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How to Change Input on Roku TV

    Roku TV has become famous due to its fast and effortless streaming. Roku TV is a unique method of having a smart TV since it allows users to access every primary streaming service without having to plug into any other streaming device.

    Suppose you choose to use a different streaming box such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV box or. It is possible to do this and let Roku choose. To do this, you’ll need to alter the inputs on Roku TV.

    How to Change Input on Roku TV Using The Remote

    Changing HDMI sources or inputs on the TCL Roku TV is relatively easy. All you have to do is switch on your TV and begin by following these steps:

    Step 1: Open Step 1: Go to the Roku home screen by pressing the button for Home on the remote control of your Roku TV remote control.

    Step 2. Select Settings from the menu. Click Settings.

    Step 3. Select the options for TV inputs in the menu.

    Step 4: Click OK.

    Step 5: Select your preferred input method from the options available in the right-hand menu. You can opt for HDMI1, HDMI2, or Live TV.

    Select Input On Roku TVs

    To choose the input for Roku-enabled TVs, all you need is a remote and know where you can find the feature for input switching.

    The steps are below for choosing the input you’d like to use to receive on Roku TV. Roku TV:

    Visit the home page.

    Go to Settings.

    Use the right arrow key on the remote, and you will be taken onto the Settings page.

    Scroll down to the TV inputs.

    Press the right arrow once more on the remote to the input menu.

    Select each input, then click Set up input for all your inputs.

    Watch until the dialogue box appears to go away.

    Rewind to the home screen and discover all your inputs.

    Please choose one of them to switch quickly between inputs.

    Setting The Default Input On Your Roku TV

    The good news is that Roku can let you choose an input default that the TV changes on when turning on the TV.

    This feature is available only on Roku-enabled televisions; it is not available for Roku streaming devices which you have to connect to the television’s HDMI port.

    To change the default input for the Roku TV:

    Navigate into the “Home” screen on your Roku.

    Click down until Settings.

    Select System > Power.

    You can go through to Power on.

    Select the input that you would like the TV to be on when it turns on.

    Save the changes and close from the menu of settings.

    How to Change Input With the Roku app

    1. Connect your phone with the Wi-Fi connection as Roku. Roku devises.

    2. On your phone, download the Roku application via either the Google Play Store or App Store.

    3. The app will prompt the user to search in the close Roku devices.

    4. Choose your Roku TV from the list to connect it.

    5. Make use of your device as a remote for your TV. Then, you can begin your home display by pressing Home.

    6. Go to the Settings menu, and choose the option for TV inputs.

    7. Click on the Set Up input option and choose the input you would like to use.

    Relying on Third Parties

    While Roku is becoming more popular in its role as streaming, the operation of many of its peripherals can be complex for the average user. It’s not clear what you can do to change the inputs on a TV using the Roku remote if it’s not explicitly explained in the user manual. As long as Roku develops a button to enable this feature, you’ll need to use your TV’s settings or third-party remotes to accomplish the task.

    Do you know any other ways to switch TV input using the Roku remote? Do not hesitate to submit your suggestions in the comment section below.


    As we’ve said before, changing or adjusting or configuring your Roku input is relatively easy. The transition between inputs into the following is seamless. The process of setting a default input is easy. It’s all saved instantly after you’ve chosen your input. If you’re ever required to alter the input, you can do this using the “home” button of the remote control.

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