with the Outlook installation and is in the software file.

    2. Stellar Repair for Outlook

    Stellar Repair for Outlook is one of the most popular programs that help repair and recover damaged PST files. Stellar Repair for PST can address issues including head damage, file corruption, and PST error messages that are too large for the file.

    3. Kernel for Outlook PST Repair

    Kernel to Outlook PST Repair is another trustworthy program that can retrieve and fix PST files. It can fix issues with corruption, recover deleted emails, and Repair password-secured PST files.

    4. SysInfoTools Outlook PST Recovery

    SysInfoTools Outlook PST Recovery is an advanced program that can repair and recover PST files. It can also fix corruption issues, recover deleted emails, and even fix oversized PST data.

    5. Aryson Outlook PST Recovery

    Aryson Outlook PST Recovery is user-friendly and can help repair and recover PST files. It can fix issues with corruption, recover deleted emails, and even fix password-protected PST documents.

    6. DataNumen Outlook Repair

    DataNumen Outlook Repair is an extremely efficient software that repairs and restores damaged PST files. It can fix problems including head damage, file corruption or PST over-sized errors in files.

    In deciding on a recovery software for Outlook PST files, consider aspects like:

    * Ease of use

    * Effectiveness

    * Compatibility Outlook versions

    * Customer support

    * Price

    Always ensure that you back up your PST data regularly to protect yourself from data loss and prevent corruption.

    I hope that this article can help! Please let me know if you have any additional concerns.

    Can PST archives be retrieved?

    The device’s PST information isn’t erased when you delete the file. The operating system is unable to access any data associated with it because the files’ entries are erased. The operating system categorizes these sections, filled with prepared data, as non-destructive. In these newly designated areas, the data that is being written has been updated.

    What can you do to prevent PST data loss?

    Make backups of important documents, such as PST files, which are the PST files regularly and store them on an external drive.

    Check your computer for malware with an antivirus program.

    Be careful not to delete the files accidentally.

    Instead of pressing the “Shift+Delete” keys, use the “Delete” key or right-click on the mouse with the delete feature.

    Don’t shut down Microsoft Outlook immediately.

    Bottom Line

    Everyone does not want to see damaged or corrupted PST files, as data is an asset that must be protected. Corrupted PST files are very dangerous as they make the mailbox inaccessible for users either in a form of error codes or Outlook crashing. If the information you’ve stored in your Outlook data file is lost or you can’t use it can impact your Outlook efficiency, in that case a PST recovery tool can be an opportunity. Stellar Repair to Outlook Recovery Tool is the perfect solution to retrieve the complete mailbox. It is possible to test the program’s effectiveness with the trial version, which allows to see the preview of mailbox after scanning the PST file.

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