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How to Bypass Tinder Photo Verification

    Tinder has launched the latest verification method, which involves selfie videos. According to the press release, the application asks users to update to the newest version of of Photo Verification with video.

    If you’ve been using Tinder for a long time or you’re new to the app, you may be wondering which steps to take to Verify yourself in the Tinder app right now. Follow this step-by-step instruction.

    The reason why getting your photo verified on Tinder is important

    Dating apps aren’t the most secure method of interacting with people, since in the past, many people were capable of forging their identities. However, this is no longer a problem because of the many authentication methods employed through dating apps!

    Tinder has developed a system to make it difficult for catsfish, bots, or even criminals to prosper on the app.

    Since every user is urged to use this feature and avoid interacting on profiles not verified by the company, a blue checkmark is all that matters.

    Individuals with Tinder do not upload their pictures to acquire access to their personal information and cannot use or deceive the service.

    Tinderophone is a product of Datingzest.

    One of the best methods to fake the Tinder authentication process is making a brand new account on Datingzest because your photo verification is rare. You can follow these steps:

    1. Go to Datingzest’s official site and click on the hamburger icon at the top right corner.

    2. Select Shop.

    3. Select SELECT OPTIONS in Tinder Text Phone Verification.

    4. Select the “Choose one opportunity in the section Services and choose Tinder

    5. Click BUY NOW, and then complete your purchase by entering your name, address, and payment method.

    6. Then, copy the code you received by SMS in the box, enter the token to receive an identifier, and click the feature to go.

    7. Pick your country, then click on GET NUMBER.

    8. Copy the number.

    9. Open Tinder and then tap the button to CREATE ACCOUNT.

    10. Copy and paste the copied number, then tap Next.

    11. Re-visit Datingzest and then copy the SMS code you got under the box for SMS.

    12. Copy the code and then paste it onto Tinder confirmation.

    The Tinder verification process is now set to utilize AI and selfie videos.

    When the update is released on Wednesday, people wishing to become Photo Verified or wanting to keep their current authentication must upload the time to record a selfie. This feature is set to take over the previous feature for uploading photos.

    Members who have already been Photo Verified will soon be prompted in the app to update to the most recent version of Photo Verification if they want to maintain their blue checkmarks in Tinder, The company notes. It’s not just to verify users’ verification using the more robust video selfie option. Still, it is also a solution to the problem of abandoned Tinder users returning to Tinder to find that their verified pictures are many years old.


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