Ping Pong Shows in Thailand

Go to the Ping Pong Show in Bangkok. The most sexiest part of Bangkok. It’s disgusting but also intriguing simultaneously.

An area attraction that is often frequented by couples or groups of friends than old-fashioned weirdos, and also one that has female people who sit cross-legged for a few minutes after their event.

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Yes! Ping pong shows are an Bangkok tradition, and in December of 2011, we published an article about our first visit to the ping-pong shows.

Recently, a few of our friends were with us on a trip for a few weeks. They asked us to accompany them for a visit to Ping Pong. Ping Pong Show whilst we were in Bangkok. Since we are used to the “hustle” of the shows we agreed to be negotiators. This time they did not attempt to pull off the old trick on us. The experience may have worked to our favor and we’ll let you know the steps we took to ensure that you don’t end up getting ripped off in the same way. The most effective ways to protect yourself in 2019 . And beyond.

What Can You Expect to See?

Because they are a type of sex-show it is possible to see a visual display when you visit, with the girls showing their sexy as a warm-up.

The majority of shows have a couple of female performers The variety of acts will vary based on the location.

What Can You Expect to Pay?

I’ll provide some of my best suggestions for ping-pong shows in the near future, but the most important thing to remember about Ping-Pong shows is to ensure that you’re not fooled. You should expect to pay an entry cost to the venue that is approximately 500 Baht.

You’ll be charged more costs in Bangkok Most places also require you to purchase at the very least one drink.

The drinks are slightly more expensive than the other bars in Thailand. On my last trip to Bangkok I spent 500 Baht to enter and drinks to top it off. It’s also a custom to tip staff and waitresses in these places.

Top Tips for Visiting a Thai Ping Pong Show

There are many reports of tourist robberies that occur during ping pong events in Thailand and other countries, so be aware of your surroundings.

I had a pleasant experience when I visited one in Bangkok however, I’d suggest using these tips to help you:

Where Should You Go To Watch a Ping-Pong Show in Bangkok?

Ping-pong events at Bangkok are as fun as they seem. They typically take place on the top floors of clubs and bars. Prostitution in Bangkok isn’t completely illegal however, these shows are not considered to be a place for prostitution. But, males are often led by females to rooms up the stairs or to nearby hotels. These are known as red-light districts like the ones found in Amsterdam.

Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit Road

The world’s largest adult playground is inside the Nana district in Bangkok and is frequently an education in the nightlife of Bangkok.

Khao San Road, Central Bangkok

Khaosan Road is an old rice market transformed into urban nightlife. It is known for its many nightclubs to be found at every turn.

Patpong Night Market, Silom

Patpong Night Market Patpong Night Market is famous for its spicy and sweet welcoming of customers and strippers of all kinds.

What exactly is the exit scam?

In essence, you agreed to the advertisement that said admission “for ping pong show” costs 100baht, and you have to purchase at minimum one drink at $100 or greater. So, 200 baht per person. Also, you must pay a tip to each showgirl that performs.

You sit down. The show begins. You are slapped with guilt for tips that are not included – like the one in the previous paragraph.

You see a few TV shows, understand the general idea and then decide to pay and then leave. Then, the fraud. They claim that you are owed 3,000plus baht. They can even be quite verbally violent. They tell “you go to many shows but not just Ping-Pong. You pay for all shows”. The person is intimidated and you pay. If you’re up for an argument receive the price reduced, but you pay more than the price you agreed to.

In 2011, during our first trip, after several arguments, we informed that we would only pay the amount originally quoted. We gave them 200 baht for each person and then walked away. Even though they shouted at us but there was no fear of it becoming an argument over fists. There were no huge bouncers. The entire operation was managed by women.

However, as an exaggeration, who is to know. If you’re worried that things could get dangerous… That’s your decision. Be aware that they’ve been running scams every day for years. They are aware that it’s a fraud. They are aware that some people will pay and some don’t. They are aware that intimidation is an effective method of increasing the number of people who pay.

Don’t go out on your own The larger your group is, the more enjoyable.

Before you enter a venue make sure you agree on an agreed price before speaking with the hostess. Beware of ticket salesmen in the streets , and beware of being fraudulent.

When you buy a ticket via a tout, be clear on the benefits your ticket grants you to.

Be cautious when looking over your account and purchasing items. It’s not unusual for tourists to be charged huge amounts of money. You can pay for drinks in advance instead of opening the tab.

Do not carry valuables and keep your phone and money close by. Don’t leave your purse in the open when you use the toilet or go to the bar.

Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok

Bangkok is the perfect spot to watch the ping-pong spectacle However, you will need to pay more. Find out the most appropriate time to go to Bangkok.

It was the venue where I saw my first performance and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Here are a few of my top places to go in Bangkok:

Soi Cowboy, Sukhumvit Road This was my first exposure to an ping-pong event which is now the most well-known location in Bangkok. The entrance into the venue is free, however, the drinks cost a lot to compensate for this. The girls typically start with an impromptu pole dance and lap show, before moving on to the main show.

Patpong Night Market, Silom The area offers many shows to choose from and is a fun place to walk through at night. Be wary of the security personnel and doormen who are trying to scam you with expensive entry fees or drink prices.

Khaosan Road – the main area for backpackers in Bangkok is home to a number of nightclubs featuring Ping-Pong shows. In most cases, you won’t be charged a fee to enter however drinks can be expensive.

How do I enter the appropriate clubs? What is the fee for entry?

The man who approached us was a gentleman of the club “Showgirls” (East end of Patpong, on the south side of street). No way, form, or form, should this be compared with the film “Showgirls”. If you’re thinking of Demi Moore like young ladies who are swaying on poles, you’ll be very dissatisfied. Unfortunately for these women they’re not models or physically fit or young likely, and most importantly, why they’ve fallen into this profession.

At the entrance, you have to negotiate with the people who are selling tickets for the entry cost and then in front of an “madame” inside the club. In 2011, we were able to enter for just 100 Baht in addition to the obligatory purchase of a drink (100baht). The time we went (March 2014) the prices were exactly the identical. We’ll call it 200 baht for entry ($6.50 USD) per person.

As opposed to 2011, where we were stung for far more than we accepted when we attempted for a way to go home and settle the bill, they requested the cash in advance and that was it. More friendly. But, some readers have stated that scams remain present. Therefore, it is imperative to learn about the methods used by scammers in the next paragraph to be prepared for them.

Ping Pong Show Phuket

If you are planning to visit Phuket There are plenty of other bars that you can catch entertainment at. The most popular area for parties located in Phuket can be found on Bangla Road located near Patong Beach One of the most popular beach areas in Phuket. There are a lot of Phuket ladies, Thai prostitutes, and problems with drugs.

In a matter of minutes, if you walk along this road, you’ll discover a place to watch the ping pong game. Be prepared to pay a premium when you drink as tourists. One of the most popular venues can be found at the Wake Up Club Phuket offering a regular show for just 800 Baht cost for entry.

If you are wondering which hotel you can stay when in Phuket check out the hostels for parties. They’re my preferred.

If you are looking for beach resorts take a look at my article, where I picked the top beaches in Phuket.

Ping Pong Shows In Pattaya

Pattaya definitely is known for its the sex tourism industry in the form of Thai strippers. The most popular nightlife spot located in Pattaya is Walking Street, but you might be interested in Pattaya Soi 6. Pattaya Soi 6 area.

In a matter of seconds after getting on Walking Street, you will be invited to an ping-pong event. It’s easy to find an event to watch on this street filled with go-go bars and sex shows.

The Ping Pong show is definitely an experience that is unique and exciting to experience once you are in Thailand. Naturally, I would suggest conducting your own research on the shows prior to visiting and deciding on your own.

Follow my top suggestions to ensure you don’t get robbed or scammed at these shows Be cautious about how much alcohol you consume. If you go to any of these venues I guarantee you that you’ll be amazed and awed by the performances in these shows!

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