What Colour Are The Reflective Studs Between a Motorway And Its Slip Road?

It is common to see four different reflective studs with varying colors across UK roads. Each color serves a distinct reason for being used, and each conveys a particular message, as defined by Rule 132 in the Highway Code. The reflective studs’ color between the motorway and its slip road is green. If you spot green reflective studs, you must pay attention to the fact that there’s one slip road connecting to the main motorway’s carriageway. Some people may be turning to or off the highway in front. Therefore, it is essential to alter your speed according to the situation and check your mirrors.

What colour are the reflective studs between a motorway and its slip road?

A: Amber
B: White
C: Green
D: Red

Road marks and road studs

Learn more about road markings as well as road studs. These mark roads, cycle and bus lanes, and traffic calming programs.

Mandatory, regulatory, and show road signs and studs improve road safety by helping highway motorists recognize safety hazards and separating possible traffic conflicts. They assist in keeping traffic on proper routes and defining routes, particularly in dark and low visibility. Road markings can also help enforce the rules of designated parking/loading zones.

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