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Stacy Wilson was a radiant 21-year-old woman when her life was brought to an abrupt and tragic ending. This list of eight facts takes a look at the details we have about her brief life and her tragic death, as well as the aftermath of her murder.

Sometimes we are witness to such horrific instances that we don’t remember these events in our dreams. Similar to the helpless and terrifying crowd of the Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene, a harmless twenty-one-year-old girl was murdered by a brutal man known as Shorn Samuel in front of horrifying crowds at the bus station.

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A whole area was full of screams, tears, and shock as Stay Wilson’s body and head components were cut off and were thrown onto the bus station. It’s not difficult to imagine the bus station scene was alive in the last few seconds turned into the bloody scenes of a horror film. In addition, Stacy Wilson Bus Crime Scene photographs are horrifying proof of this brutal, brutal murder scene.

What happened during the lifetime of Stacy Wilson?

On December 11 of 2006. Wilson had been slain on the bus and within the bus terminal area at Kingstown, Saint Vincent, by the machete-wielding adversary. The attacker, Shorn Samuel, cut off Wilson’s right-hand man … then killed the woman. He was held by stunned viewers, some of whom could also take some truly stunning, graphic photos.

Shorn Samuel Had a Lengthy History of Harassing Stacy Wilson

Stacy Wilson and Shorn Samuel both live in the tiny agricultural town of Vermont located just 12 miles to the north of Kingstown, the capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean.

Samuel also has the name Sean Samuel and Abdul Rahim Parsons, in addition to the name Muslim Islamaam.

Samuel visited his distant cousin Wilson as well as her family regularly. Then, however, the visits started to become more gruesome. Samuel, aged fourteen years older, told Wilson that he wanted to become his better half.

Wilson was unhappy with Samuel and Samuel and informed Wilson not to visit their home for a while. Wilson apologized for his conduct and continued to look at his brows routinely. His excuses were empty.

According to Wilson’s mom, Emelia Nanton Samuel was involved with Wilson before she left for work and started “molesting” the girl. When she was leaving to work, he frequently stated to her, “I am in love with you and you must be my companion.”

As the male was inundated and unmoved by Wilson’s need to be lifted at peace Nanton declares she placed a bowl of Clorox on Samuel’s face to cause him to go away.

Stacy Wilson

She was a typical twenty-one-year-old woman who a cruel killer murdered. He brutally ended her life. Let’s look at the significant events connected to her life, and they also become the catalyst for her sudden and brutal death by Shorn Samuel.

Shorn Samuel as well as Stacy Wilson were both residents of the same area. Shorn Samuel liked Stacy Wilson and wanted to make her his wife; however, Stacy disagreed as she did not like the guy. However, Shorn Samuel continued harassing her and causing trouble for her throughout the entire period.

In addition, even on the day of the murder, the two engaged in a heated discussion at the Stacy office concerning this matter, and Samuel continued to follow her until she got the seat in the back of the bus and even argued on the bus following the accounts of witnesses.
Furthermore, her mother informed the police that the boy constantly nagged her daughter and tried to molest her.

Additionally, Samuel also had an older history of a psychotic disorder. He was not a well-being person. However, based on this, his death sentence could be reduced to life in prison.
These were the primary factors that led to the brutal murder of the innocent woman.

Not the First Beheading on Saint Vincent

The tiny Caribbean group of islands referred to by the name of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has a population of 110,000. But Stacy Wilson was not the first person to be beheaded of the Eastern Caribbean country.

In January 2003, the body without a head of 68-year-old Albert Browne was discovered near a field of bananas within the south Saint Vincent region of Marriaqua.

The footprints left behind by the police; they discovered Browne’s body about 300 feet away, hidden in a banana pit and covered in a pair of pants.

At the time of the murder, it was believed as one of the most horrific murders in the country’s recent history.

Daniel Trimmingham was convicted of murder. He was sentenced to death in the year 2019.

Stacy Wilson Crime Scene

There is no doubt that it was a typical day following the work. Stacy Wilson reached the bus station to take her seat on the bus. One of those horrified witnesses, Stacy Wilson, ignored Samuel and continued to fight with her. Samuel was standing by the conductor’s entrance for a while, then after a short time, he went away and returned with a terrifying cutlass before committing his fatal crime.

She tried to escape through the bus’s window to escape her death. But a more robust and faster man snatched her up and dragged her from the bus. He cut her right hand off of the wrist. When she fell to the floor and cut her neck brutally, another eyewitness with a shaky voice said the head was held in his arms for a couple of seconds and then placed on the ground.

A Loss to Her Whole Community

The following week on the Tuesday of December 19, family members, friends, and strangers gathered to pay tribute to Stacy Wilson’s life at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Vermont. Her mother, Emelia Nanton, was an example of strength throughout the funeral ceremony. Wilson’s close friends, associates, and family members spoke about her life and how her passing had caused a gap that was unbreakable in their hearts.

Priest Terrance Haynes gave a speech in which he asked everyone to live their lives more seriously.

” The life we live is God’s; the life we live is precious,” he says. He added that we have to keep our eyes open to the spiritual realm.

” The enemy is mixing among innocents; he is trying for a way to repay back God. Life is getting inexpensive. We must return back to the normal state,” he said.

Haynes also slammed those who shared the horrible images of Wilson’s body across the Net.

Then the service, there was a long procession of people from the church to the cemetery. The rain was pouring down the crowd sang songs and specialized choruses to Wilson.

Murderer Shorn Samuel Made Demands

In the years following his arrest in connection with Stacy Wilson’s murder Shorn Samuel insisted that he be placed in one prison cell to ensure his safety. He was not a fan of being scolded by officers and fellow prisoners.

Samuel also demanded that new trial records be provided to him since the documents he had damaged.

He also accused attorney Ronald Marks of threatening him with three years in prison if Samuel refused to retain him. This was an unusual claim, considering Marks wasn’t his lawyer.

The prisoner, who was becoming increasingly tricky, also declared that he would not stand during the national anthem if it played in the institution as his grandfather did not do it. “I will stick to my beliefs. I’m not blaming you. You know what you’re doing,” Samuel said.

Justice Gertel Thom replied that when Samuel was in Her Majesty’s Prison, he would be required to follow the rules.

Murder Seems to Run in the Family

The story isn’t over of the story. Even though Shorn Samuel was in prison, the drama and disasters continued to plague his family.

On April 15 in 2013, Rosette Samuel, the sister of Shorn and a police officer off duty from the New York Police Division, murdered and killed her (potentially former) partner before the time he was scheduled to leave to Guyana. She then killed her baby before changing the gun to her own.

Dason Peters, 33 years old, was found in the corridor near the front door. He was lying face-down in a pool of blood.

The police found Rosette, 43, lying in bed, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot. The weapon she was carrying, a 9mm Glock, was found at her side, along with her infant son, Dylan Samuel Peters, wounded in the breast.

At that time, Rosette’s first daughter, Dondre Samuel, was 19 and ran out of a window when the shooting began. He confessed to the police that his mother and Peters were fighting throughout the night. She also contacted the 108th Precinct to let them know she would be late for her appointment the following day.

The associates in The Website traffic Control Department stated she was a quiet person who was not very grin-y. “She was very and solitary. She was not really any friends of any kind,” one colleague claimed.

No one of her colleagues claimed they observed any indications of violence. “There there was no evidence that she was experiencing any issues,” claimed an additional police officer.

Stacy Wilson’s Mom Wants Peace

Like most times, when a new crime is committed, it brings new previous crimes. Stacy Wilson’s mom, Emelia Nanton, who is trying to get her life back to normal, faced another round of questions following the aftermath of Rosette Samuel’s suicide.

All she wants is to be in peace to take care of herself.

“Everybody coming up to me and sharing with me about how God answers prayers and how what happens,” she said.

“This incident happened to Shorn’s sister, and you’re trying to find people who will say we must be kind to each other and pray for each other However, there are some who act as if I were praying for something to happen.”

She also stressed that the wishes and prayers of others are not hers. She added, “God does not render evil to make it better.”

Last Goodbye

Stay Wilson’s relatives and friends members said their final goodbye to her, with tears in their eyes. The state of her mother was a mess throughout the funeral. Family members and colleagues, friends, neighbors, and relatives cried about her life and the positive attributes. The pastor of the church advised that everyone has to go back to God at some point.

In the end, it was over; she was buried and left a vast empty place in the lives of family members and acquaintances that no one would be able to fill until they were alive. Exceptionally her mother will never live her life the way she did before the loss of her dear daughter. Every time she smiles, her face will appear before her eyes; she will make her eyes tear up.

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