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How do I delete WhatsApp backup?

    If you’re experiencing problems when creating backups of your WhatsApp backup, such as backups that are stuck or leaving the instant messaging application, One of the items you’ll need to remove all of your WhatsApp backups from iCloud as well as the Google Drive service. This ensures that all your messages and information that are associated with them are removed from your device to ensure safety.

    What are the steps to remove copies of backups stored on Google Drive? you can get the complete guide on how to delete your Google account from WhatsApp and delink WhatsApp to Google Drive.

    How can I permanently delete the backup of my WhatsApp Backup of my chat?

    Start the WhatsApp folder and then select to open the Database folder. Next, choose and tap all database files within the Database folder. Then, delete them all following this. Your Whatsapp Backup of the conversations you have made will remain deleted off your Android device this way.

    What can I do to stop WhatsApp backups on internal storage?

    It’s tricky to answer if you don’t know your device. First, remove the app, reboot your phone, and then download it again. If this doesn’t work, you might need to call the device manufacturer to get further assistance.

    How to Delete WhatsApp Backup in Different Ways

    1 Steps to Delete WhatsApp Backup in SD Card/Internal Storage

    This article will show you how to erase the backup of your WhatsApp backup on your SD cards or your internal storage. Then, follow the steps listed below to accomplish the same thing:

    1 Go into the Files Manager as well as the Files application. (The title of your file manager will differ for different brands; however, it will include the word”file” within the header. Go to the drawer of apps to find an app with the same name.)

    1. Open your internal or SD Card storage wherever your WhatsApp has been installed. Locate the folder named WhatsApp in the listing of folders and files within your repository.
    2. Once you open your WhatsApp folder, you’ll see three folders. First, select the one that is named Databases.
    3. After you have opened it, open it, hold and tap any file and then choose all of them using the toggle at the top left corner of your device Click delete all, and then your WhatsApp backup is erased from your device.

    2 Delete WhatsApp backups iCloud account

    Now is the time to remove WhatsApp backups from account iCloud account.

    Launch the Settings app and tap your name at the top of the screen to access your Apple ID settings.
    Then, click on the iCloud option.
    Next, tap on the ‘Manage Storage’ option, and tap on ‘WhatsApp Messenger from the next page. Permanently Delete WhatsApp Backups From iCloud
    After that, click on the Edit button in the top right corner and press the “Delete Data.

    By doing this, you will remove all your WhatsApp documents, pictures, videos, and chat conversations from iCloud.

    3 How can I remove WhatsApp Backups on Google Drive?

    Removing WhatsApp Google Drive backup is not as complicated as it appears. No matter the reason, if you want to know how to remove WhatsApp backups to Google Drive, there are two options to choose from. You can remove it through the Google Drive Mobile App or the web-based versions that are part of Google Drive.

    Delete WhatsApp Google Drive Backup on Android:

    Let’s begin by discussing the steps to remove backups from WhatsApp on Google Drive on Android.

    Open your Google Drive application on your phone.
    Then, click the hamburger icon in the upper left-hand corner, and select the “Backups” “Backups” option. You’ll be able to quickly access all the backups saved to WhatsApp on Google Drive.
    Select which WhatsApp backup file you want to delete and then click on three dots horizontally to the right.
    Choose from the options available Choose “Delete Backup.”
    If you get the pop-up, you can tap delete again to confirm that you want to remove the backup file from Google Drive.

    You have now successfully deleted WhatsApp’s backup WhatsApp out of Google Drive.

    Permanently Delete Whatsapp Messages on Phone

    Cleansing all WhatsApp chats WhatsApp:

    Another option for eliminating chats is to clear all of your conversations. This will erase all your discussions and status updates; however, you’ll have to close each chat individually.

    On the Chats tab, click the menu with three dots.
    Go to the Settings menu, then Chats, and Chat history.
    Click Delete all chats.
    Confirm your confirmation by pressing delete.

    Here you are, an unfilled WhatsApp chat list. It’s a good thing you don’t have to use this feature too often.

    Does Google Drive backup itself automatically?

    There is no way to do this. Google Drive does not automatically back up your files. Establishing an ongoing backup schedule is necessary to ensure your files are always secure.

    Wrapping Up

    This is why I wrote this guide because, while the procedure is straightforward, not everyone knows how to erase their WhatsApp backups in case they need to. As a result, hackers could use backups to steal your data or pretend to be you on another device.

    It is possible to delete the backup from both platforms or one. If you choose to delete the backup from both platforms, you could utilize another platform to restore the backup should you require it. For instance, you could find out how to transfer WhatsApp backups to Google Drive into iCloud.

    Once you’ve removed all backups of WhatsApp WhatsApp backup, you should be sure to end WhatsApp backups too to avoid having to delete them once more.

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