4 Signs When Molly Fish Pregnant

If you’ve learned the art of raising molly fish, you’re probably prepared for the next stage in the process of keeping mollies: breeding them.

It can be difficult initially; however, don’t fret; breeding mollies can be a simple and satisfying experience. I’ll assist you in navigating.

A Molly Fish is a type of Guppy. The Molly Fish is a livebearer, which means that the baby fish emerge from the mother alive. The breeding process is easy, and usually, in the case of molly fish, if males and females share the same tank. The baby Molly Fish will be eaten when placed in the same aquarium as every other fish species (including Mollies); therefore, it is essential to recognize pregnant females. The typical pregnancy of Molly Fish will last between 20 and 40 days, and they can have between one hundred and twenty babies at any given period.

How can you tell whether your Molly is pregnant? A molly who is pregnant will have an enlarged belly and the appearance of a dark, swollen apex in the middle of the abdomen. At the point of labor, pregnant mollies will hide and cease eating for the duration of the pregnancy. They may also become active and eat more frequently during the pregnancy.

How do you tell if a Molly fish is pregnant?

If you can identify if a molly is pregnant, you’ll be able to see that it’s not difficult to identify the signs of a pregnant molly. There are some obvious indications that she’s pregnant if you are aware of what to look for. If you plan to breed with mollies, it is crucial to be aware and be aware of these indicators.

How does Molly be the Fish?

Molly fish livebearers mean that instead of fertilizing eggs, laying eggs on the spawning area, and then hatching them, the Molly fish is the birthplace of live Fish.

Although they aren’t active immediately, Molly juveniles can swim and eat within a few hours from when they are born.

The age of reproduction is 12 months for male Molly and six months for female Molly.

Be cautious about the male-to-female ratio. Male molly fish could cause stress to females due to their continuous chase.

One male with three females in the ideal ratio to breed these Fish. Otherwise, you will have too many pregnant molly fish and many molly baby fish because of it.

It is possible to spot the male molly fish that are under the female Molly. This is how they reproduce. Females can store the male’s sperm for months, meaning that they’ll be able to have multiple births even when there are no males there in the aquarium.

The female Molly holds eggs that are fertilized inside her body until they are hatched. It is only after hatching; she releases the eggs to the water tank. The gestation duration varies but is usually 45 days on average.

Mollies can breed as many as 100 fries at a time, and they frequently breed, so you can expect to see many fries to hatch if you try the breeding process.

Although they produce lots in fry, they’re terrible at conserving them. Adult mollies aren’t interested in their fry and will consume them if they’re not kept away from the fry.

To protect Molly’s fry, it is best to separate Molly pregnant from the other Fish just before she’s set to give birth.

Physical indicators to determine whether she is pregnant

They are the physical indications that the woman is pregnant. There are other signs of behavior too, but it’s harder to spot than the physical indications.

  1. She is changing her belly, and she gets flattened. Normal mollies have round bellies. However, if she’s pregnant, her baby’s belly will begin to get bigger and squarer.
  2. – Black marks on the belly of her will be evident. This is a good indication if you have moles that are light in the shade. Dark spots on the vent of the anal are an obvious sign that she’s pregnant. The black spots are the babies that you can observe.
    3 – She is eating more than she normally is. This is is difficult to recognize when you don’t know exactly the amount they’re eating all the time. It isn’t every person who is standing taking note of how much of the Fish is eating.

How to Tell If Your Molly is About to Have a Baby?

Mollies usually gestate for between 20 and 40 days between becoming fertilized until giving Birth. When they reach the end of their pregnancy period, Mollies will show indications that they’re about to be born. The signs include:

  • Completely isolating caves and plants
  • Do not show any interest in eating or getting closer to the surface
  • Very slowly swimming or remaining stationary
  • The belly is swollen and develops an oblique bulge that resembles a V
  • If you notice these signs, you have a good chance that your Molly is close to having a baby. It’s an ideal time to begin getting ready for the labor process.

The signs that your Molly is planning to Give Birth?

You know that your Molly’s pregnant What can you do to ensure that she’s in good shape to have a baby?

This is a crucial thing to consider since this is a delicate moment for her and the fries. These are some of the indicators that indicate she is getting ready to have a baby.

How Do You Take to Deliver a Baby?

As I’ve already mentioned, Mollies can be pregnant for any time between 20 and forty days (average 30 days). Of course, this would be the length of time they’ll stay from conception until the time of Birth.
However, before this time typically, there’s an initial period of courtship between males and females Molly that can last several days.

Typically, the courtship phase is marked by a couple of chases each now and then and is often accompanied by mild aggressive displays.
The dance ends at the beginning of breeding and is followed by the thirty days (on average) in which the female bears the eggs into her stomach to the point that she gives birth to babies directly in the sea.

Signs of behavior to determine when she’s ready to have a baby

It’s time to segregate Molly once you observe these three signs of behavior that indicate Molly is in good shape for Birth.

She is beginning to decrease her swimming. In one spot for long periods like she does.
She hides behind decorations or plants in the tank. She might even be able to be close to the heater of the tank to keep warm.
During pregnancy, women eat more. However, when she’s about to have a baby, she may not be hungry. She may also become aggressive toward other Fish.

Do I need to separate my pregnant Molly?

One question that many people are asking is whether or not it is necessary to separate pregnant mollies. The answer is contingent on one aspect. Do you wish to ensure that you keep all fry as possible, or do you care about them being consumed by Fish?

The most important thing to remember is that the fry of a newborn is small enough to be able to be eaten by mollies as well as other Fish to consume. They think this is food due to how big the fry is. Without adequate hiding spots, the fry can’t survive in tanks that are filled with Fish.

How to tell if your Molly Fish is about to Give Birth

Throughout the gestation time, Your molly fish will exhibit various changes in its behavior (as explained in the introduction), Although some of them will only be apparent before the day of birth’, while others may be more apparent.

The changes in behavior begin the moment your fish breeds or due to courtship and then increase when you get closer to the time of releasing the young.

But, the most evident indicator that your Molly’s getting ready to be born will be when your gravid area appears dark and huge, and the dry eyes can be seen through the transparent belly, which is just below the gravid mark.

At the same time, however, a bit earlier, your Molly should be quite round, with the belly visible because of the eggs she’s carrying within her.

In the days before when the Fish gives Birth, You may also observe your Fish’s bulge (V-shaped) below her Gills, and her outline is turning quite square around the region. This can be observed in conjunction with the gravid spot transforming in size.

How to care for a Molly who is pregnant

Mollies who are pregnant don’t typically require any special attention throughout their pregnancies. This is among the reasons why a lot of breeders are breeding with moles. However, there are a couple of ways to ensure that your expecting mole is less stressed. Keep in mind that a stressed pregnant molly may abort the fries.

  1. The first thing you must do is provide your mollies with additional shelters or hiding places. They’re always searching for an area that is quiet, dark areas. Far from other Fish. The more hideouts in your tank, the more effective.
  2. You may also alter the water temperature to a higher temperature. Mollies who are pregnant can be more relaxed and comfortable when the water is warmer than the norm. We know that the normal temperature of mollies ranges from 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, just two or three degrees more could be enough to allow Molly pregnant to ease more.

What should you feed your baby Molly Fish?

The process of raising molly fish for babies isn’t a problem at all. They are incredibly hungry, but the mouth opening is tiny, which means you have to feed them with food that will fit in their mouths.

Mollies in the baby stage have a very short digestion cycle, meaning they need to be fed frequently (3-5 times per day) in small amounts all day.

Baby molly fish feed on babies brine shrimps, vinegar eels microworms Baby fish food, premium flake food products that are ground into a powder, and more.

Try to have a variety of foods and eat a balanced diet. At the same time, they are likely to eat frequently but be cautious not to feed them too much. The water can be soiled by excessive feeding, and babies are prone to the toxins present in water.

What is the ideal temperature of water for molies?

The ideal temperature of water for mollies ranges from 72 to 22-25degC or 78- 78degF. Molly fry needs the exact temperature; however, they are more digestible and grow when the water is about two-three degrees warmer than the optimal range.

The male and female mollies may be a good time to start breeding

The age at which males start to conceive is approximately 12 months. Females can begin breeding at the age of six months old.

Do mollies die after giving birth?

A few mollies die shortly after Birth due to extreme stress and strain from labor. They could give birth to more than 100 fries at once. They could also die due to prior illnesses and issues or extreme environmental conditions within the tank.

At what age does the molly fish reproduce?

Male mollies are sexually mature when they reach 12 months old Mollies of females can reproduce after six months. At that point, Fish can breed and produce fry.

What breeds of mollies can they have?

Did you know there’s another kind of Fish that the mollies can mix with? These are the fish Mollies can breed with when they are in your tank, too.

Mollies can breed with Guppies. This is because they’re part of the same species. Mollies and guppies belong to the Poecilia genus, which is what makes breeding between them possible.

How often do Mollies form a breeding group?

Mollies can reproduce right after the birthing process, and it takes between twenty to forty days, on average. They will keep reproducing for two to 2.5 years when they are sexually mature. Furthermore, female mollies can keep sperm after mating, which means they can become pregnant several times following mating without the need of the male Molly.

What can you feed your molly fry?

Molly fry needs to be fed the same food as adult mollies, but smaller pieces. A few great options for molly fry are brine shrimp flake food and bloodworms, daphnia, and many other foods that are chopped into small pieces.


Once you’ve learned some basics about breeding molly fish and knowing the signs of molly fish pregnancy, you can try your hand in raising molly fry and breeding them.

Be aware that you may be left with lots of Fish if you do not take steps to manage the number (e.g., restrict the ratio of males and females).

Once you understand your mollies a little better, you’ll be able to tell when your female Molly is expecting. It’s not hard to recognize. The most effective and easiest method to determine if they are pregnant is to look for the black spots on the anus region. They are the actual babies which you see. There are other indications that you are pregnant, too. The black lines on her stomach and the way that her stomach begins to be more square.

If you’re planning to reproduce with your moles, There are some aspects you must be aware of. Most important is that fries need to be kept in separate tanks for two weeks. This makes it easier to take care of your Mollies. In this guide, you’ll learn all you should be aware of of pregnant mollies and their Birth.

Molly fry isn’t hard to raise. The key is to keep them separate from adult fish and how to feed them and maintain the parameters of their waters at their optimal levels.

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