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6 Escape from Tarkov Tips And Tricks For Advanced Players

    Escape from Tarkov has turned into one of the toughest multiplayer games, and when you wish to play it, you must become habituated to complex mechanics and realistic gunplay yourself. The chief thing is you will not come across a comprehensive tutorial and need to figure out everything yourself when you meet other players. However, you must not become perplexed as you can always get to No matter whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will get lots of hacks and cheats from this platform that you can use to propel you to the top rank in only some time.

    EFT has many zones that include the Woods, Factory, Customs, Interchange, Shoreline, and Reserves, and last but not least; players find non-stop action in this game. Hence, players need to be aware of some tips for playing Escape from Tarkov better.

    Practice EFT in offline mode 

    If you jump into the code to escape Tarkov, it will turn into a pretty daunting job for you. Again, you might get killed repeatedly if you lack ideal training or experience. However, you can always get to the offline mode of this game and get acquainted with this game so that you do not feel the fear and pressure to die. The offline mode of EFT is a superb way in which you can practice fighting Scavs. Again, on the way, you can also get to know the maps well and learn every route and extraction point. 

    Take several painkillers that you require

    While playing Escape from Tarkov, if you find that your body parts have been going black, then you need to take painkillers, and they will work to refute the adverse side effects for the time being. You need to be mindful that you must have the capability to stop coughing and running, and it is important for your survival. Every player wants them when he lacks bandages and medkits.

    Scavs loot, and PMCs survive

    When you are a Scav, your mission should be to loot items, but when you play as a PMC, your mission should be surviving and achieving your objective. Players need to loot as a PMC when they wish to survive. However, if they spend lots of time farming, then they will augment the odds of losing all their stuff. Hence, players need to loot as Scavs and survive being a PMC.

    Use headphones and increase the volume

    When you play EFT, you will find that sound is hugely vital in this game. Sound lets players know about the whereabouts of other players. Hence, you need to put on headphones and increase the volume. This way, you will be able to hear everything that goes around you. Players become surprised by the noise they make, and this is the reason they die often. 

    Insurance for using equipment

    Players need to take benefit of their gear insurance at the time of their games. While playing Escape from Tarkov, every player becomes capable of insuring his gear, and now, if he dies in a raid, he might get the opportunity to get his items back. The entire process can be hugely significant for the top-tier and rare weapons that no player wishes to lose. Nonetheless, as equipment insurance turns helpful, there is a present caveat too. 

    A player will be capable of getting his insured items back if they aren’t taken at the time of a raid. And if this happens, then players will receive a message the following day to claim them. Another excellent strategy a player can apply is if he remains bothered about losing his insured gear and dying, he must hide all the items strategically right on the map. Players can hide their items in some hidden locations, such as corners, as there, the items will not be found. It is an excellent way to augment the players’ opportunities of getting back their items after death.

    Think Strategically

    To think strategically is a hugely vital tip that can help players in augmenting their skills and get a remarkable benefit over several players. Escape from Tarkov is different from other games as here in this game, players can’t run and gun. Again, they can’t also blast other players for emerging as victorious. EFT is a game that is related to strategy, patience, cunningness, and stealth. When you play Escape from Tarkov and see other players, you need not begin to pull the trigger. 

    You need to think about how you will be able to get the drop on those players. Hence, you need to ensure that you are behind a good cover. Again, you can also get an angle as it will leave you covered as well as expose them. Though EFT is a first-person shooter game, it is a highly tactical shooter game too.  

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