Rare Coins in UK

Do you think you might have a unique UK coin in your home? Perhaps you’re thinking that selling and buying coins can be a fantastic opportunity to earn extra cash? Look over some of the rare coins to look for and see the value they bring.

More than thirty billion dollars of coins are thought to exist in circulation in the United Kingdom today. It is believed that the Royal Mint has been creating coins since AD 886. As so, many people in the country have coins that are no longer used. Certain of these coins may be scarce and could be highly worth it.

Many have kept track of coins throughout their lives or were given coins passed between generations. The decimal system that we use has been only in use since 1971, and many of the forms and sizes of the coins we use in everyday use have changed over this time. The current circulation bimetallic PS2 coin is about 20 years old.

We talked to Matt Curtis, The Royal Mint’s Historics and Collector Service Expert, on the rarest coinage that has been created throughout the many years. These are the coins that are his favorites:

What is the most important coin?

Before I dive into the UK value of coins, I thought it would be beneficial to determine what the highest value of the market might cost. Perhaps you’re considering that the top-priced coin could originate from Ancient Greece. Who wouldn’t want a piece of the coin more than two thousand years old?

It’s surprising (or perhaps not) it is true that the most expensive coins come made in the USA. The most expensive? The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar was struck in 1794 and was valued at more than $10million. Be sure to look through any loose cash to ensure you didn’t receive one next time you go to the States.

The world’s most expensive coin

So, what is it that makes an item valuable?
In general, it boils down to the rarity of something. This doesn’t necessarily mean an old coin that has been removed from circulation. Many of the coins below are rare as they were not first created. It may seem like a lot, but when you consider that nearly 29 billion coins are circulating in the UK, you realize that it’s not much.

Most valuable UK coins

Edward III Gold “Double Leopard” Florin
1344 Edward III Gold Double Leopard Florin
This is the type of coin we love to look at. Coins were created in 1344 and aren’t a coin you’re likely to see in regular circulation. If you only… But If you’re metal detectors, there’s always a chance. It’s the Gold Florin. Gold Florin was found in the River Tyne in 1857 with two other coins. It was worth six shillings, which is around 30 cents in modern dollars.

The coin was offered privately in 2006 for PS460,000.

George V Sovereign 1917

The circulation of gold coins was a casualty of the First World War. Before the war, it was thought of as a luxurious thing to carry gold in your pocket, but after the war, it was viewed as ineffective because of the need for funds to fund the military effort.

Sovereigns were no longer issued to be used as currency; the production of The Royal Mint in London ended in the year 1917. A large portion of the Sovereigns struck that period were shipped off to the United States of America to pay off the war debt.

The George V Sovereign was sold at auction for $11,000 in 2012.

George V Penny 1933

Why is this particular coin distinctive? What is it that makes the UK coin so unique is the fact that it’s it is a “pattern coin.” It was a prototype that was never made into a production.

There were only a few coins made in 1933 because most of them had been made through the Royal Mint the previous year. In reality, there are just four of them in existence.

The coin was sold for P72,000 in the year 2016.

Edward VIII Brass Threepence 1936

Edward VIII abdicated after only just a few months as a king. In the end, none of the coins bearing his image were ever produced to be used in circulation, but a few patterns and trial pieces of the monarch’s new coins were struck.

The Royal Mint set a new UK record for coins by sourcing the Edward VIII sovereign for PS1 million.

The coin was listed to be sold for a price of P30,000 in 2013.

Modern coins of the present

So, the chances that you will find any of these coins are very low. But, there are contemporary coins that may exist in circulation or simply lying in drawers 1971 PS5 note

1971 £5 note

This scarce 1971 PS5 note was auctioned off during auctions in May at the cost of PS168,800.

According to banknotes and coins experts, two essential characteristics make a banknote important.

Chief Cashier signatures. Every note has been signed by the Head Cashier of the Bank of England. Notes that have been signed by certain people who served in this capacity are highly sought-after by collectors.

Serial numbers. Notes are printed on sheets and have the serial number assigned to every note. The serial number is made consisting of a two-letter prefix. The prefix starts with AA and then a batch number that begins with 01. Auction house Warwick & Warwick said any note in the AA01 batch could be useful. Particularly because the 000001 is always given to the Queen. 000002 is usually given at the request of Prince Philip.

If you’re planning to invest in bullion or coins, making sure you conduct an initial study is suggested. This is because of the many factors which could affect any potential return on your investment.

It is important to note that the banknotes and coins mentioned within this post are quite scarce. So, generating these yields from your investment, however, is much more challenging.

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European Economic Community Fifty Pence Coin 1973

To mark the UK entering the EEC, This fifty-pence coin made of silver was launched. It is believed that just 5000 pieces were produced, and a large portion of them was distributed to finance ministers and other senior officials. Keep an eye out in search of coins from Brexit coin…

There are a lot of silver coins in non-silver condition. It is believed that these coins will be worth approximately PS3000 each. However, they are only sold at around PS3 per piece.

Elizabeth II Two Pence Coin 1983

The reason these coins are scarce and important lies in a technological glitch. From 1982 on, the coins all had “New Pence” written on the reverse. Following this date, the words were changed to reflect the worth that the coins had. However, in 1983 the release of two pence coins was issued using the wrong words. It is believed that the Royal Mint is unsure how the coins were issued.

These coins have been auctioned at auctions for more than PS500 during auctions.

Elizabeth II Bank of England 300th Anniversary Two Pound Coin 1994

This extremely scarce coin was designed in celebration of 30 years since the Bank of England. There are 1000 coins, and they’re certified as proof gold of 22 carats. If you received this in exchange for money at the store, you’d surely recognize that it was gold proof.

They are worth around PS2,500. There are coins similar to these on eBay that are available at around PS15. However, they’re more widespread and aren’t 22-carat.

Elizabeth II European Championships Gold Proof Two Pound Coin 1996

Remember the time when football returned home? But the trophy didn’t. To commemorate the major football match played at home, The Royal Mint made just under 2100 of this coinage. On the reverse of the coin were the date and 16 circles, which symbolized the countries participating.

This commemorative coin has an image of a football, the date, and 16 tiny circles to represent the countries in the European Championship football tournament in 1996. Only about 2,100 coins were produced.

This coin isn’t as uncommon as the others mentioned above, but it’s still difficult to locate. You can find it for sale on some websites; however, they don’t stay for very long. Prices start at PS790.

Elizabeth II Twenty Pence Piece 2008

From 2008 to 2009, more than one hundred million new 20p coins were made, which helps reveal how many coins were created. However, in November 2008, an error in minting resulted in less than 250,000 coins being made without any date. Due to this, it makes them a very rare item.

If you can find one, you can buy it for about PS50.

Elizabeth II Kew Gardens Fifty Pence Coin 2009

In 2009, the coin was released to commemorate Kew Gardens’ 250th birthday. Kew Gardens, only 210,000 of these 50p coins were issued, and it was a rare coin that appears in the form of change. Since the mintage numbers were low, many collectors took the coins out of circulation once they found them.

In 2019, a brand new commemorative version of the coin was introduced in the 50 Year of 50p British Culture Set.

Below are the figures for mintage of the year calendar 2019 and provide the only authoritative guide to the most sought-after coins currently in circulation.

In the year 2019, over 500 million dollars were introduced into circulation, with three brand fifty pence coins that were released to celebrate Arthur Conon Doyle’s cult Sherlock Holmes along with Paddington, the Bear at St Paul’s Cathedral as well as The Tower of London.

The coins are currently worth around PS170.

Elizabeth II London Olympics Aquatics Fifty Pence Coin 2011 (First Design)
50 pence face-covers the Olympics

The rare 50 pence coin was launched in 2011 to commemorate the next year’s London Olympic Games. But, it was determined that the swimmer’s face could not be observed, so the piece was changed with the waves not having their faces.

It’s believed that this coin will sell for the sum of PS1,500.

Take a look at these beautiful Coins worth 50p?

Elizabeth II Silver Two Pence Coin 2015

This is likely among the rarest coins you could discover and is referred to as”mule” or an “error coin. A 10p coin could get to the press for minting to be struck in a two-pence denomination rather than a 10p. This isn’t the first time this error has been made, as one was even auctioned off in 2014 for PS1,357.

The coin from 2015 went for PS485.

Then there’s the less uncommon.
Finding rare coins can be an enormous challenge; however, finding popular coins can be a challenge. In reality, what is the most frequent time you glance at your coin carefully? Then, one day you come across something new, and you believe it could be worth a little.

Mrs. Tittlemouse Fifty Pence Coin 2018

It is easy to be thinking that this is a precious coin. The coin was launched in 2018 to commemorate the Beatrix Potter series. In the year 2019, it was revealed that one was auctioned off through eBay to pay PS430. If the buyer paid for it, we’d never be able to determine. We know that 1.7 million coins produced so, even though the number is small, it’s still an extremely rare coin. Yet.

Estimated value: PS4

Charles Dickens Two Pound Coin 2012

The PS2 coin was introduced in celebration of the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens. There may be small differences, like in certain variants, the Queen Elizabeth’s head is missing halfway around, or that the wording milled on the coin is upside-down. This isn’t a huge problem and is often caused by the process of mass printing. There were 8 million coins printed, and it’s widespread.

Value estimated: Change Checker believes that it is possible to locate a collector; you could be able to receive PS10.

Where can you sell your precious coin?

If you believe you have an unusual coin that could be worth selling, then there are various places to attempt to sell it.

Online auction sites

You could take a risk by selling your item on auction websites such as eBay. If your item is extremely rare and is worth a lot of money, and a handful of people have noticed it, you’ll be able to secure a fair selling price. People may think that your item is much more valuable than it is. In this case, you could get more.

However, bidders might not even find your product, and it may be sold at a lower price than the market value.

You can get an idea of what coins are worth by looking at the price of previous sales on eBay. You will find that nearly every coin sold listed on eBay is classified as rare, regardless of whether it’s.

The most valuable and rare UK coins sought by collectors

  • 1973 EEC 50 Pence Coin estimated at PS3,000
  • The 2012 London Olympics Aquatics Fifty Pence worth PS1,500
  • 1983 1982 Two Pence “New Pence” Coin is valued at PS500
  • 2015 Silver Two Penny Coin priced at PS485
  • 2016 Kew Gardens Fifty Pence Coin worth PS170
  • Undated 2008 20 Pence Coin’ – priced at PS50

Coin Fairs

Coin fairs are held throughout the UK and are a fantastic opportunity to sell and buy coins. If you have a prized coin, you may get buyers to compete against each other.

The only problem with this fair’s options is finding one near you.

Look up the dates for when you can find out when the coming Coin Fair is.

Coin dealers

If none of the options appeals to you, Why not talk to a Numismatist (aka an exchanger of coins to us and you). There’s probably a near you, and you don’t need to go to. Please send pictures of your coin, and they ought to be able to value them by email or via video calls.

It is important to obtain several estimates to give you an idea of the average cost.

If you are interested in the concept of making money out of rare coins, why not take an interest in the amount you can earn with rare stamps.

Is your PS1 coin worth PS200?

Finding a mistaken coin is similar to winning lotto for the collector. If you read today’s blog, you’ll have added another error that is rare on your Change Checker; keep an eye on it!

This month, a worker at a pub found a PS1 coin made using just one metal, not two. The coin was later sold at PS205 on the market for secondary sales!

Regular PS1 coins indeed come with the outer ring and a silver-colored Nickel plating inside; however, this rare coin was entirely gold-colored.

It was not surprising that this treasure was instantly added to eBay due to its uniqueness. It was eventually sold on the 8th of August at an astronomical price: PS205! The coin resulted in five interested bidders.

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