Top 15 Web Design and Development Trends

Internet was launched in 1983. Internet users now visit more than 1.58 trillion websites every day.

Website development has evolved rapidly over the years. You must be up-to-date on the latest website development trends as a website proprietor.

Web development is changing at an alarming rate every year. Developers continue to discover new web technologies. For business owners who use digital marketing, it is important to plan ahead and adapt to these changes so you can stay competitive and draw more customers.

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The web is continually evolving, and new technologies appear every day. Entrepreneurs looking to attract more users and remain competitive on the market can benefit from these emerging trends.

The fast-paced worlds that are a web design and developing have one thing in common: trends matter. Web design is the place to start, whether you are looking to embrace new technologies or challenge existing boundaries.

What are the latest web design trends and what benefits do they have for owners, developers, and users? Here are some key trends to be aware of this year.

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs (Personal Web Applications) are online applications that blend features from the web and native applications to create a seamless ecosystem. It’s a critical design decision, but it also makes good business sense.

As a branding strategy, it’s smart to mimic the mobile app’s features on your website. This allows you to easily relate and engage with both interfaces. It’s easy to see the benefits from a design point of view. Installing and maintaining them is easier for developers. It is also one of the most exciting trends in today’s market.

Single-Page Application

Single-page applications (SPAs), which are JavaScript-based web apps that load a single HTML webpage in a visitor’s browser, have been a major trend in web development. They dynamically update content when necessary without refreshing the entire page. They are popular because they are supported by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

This type of application is easy to create and cost-effective. SPAs have a positive impact on both site visitors as well and developers.

Online customers expect simpler and faster app experiences. The SPA trend will continue into 2021.

Rethinking user-friendly design

Smooth user experiences drive sales and build customer loyalty. There is a push to reconsider how we interact on mobile devices, web pages, or applications. Developers and designers alike are trying to design a more intuitive User Interface (UI), for both web-based and mobile platforms.

A phone can be hard to hold, especially if there are children in one or both. Developers have moved important buttons and features to be easier to reach and navigate.

Optimized Voice Search

Voice search was launched by Google in 2011 and is growing in popularity. Rand View Research’s analysis shows that intelligent virtual assistants, such as Siri or Alexa, saw unprecedented market growth and will continue to grow rapidly.

As consumers demand is met, tech giants like Google Home or Apple HomePod are increasing their presence in the market. Juniper Research has predicted that voice assistants could be installed in as many as 55% percent of global households by 2022, according to data.

Consumers use more than smart speakers. They also use their smartphones, IoT, and tablets for voice search. As a consequence, voice search results on search engine results pages will begin ranking higher and more frequently. Therefore, companies will continue to work on optimizing their products as well as their content strategy in order to voice search in 2021.

Motion UI

The internet is exploding with web page animations. What were once minimal effects on buttons or fields have now evolved to full-screen parallax effects and other animations that aid in the user experience when browsing a webpage or an online product.

Motion UI does more than simply add a WOW factor. It can also make it easier to organize boring statistics and data, as well as add credibility to your platform. Motion UI shows that you care about your user’s experience using your website or application. It shows that your care.

Serverless Architecture

There is an ongoing search for technology that reduces system overloading, data theft, and development cost. This search led to serverless technology.

Cloud technology runs serverless architecture. It allows users to use cloud technology to run code for any type of app or backend service with zero administration. No provisioning, managing, upgrading, or even maintenance is required. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others are three of the largest providers of serverless architecture.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Have you ever waited longer than 10 seconds to get a webpage loaded? Never! Because you haven’t refreshed or tried another place before six seconds.

Accelerated Pages are designed to improve that poor user experience. It speeds up the loading process and eliminates unnecessary clutter. AMP is a mobile-friendly solution that provides seamless browsing through fast-loading web pages. It relies on open-source plugins.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the new frontier of innovation. Perhaps websites, apps and cutting-edge technology for user experience will be the first to reap the benefits of AI. Chatbots or virtual assistants that can quickly identify your issue or question and provide immediate answers are becoming increasingly popular.

You might also notice that your Netflix account’s “recommended” section isn’t quite right for you. AI has tremendous potential for web design and in many other industries. It is easily one of the most exciting trends.

Mobile-friendly Development

Statista estimates that mobile devices account for 54 percent of all page views globally in March 2021. Because mobile devices account for the majority, it’s imperative that web developers adopt a mobile-first approach to web development.

This is a strategy that many developers have followed for years. It is not always easy to be mobile-friendly. In 2021, this will mean using geolocation data for highly personalized experiences to customers, including one-click ordering through eCommerce apps. It also includes biometric authentication such as voice recognition or fingerprint scanning.

Dark Mode Standardization

Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of low-light and dark websites. The 2021 year will see an increase in the number of websites and apps that offer dark mode user interfaces.

This feature was already implemented by Twitter, Facebook, and Twitter. The apps offer an easy way to toggle between the two modes depending on the reader’s preference.

This feature will soon be standardized in 2021 by web developers who provide similar functionality to switch between light or dark modes.

Website Security

Did you realize that every day, an average of 30,000 websites are compromised? Security is becoming a popular topic. It has become a prominent issue for developers, business owners, and policymakers. Cybercriminals are numerous and can easily target small, medium, or large corporations.

Anybody can be affected by malicious code and other hacking techniques. It’s important that you ensure your website, applications and websites are secure and up-to-code at the coding level. However, it is also important that you comply with privacy and data protection laws.

Native Cybersecurity is Improved

Cybersecurity, which is the practice of protecting data, networks, and computers against misuse, is one major concern for 2021. Cyberattacks are possible for any company, regardless of its size. Software AG was the second-largest German software vendor. In October 2020, hackers demanded $20 million in ransom.

Cloudflare says that the number of distributed denials of service (DDoS), has almost doubled in each quarter for 2020. DDoS attacks can lead to hours of downtime and revenue loss.

With cyberattacks on increasing frequency, website development has evolved to make it easier for customers and companies to secure their data. There is already a shift towards application-based authentication like Google Authenticator, patch managing, and Security Operation Centers.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are not new technologies. However, their use in web design is just beginning. Blockchain allows for millions of transactions in a highly secure and decentralized data structure.

Trending in Web Development

Web development evolves to meet online consumer expectations. Many of the upcoming trends will focus on optimizing mobile user experiences. However, others may be more focused on optimizing UX to work with smart wearables and devices that we don’t know yet. Your website will always attract and delight your visitors if you keep up with the latest web design trends.

The final words

The web development trends of 2021 will revolutionize the way that businesses interact and communicate with their clients. We’ve discussed the latest web development technologies that improve user engagement. Websites can offer great user experiences and remain competitive by adopting the latest technologies.

Here are the top 9 emerging web development technologies for 2021. Looking for a reliable partner in custom software development? Our Codice team can help transform your ideas and improve your business. Get in touch with us to discuss your idea and let our experts help bring it to reality.

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