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Top 23 Machine Learning Companies in USA

    Machine Learning (ML), is a concept that allows machines to learn from data. This is achieved by identifying patterns in data. The performance of the model will also depend on the data being used.

    Are you looking for the “Best Machine Learning Companies in USA”? Our in-depth research will assist you in your search for the best machine learning companies. This Review article will help you choose the best machine-learning company.

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    Risk Management, Performance Analysis & Reporting and Trading are some of the most popular machine learning applications. This article will provide a detailed overview of the Machine Learning Companies, their features, and compare them.

    There is a difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning

    Artificial Intelligence is different from Machine Learning.

    AI is the technology used to improve machine efficiency by modeling intelligent behavior. Machine Learning is the idea that will actually apply the AI concepts. ML is a subset AI.

    1) Indium Software (USA, UK, Singapore)

    Machine learning (ML), a service offered by Indium Software, allows companies to have a competitive edge. It includes perks like customer lifetime value prediction and predictive maintenance, spam detection and other perks.

    Indium is a company whose motto is to make technology work. They offer the best-in class ML algorithms and machine learning consulting services. They are experts in advanced analytics languages such as Python, R Tensorflow and Keras.

    2) Abto Software

    Abto Software is a leading company in machine learning software development. It has an excellent command of the most recent tools and technologies used in machine learning app development. Abto Software’s Machine learning-based applications speak volumes about the company’s excellence and perfection. This company uses a structured approach to ensure each application is developed in accordance with the client’s requirements. They also send regular progress reports, which make it exceptional.

    3) InData Labs

    InData Labs is an AI Business Partner that has its own R&D centre. Their core expertise is in AI & Data Science, computer vision and OCR, big data, predictive analytics, machine-learning & deep learning, NLP, and AI & data science. InData Labs offers AI consulting and development, as well as AI-driven mobile application development to scale up each client’s business.

    InData Labs, an AI-powered solution provider, has offices in Belarus, Singapore, the U.S., and more than 60 employees who work to meet client needs. They have implemented over 40 projects since 2014 and helped its clients implement recommender engines, face recognition, image and video analysis and object detection. The company also has a Research and Development Centre that specializes in ML, Computer Vision, and AI Software Development.

    4) Sigmoidal

    Sigmoidal is a trusted machine learning consulting company in the USA. It is known for its ability to integrate machine learning and artificial Intelligence in the solutions it offers to its clients. The company’s applications are able to scale up business processes and help clients succeed. This company is trusted in America because it has many years of experience in providing end-to-end machine-learning app development services.

    5 Databricks

    Databricks was founded in 2013 and is a machine learning and data science company in the USA. Databricks, a data science and machine learning company, is headquartered in San Francisco. It has raised $897 million in funding to date. Unified Data Analytics Platform, which includes the company’s ML-based Data Science Workspace as well as Redash visualization and dashboarding tools, is part of Databricks. It can run on AWS and Microsoft Azure. Not to mention, it integrates seamlessly with a variety of popular business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Qlik, Power BI and Looker, Mode.

    6 Quytech

    Quytech is a top machine learning company that has extensive experience in creating outstanding ML- and AI-based apps. Quytech is a customer-centric company that provides custom-based machine learning app development services for a variety of enterprises and start-ups around the globe.

    The company has a dedicated team that collects the client’s requirements and listens to the app idea. This ensures that clients receive the best possible app development services. Their developments are a great success thanks to this approach.

    7) Mosaic

    Mosaic, another machine learning consulting firm, is engaged in providing machine learning app development and solutions for businesses all over the world. The company employs a team of talented data scientists and machine learning engineers who are skilled in supporting clients. Customers can use its machine learning services to integrate the features into existing business processes, or get a custom app built for their business.

    8 IBM

    IBM was one of the first to use artificial intelligence and machine-learning, and has been a major player in this field. IBM continues to sell a variety of AI and ML service under the Watson brand. The product integrates with other Watson tools and supports hybrid and multicloud environments.

    9 HyperGiant

    HyperGiant, a USA-based machine learning company that offers custom-made machine learning apps development services, is known as a leader. It is a trusted partner to many established and emerging companies around the world. The company’s machine learning development services are cost-effective and have served hundreds of clients across the spectrum of entertainment, defense, satellite communication, and healthcare.

    HyperGiant leverages the power of technology today to ensure its clients deliver Machine Learning-based apps that can help to grow and succeed their businesses. HyperGiant’s mobile apps can be adapted to think and act like humans.

    10 Xyonix

    Xyonix machine-learning services are well-known in the USA. They provide deep insights into the data that can help you make decisions for a bright future for your business. This company’s real purpose is to help businesses around the world leverage AI and machine-learning. This will help streamline their business processes by understanding and analysing data and statistics automatically without human intervention.

    11) MobiDev (Georgia, US)

    The founders of this software development company are a group of passionate engineers, business managers, and others. MobiDev, a mobile software development company with clients in more than 20 countries, is now fully operational. It is able to provide software development services for both startups and businesses.

    12) Fayrix

    Fayrix offers flexible services in every way, including the ability to rent a single developer or build a whole offshore development center. It offers many Machine Learning solutions including fraud detection, HR analytics and warehouse optimization. Fayrix can handle any complexity of AI-powered products.

    13) Netguru

    Netguru is a developer of custom software. It is able to work with software in many areas, such as Banking, Learning languages and Renting bikes. Netguru also provides consulting services for product development, software solutions creation, and product design.

    14) iTechArt Group

    iTechArt works with VC-backed tech companies and startups to develop custom software. It provides unlimited access and training in all areas of software development, such as Web, Mobile and DevOps.

    15) DogTown Media

    This mobile app development company develops apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad. It also offers services in machine learning apps, which will make your app smarter, more efficient, and more accurate.

    16) Xicom Technologies

    This ISO 9001 software development company is available to assist Startups, SME’s and Enterprises with services such Web development and Mobile app development. IT consulting and Software Development are also offered by this company. Xicom is a global company with more than 1500 clients.

    17) Altoros (California, US)

    Altoros AI solutions assist businesses with mundane tasks, Altoros operates five offices around the globe. It has more than 18 years experience and has been involved in over 1400 projects. It can deploy a network to cloud providers AWS and GCP, IBM, Microsoft Azure or Oracle.

    18) Neoteric, Poland

    Neoteric offers solutions in Machine Learning, Predictive Models, and NLP, Neoteric AI solutions are designed to make data management easier. It can offer solutions to various industries.

    19) Infopulse (Kyiv, Ukraine)

    Infopulse offers services in Cloud & IT infrastructure Management and Cybersecurity Services. The average annual growth rate is 20%. Infopulse is used by customers from over 30 countries.

    20 AntWorks

    AntWorks is a provider of intelligent automation and AI solutions. It can process all types of data. AntWorks uses an intelligent and integrated technology stack to provide accurate insight for enterprises.

    21) AlescoData

    AlescoData provides data-driven services that can be customized and the most advanced Machine Learning algorithms. It provides solutions for Machine Learning Analytics and Omnichannel Data as well as Acquisition & Retention Services. The company has more than ten years of data experience.

    22) Iflexion (Colorado, US)

    Iflexion is skilled in custom software design. It provides services throughout the entire software engineering process. It offers services for large and medium-sized businesses.

    23) ScienceSoft Texas, USA

    ScienceSoft is an IT consultancy and software development company. It helps businesses solve business challenges around the globe using data science, ML and other technologies.


    Machine Learning is a technique that makes machines intelligent and allows them to learn from data. Machine Learning is a top service provider that we recommend, with five of our top choices being MobiDev and Fayrix as well as Netguru, Fayrix and DogTown Media.

    The majority of companies offer services at a cost of $25 – $49 an hour, or $50 – $99. DogTown Media costs a little more, however. $100-$149/hour

    We hope that this article has been informative to you. It lists the most reputable and respected machine learning companies offering the most affordable services in the USA. For your next machine learning project or consulting, you can rely on any one of them. Find out what your requirements are and then choose the best one.

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