Top 15 Mailchimp Alternatives

Are you searching for an alternative to Mailchimp Mailchimp used to be a well-known email marketing platform.

Many Mailchimp customers are looking to change to Mailchimp due to recent price changes and a continuous drop in quality.

The good news? There are many excellent email marketing companies that offer superior features, better service, and lower business costs.

This article will highlight the best Mailchimp alternatives available for email marketing.

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Being able to communicate with a small number of people is a huge advantage for any business. It offers the opportunity to have direct contact with customers that already expressed interest in your business and who allow you into their inbox. It is important to find the right tool for you to help you make decisions about how to approach customers or manage what they receive in their inbox.

Mailchimp is the most well-known email marketing tool that connects businesses with millions of customers. It’s an online application that creates attractive emails. It has a lot of pre-designed emails templates. You can also create your own templates.

Mailchimp – Why Use it?

Mailchimp should you stay?  The Mailchimp may be the wrong choice, despite its recent less-than ideal changes.

You need to have detailed reporting

Mailchimp’s reporting system for monitoring your newsletters’ performance is one of its best. It offers robust options such a Geotracking integration with Google Analytics, Social media, click maps, and geotracking.

You want to be able to design attractive emails easily

Their editor is simple, fast and drag and drops. It’s simple to create striking emails that will be memorable and engaging. You also have a wide selection of modern and modern templates.

Who Should Look for Mailchimp Options?

MailChimp’s freemium plans start to cost more, especially since they charge per contact, and not by how many. It can be hard to determine how much your newsletter service will run you. One example is that some services will charge you according to how many emails they send, while others depend on the number and size of your subscribers. To make it easier for you to understand, we have created a cost calculator.


Another advantage is the ability to track and report on emails and newsletters sent via Google Analytics and Geotracking. Mailchimp is also compatible with Shopify and Magento as well as WordPress. The free plan allows for a limited amount of contacts.

Mailchimp was once synonymous for email marketing services. However, the competition is growing rapidly and making Mailchimp more appealing to users. You can also get premium features that are more suitable to large businesses. We will be presenting Mailchimp’s options.


This marketing platform is a self-described “all in one” and aims to allow you to achieve your email marketing goals with fewer messages. This is why they have one of the most impressive marketing automation features we’ve ever tried. You can create complicated email sequences, add multiple parameters (such as “wait at least x days before sending”, “split between two messages”, and many other options. You will also love the fact that all plans come standard with unlimited email.


Sendinblue is an email platform that connects digital marketing strategies. It includes extensions to CRM and SMS as well as chat and social media advertising.  Sendinblue is best for small businesses looking to expand. It is also easy to integrate with other critical platforms and tools.

The first restriction is the limit on the number of emails that can be sent each working day. Sendinblue offers a better service than Mailchimp, which allows you to add unlimited contacts to your free account. Additionally, the email builder allows for easy customization of pre-made templates. It is possible to manage subscriber lists and segment them, so that you can differentiate recipients from the newsletter.

Sendinblue features advanced analytics to enhance performance. Sendinblue offers automation and scheduling options to ensure a quicker and more punctual service. You can also use dynamic personalization to create specific mail content. Sendinblue provides a range of pricing plans, each with different features.


The relatively new Lithuanian email solution boasts a modern and stylish aesthetic. They also provide multilingual options, as well as a good “Free Forever” plan. MailerLite is the best choice for landing page and email designs.


Another popular email marketing platform that is growing in popularity is Moosend. It offers unlimited email sending and is cheaper than other options. It allows for the sending of the right email to each customer by using customer segmentation.

The email and list management features allow for fast and simple communication. It can also integrate with other business platforms and send messages over an SMTP Server. Its real time analytics feature enhances email marketing performances, and fast corrections are possible.

For agencies and small businesses that don’t regularly send emails, Moosend is the best solution. The free plan is limited in features, but other paid plans provide new features at reasonable costs.


GetResponse, a powerful solution for automation, offers many unique features including a landing pages creator and webinar software. They also claim to have one of the easiest newsletter tools and offer loads of additional tidbits such as free iStock image images, an iOS or Android app to send out your campaigns from anywhere. They are more appealing than Mailchimp, but is it worth the effort?

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a highly-rated email platform. It aims to provide regular contact between customers as well as businesses.  Constant Contact is a good option for small companies or organizations that do not have many subscribers. It is possible to send an unlimited number of emails. You can create email newsletters in a simple editor with image libraries and landing pages.

You will also find email tracking and list management. Constant Contact offers detailed reports for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Email automation is another fantastic feature. This allows you to send out triggering or quick welcoming emails.

Constant Contact is also compatible with many business platforms, allowing for better communication with customers. It doesn’t have a permanent free version. Prices are determined based on specific features for each business. It offers exceptional customer support which can assist you in choosing the right program.


Moosend caught the attention of our team for their generous Free Forever Plan, which provides access to almost all their professional features. They offer advanced segmentation and responsive templates. Moosend costs less than Mailchimp.


Mailjet is another alternative for Mailchimp. The interface is simple and well-suited for beginners. Its editor can create and edit email templates as well as use a wide variety of pre-made templates. Mailjet provides email automation and tracking tools so that customers can communicate with each other better.

It also monitors user behavior and sends triggering messages. A free plan is available with the most basic features. You can also choose from other pricing options. The price will depend on your business size and which features you use. Mailjet offers great customer support by phone and email.


EngageBay is still a relatively young product in the market for marketing automation, but it quickly rose in popularity as one the most affordable CRM software.

It offers many tools for email marketing, workflow automation and customer service management. EngageBay has a free plan with many features that other platforms don’t offer. We are excited to see how it compares with Mailchimp.


ConvertKit allows creators, musicians, artists, and others to market their products via email. It offers excellent customer and list management that allows for controlling the content to the targeted audience. Multi-signup form allows for easier management of content changes that affect customer lists.

ConvertKit offers excellent analytics and engagement score features. These show real-time results, and suggest the next marketing steps. ConvertKit also offers automation capabilities for quicker responses, as well as the possibility of eCommerce integrations. For a start, the free plan includes basic features. However, you can get more advanced features and no restrictions with the paid version.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho offers a comprehensive range of services, including email marketing. You can’t beat them for Mailchimp, considering how many areas they cover and that they offer a no-cost plan.

Zoho offers a unique feature: you can upload images directly to the editor from Unsplash. We also loved the range of email and template templates they provide.

Zoho excels when it comes to automation. They offer workflows for ecommerce, nurturing, and reengagement. Zoho also has powerful CRM software which allows you to create workflows to move leads through your sales funnel.


ConvertKit is the latest digital marketing tool. It claims they are all about transparency. In fact, they make their financial status available online to anyone who is interested. They’ve grown their subscriber base to over 35.000 since 2013. It’s not bad. Mailchimp, while more advanced and sophisticated than most other tools, is still a good choice.


AWeber has been active in email marketing for 20 years, a mere few years more than Mailchimp. It has recently updated its service, now offering a freemium subscription.

While the free plan offers the same features and benefits as the paid plan it is limited to 500 subscribers. This is not a large number. However, you will be able send them up 3,000 emails a month – that’s 6 emails each subscriber.

There are email analytics, conversion tracking and A/B testing. The company also offers a variety of mobile apps so that you can send email on-the-go.


Email marketing platforms come with similar features and different pricing plans. Your needs, budget, and size will all play a role in the decision you make. You should visit each platform to see the best possible presentation, compare the features, and make a decision.

Whatever tool you use, email marketing can still be a valuable and important tool in your business promotion and growth. Email marketing should be part of any marketing strategy.

Mailchimp is recommended if you have enough marketing budget to make sales on your ecommerce website (except if you are using Shopify). Mailchimp is also a good option for those with smaller subscriber bases who are looking for a simple, cost-effective solution. If you don’t mind the Mailchimp logo appearing in the footer, your newsletters will look great.

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