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Some of these games will get you scratching your head

    Sometimes you want a game that you can breeze through without really thinking too hard, and other times you want something you can really get your teeth stuck into. Whether you’re into games of complete information where it’s just you and your wits against your opponent’s, or games of surprise and stealth where your tactical decisions need to be open to quick change, if you enjoy working through problems methodically then you’re probably a strategic gamer. We’ve collated this shortlist of some of the best games for strategic gamers, taking into account the different gaming platforms and the different needs of each kind of strategist.


    Card games have always been popular with strategists as they take things right back to the bare bones and force you to use all of your wits to try and win. Poker is a good option for those who are new to card playing because there are lots of different strategies for getting ahead. Of course, having the best hand helps, but being able to bluff your way out of a bad hand is a skill that’s well worth having too. If you fancy improving your skills then it’s now super simple to play poker in Canada at one of the many online poker sites. Starting off by learning your hand rankings is an essential poker skill that will mean you don’t have to refer to a chart whenever you’re dealt a new card. With this skill under your belt, getting in plenty of practice and watching the professionals are the best two ways to improve. If you’re feeling your progress stagnate, then some people swear by using a poker tracker to figure out the weaker points in your play style.

    Escape from Tarkov

    This game is so fiendishly difficult that we’ve already published a guide for it. However, if you love a shooter style video game but have a strategic streak to your playing style then you’ll love the challenge that Escape From Tarkov poses. This game is set in Norvinsk where a battle is taking place between two opposing sides. It’s up to you to fight your way through that battle, helping your side to advance as far as possible. Whilst being a sharp shooter with impeccable timing is absolutely essential, so too is the ability to foresee what might happen and plan for it accordingly. Often shooter games can be nothing more than a test of reaction times and hand-eye coordination, but this one is so much more than that.

    Civilization VI

    Finally, the strategy game that everyone has been talking about since the original installment burst onto computer screens back in 1991. More than thirty years later and we’re on the sixth installment, so it would be fair to say there have been some pretty big tweaks to get it to the stage it’s at today. Most noticeably, the graphics are considerably better. There are even more leaders to choose from and more ways in which to customize your map. The strategy is just as hard as it ever was, though, with some reporting it took them into the tens of hours before they really started getting the hang of the game. If you have the staying power to work out the mechanics then we guarantee you’ll love this updated classic.

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