12 Top Beach Resort Near Manila

Manila is a vibrant beautiful city that is also the capital city of the Philippines. It is located on Luzon’s island with a bay It is simple to find the top beaches. The city is a hub of excitement and action and with a quick drive, you’ll discover a beach close to Metro Manila.

If you are looking for peace and quiet A short trip can bring you to some the most tranquil resorts that the Philippines offers.

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Manila City is considered to be the Philippine’s heart and is the center of its economic system, trading channels manufacturing, as well as businesses. The city was named in the beginning Maynilad in honor of a flowering plant that which grew in the Pasig marshlands along the river.

In this article there is more than just the chance to discover resorts in Manila as well as beach accommodations situated in Bataan, Batangas, and Subic. You’ll find many of the extravagant and affordable accommodations located in the Phillippines.

Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos Poro Point, La Union

The resort’s luxurious location is within La Union, a surfing area close to Manila. Thunderbird Resorts and Casinos sits at the top of a 100-ft cliff that is located on the highest point on the Poro Point Peninsula, a coastal landform that extends 3.2 KM into the West Philippine Sea. The 65-hectare Mediterranean-inspired property offers scenic sunset views overlooking the San Fernando Bay and is often compared to the famous Greek resort town, Santorini.

Its most famous attraction is known as its Santorini dome. The only hotel in northern Greece that offers 5-star amenities, such as luxurious rooms and villas and function rooms, delicious food options, a fitness centre, wellness center and a nine-hole golf course.

The resort is a 4,000 square meter building which includes the Fiesta Casino featuring world-class gaming standards. Other facilities on site include chapel, volleyball courts tennis court, badminton court court clubhouse, as well as an exclusive beach.

How to reach there: Private vehicles:

To make this 4.5-hour journey from Manila go north, then take exit Balintawak and then drive across NLEX, SCTEX, and TPLEX. After you take the furthest TPLEX exit, you’ll travel through various La Union towns until reaching San Fernando. Follow the road towards Poro Point’s main entrance Poro Point Management Corporation until you arrive at the resort.

Public transport

Then, from the Araneta Bus Terminal, get on a bus for Capas, Tarlac. Get off at Capas and then take the train to La Union, then take taxis for Thunderbird Resort.

Anawangin Cove

People who love beaches are awestruck by Anawangin Cove and we can clearly understand the reason. Its crescent-shaped form, its clean white sand, and its secluded, island-like vibe win the hearts of its guests making it one of the top beaches in Manila.

This is a great option for those looking to have a relaxed lifestyle and enjoy the natural surroundings because there are no accommodations available. There is only a place to stay in the cove with an awning or in the cottage. You’ll also have no electricity and weak signal, giving you the camping feel.

Travel time: 4-5 hrs

How to reach San Antonio To get there, from Manila you can catch an Victory Liner bus bound for Iba, Zambales, and take a stop at the San Antonio Public Market. You can also take a bus journey through Olongapo City, and then take another bus for San Antonio. When you arrive to San Antonio, take a tricycle to Pundaquit and then rent the boat to Anawangin.

Sundowners Zambales

The resort, which covers 2 hectares of beachfront, is situated in the municipality of Botolan, Zambales, a town renowned for its fun outdoor activities as well as natural attractions like Mt. Pinatubo and Tukal Tukal Falls.

Sundowners Zambales offers a private beach villa with 10 whitewashed pools located close to the beach. It is the spacious property which includes access to a 100-meter long beach with two infinity bars, two pools and a restaurant at the hotel.

Facilities for surfing, paddleboarding kayaking and hobie cat are accessible for rental close to the beach. Outdoor activities that are thrilling, such as Wall climbing, ATV zip line rides, rappelling paintball, and obstacle courses can be rented as an additional service offered at Camp Kainomayan which is a camp located just 10 minutes from our resort.

How to reach there: Private vehicle:

To make this 4 to 4.5-hour travel time from Manila it is necessary to travel north and then exit at Balintawak and then go via NLEX and then to Subic Bay Freeport Zone and then continue along the Olongapo-Bugallon road. until you get to Sundowners Zambales.

With public transportation:

Take with a Victory Liner Bus from either the Pasay or Cubao Terminal going to Botolan.

Nagsasa Cove

As Anawangin, Nagsasa Cove is the result of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991. Nagsasa Cove is home to Agoho tree and volcanic ashes which line the beaches. If you’re looking to have to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday close to Manila, Nagsasa Cove is an excellent option. It offers all the great things Anawangin is known for, such as the beautiful natural view from the hill, as well as a stunning inlet. What separates it from Anawangin is the fact that Nagsasa provides an atmosphere that is more relaxed.

Travel time: 4-5 hrs

How to reach San Antonio How to get there: From Manila take an Victory Liner bus bound for Iba, Zambales, and arrive at the San Antonio Public Market. Alternately, you can take a bus journey up to Olongapo City, and then catch a bus that will take you for San Antonio. After arriving in San Antonio, take a tricycle to Pundaquit and then rent the boat to Nagsasa.

Kamana Sanctuary Spa Resort, Subic

Kamana Sanctuary is a beachfront resort nestled in an old-growth forest and an area of water known as Nabasan Bay. One of the most sought-after resorts in Subic It provides a wonderful vantage point from which to take in the stunning sunset view of Subic Bay and offers the accommodation available from standard rooms to Lofts with split levels, suites for hotels and casitas, all of which are fully-equipped with modern conveniences.

The resort is within a distance of 6km from the most popular Subic tourist spots like Ocean Adventure, Inang Laya Monument, Zoobic Safari, and Tiger Safari Ride, while there are a variety of recreational activities on the property include snorkeling and kayaking, beach volleyball as well as beach tennis. frisbee games in the garden of the pool.

Other activities that are more relaxed, such as sitting in hammocks and playing games on the board are offered in the hotel. The restaurant at the hotel serves tasty international cuisine, and breakfast is included for guests staying in the hotel.

How to reach there: Private vehicle:

To make this 2.5-hour to 3 hours drive from Manila Take the Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX) via the Balintawak interchange located in North EDSA. Take exit Dau (last exit from NLEX) Then, enter into SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) and then take TPLEX (Subic-Tipo Expressway). You will enter Subic Bay and head towards Subic Bay International Airport. Take the road to Nabasan Wharf and follow the road until you arrive at Kamana Sanctuary.

With public transport

Take in a Victory Liner Bus from either the Pasay or Cubao Terminal bound for Olongapo. From there, ride an jeepney to Subic or call taxis for the hotel.

ACEA Subic Beach Resort, Subic

The resort is situated on San Bernardino Road inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone ACEA Subic Beach Resort is set in a beautiful field that has rooms with views of the ocean or Mt. Cinco Pincos or views of its beautiful designed gardens. The accommodations are well-equipped with modern conveniences like air conditioning as well as LED TVs with cable, a safety deposit box and free WiFi access.

Visitors can take advantage of a diverse selection of activities for recreation that range from thrilling sea-based adventure such as jet-skiingand flyingboarding, hoverboard or banana boat rides to more relaxed entertainment such as taking a cruise on the bay and staying in games room or singing in the Karaoke rooms. Children and young at heart will love playing in the toddler pool, kiddie playroom, jungle gym and the kiddie water playground at the resort.

How to reach there: Private vehicle:

To make this 2.5-hour to 3 hour drive from Manila to Manila, you must take the Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX) via the Balintawak interchange located in North EDSA. Take exit Dau (last exit of NLEX) Then, you will enter into the SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) until you get to Subic-Tipo Expressway. Then, enter the Subic Bay Freeport Zone until you get to the resort.

Public transportation:

Take the Victory Liner Bus from either the Pasay or Cubao Terminal bound for Olongapo. From there, ride the jeepney route to Subic or take taxis towards the resort.

Masasa Beach

In the southern region within the town of Tingloy located in Batangas, Masasa Beach has been a popular weekend getaway of those who live in cities and want out of the way destinations. The Batangas beach located near Manila has a peaceful and peaceful ambiance due to its long stretch of breathtaking beach and clear water that is ideal to swim in.

Time to travel 3 hours

How to reach the terminal: From either Cubao or LRT-Buendia, take an express bus to Tingloy Grand Terminal. Once you are at the terminal, you can take the jeepney towards Tagala as well as Anilao port. From there, take the vessel to Masasa.

Lighthouse Marina Resort, Subic

This hotel in a boutique style is located on an enchanting location overlooking Subic Bay and is distinguished by the presence of a lighthouse in the resort. It is located in within the Central Business District in the Subic Freeport Zone, rooms are at Lighthouse Marina Resort are equipped with the latest technology, such as the dock for smartphones, a media player, and WiFi access. These include essential room amenities like air conditioning TV, a room safes, and towels All of these are offered in all 34 rooms.

The waterfront beach serves to dock vessels and is ideal for exciting water sports like parasailing, kayakingand jet-skiing and flyboarding. Facilities for water-based fun are available to rent as well as eco-tours created to offer guests an experience that is unique in its culture can be added as an additional service.

How to reach there: Private vehicle:

To make this 2.5-hour to 3 hours drive from Manila Take the Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX) via the Balintawak interchange located in North EDSA. Take exit Dau (last exit of NLEX) Then, enter SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) until you get to TPLEX (Subic-Tipo Expressway). Then, enter the Subic Bay Freeport Zone until you arrive at the resort.

Public transportation:

Take the Victory Liner Bus from either the Pasay or Cubao Terminal bound for Olongapo. From there, ride the jeepney route to Subic or take taxis for the hotel.

Aureo Resort, La Union

Set on a stretch of 400 meters along a white beach This sprawling estate in San Fernando, La Union offers 174 hotel rooms that include modern villas, private balconies and tropical-themed rooms.

Aureo Resort has an unobstructed view of the West Philippine Sea, offering the perfect vantage point to take in stunning sunset views from the beachfront and rooms.

There are two pools at the resort, specifically The Lazy river and Loop and a variety of other pools that are great to swim laps in. The resort is a private oasis that provides a variety of international cuisine and cocktails available at The Coast Restaurant, which is situated at the front of the beach that is large and spacious.

How to reach there: Private vehicle:

To make this 4 to 4.5-hour journey from Manila Take NLEX and followed by SCTEX until you get to TPLEX. From TPLEX continue on the road that leads towards La Union provincial road until you get to San Francisco, which is the location of the resort.

Public transportation:

From Manila take any bus heading to Laoag, Vigan, Abra and La Union. Alight in Barangay San Francisco, San Fernando City, La Union. From there, take tricycles towards the hotel.

San Juan, La Union

The search for white beaches within La Union can be a problem since the majority of beaches are made of black or cream sand. However, this doesn’t stop tourists from traveling to La Union. San Juan is a popular beach destination due to the hotels and restaurants that are perfect for the “gram” and of course, surfing! The closest beach with white sand within La Union you can visit is Poro Point and there you’ll find a lot of resorts that are located in close proximity to Manila.

How to reach the destination To get there: from Cubao or Pasay Take the Partas bus towards San Juan directly, and get off in Sebay Surf Central in Urbiztondo.

Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, La Union

The resort is located in the middle of the popular north’s surfing town San Juan, La Union, Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa is among the top hotels to stay at for anyone who wants to take a trip to the surf. Beginning surfers can take lessons from instructors at the supervision of La Union Surf School, the top surf school accredited with the Accreditation of Surfing Instructors in Australia and scuba diving is also offered within the facility. For those who are looking for excitement, they can join mountain hikes or take a bicycle ride or play golf.

The rooms in the Philippines-Balinese style located at this resort are equipped with modern conveniences, and the restaurant of the hotel serves international and local cuisines as well as cocktails and coolers. Relax and relax on the beach as you take admiring the breathtaking views of the sunset and sip refreshing drinks on the beachfront.

How to reach there: Private vehicle:

To make this 4 to 4.5-hour journey from Manila to Manila, you must take NLEX and after which you will take SCTEX until you arrive at TPLEX. Take exit TPLEX at Pozzorubio towards take the McArthur Highway till you arrive at TPLEX, which is located in San Juan.

With public transport

From Manila take any bus that is bound to Laoag, Vigan, Abra and La Union. Each of them will let you stop on the hotel in San Juan, La Union.

Westwind Beach Resort

Westwind Beach Resort is a beachfront resort located in Bataan that is an ideal location for exciting activities such as snorkeling, boating and fishing.

The choice of lodging is offered with useful amenities like WIFI throughout public spaces, barbecue facilities, coffee shops and a complimentary breakfast.

There is total relaxation in the newly renovated hotel and also take advantage of its private beach.

Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales

It is situated at San Narciso Town along Subic, Zambales, Crystal Beach Resort is a stunning beachfront resort that is situated in an area of forest that is perfect for those who love nature and beach lovers. One of the most luxurious resorts located in Zambales offering surf lessons to guests, as well as kayaking equipment to rent.

Facilities for leisure activities like table frisbee, tennis, billiards and basketball are offered to rent. Indoor board games such as “sungka” and stacking blocks are available for free. Tours are an added option for guests looking to hike to waterfalls or take an ATV riding, take part in an island-hopping excursion, or visit the sites of historical significance like Casa San Miguel or Magsaysay Museum.

Don’t miss out on free events like bonfire lighting, acoustic bands performing, or outdoor films that alternately take place during the evening.

How to arrive: Private vehicle:

To make this 3.5-hour to 4 hour journey from Manila take the north direction and take exit Balintawak and then go across NLEX until you get to subic bay. Subic Bay Freeport Zone. then follow the Olongapo-Bugallon road all the way to Crystal Beach Resort.

With public transportation:

Take an Victory Liner bus bound for Iba, Zambales, and arrive in San Narciso, Zambales, and take a tricycle starting from San Sebastian Church to the resort.

Camp Netanya, Batangas

It is situated along the shores located in Anilao, Batangas, this resort has a stunning view of Balayan Bay. It is among the top Batangas resorts to stay at to enjoy Anilao diving. Anilao provides the best snorkeling and diving spots within Marine protected areas close by.

Camp Netanya resort’s striking architecture recalls the whitewashed structures and vibrant blue domes that are found on The Greek island Santorini The hotel’s 48 rooms are fitted with modern conveniences like cooling, flat screen TV that comes with cable, as well as the safety deposit box.

The hotel’s facilities include a fitness room with a pool, a music lounge, wellness spa and souvenir shop, a kids’ area, and free use of kayaks. Visitors looking to experience adventures outdoors can plan packages that include fishing in the Anilao sanctuary and snorkeling, island hopping and scuba diving, at an additional cost. Restaurant options include Greek-inspired meals as well as local dishes at the hotel’s restaurant.

How to arrive: Private vehicle:

To make this 3 or 3.5-hour travel time from Manila you can take Metro Manila Skyway. Metro Manila Skyway from Magallanes EDSA and then take the South Luzon Express Way / Calabarzon Express Way / Star Toll Way towards Batangas City. Batangas City exit. Take Diversion Rd. within Batangas until you get to Circumferential Road in Mabini close to Mabini Resort.

With public transportation:

Get a bus to Batangas at the bus terminals in Cubao/Buendia. From there, take an auto-rickshaw to Mabini, Batangas, and take a stop in Mabini Crossing. Mabini Crossing. From there, you can take tricycles for a ride to Camp Netanya Resort.

La Chevrerie Resort and Spa, Batangas

The 5-star luxury boutique La Chevrerie Resort and Spa is located along the lush forests and tranquil water that flow from Mabini, Batangas. It’s about 5 kilometers away from the white sand beaches of Anilao which gives guests easy access to the beach but also the famous snorkeling and diving spots too. With only 13 rooms guests have complete privacy, and the full attention of the hotel staff.

The spa at the resort’s wellness area is just a few feet from the water offering guests a panoramic sea view as they hear the hum of waves while receiving an emollient treatment. The restaurant at the hotel L’Atalier serves organic food Fresh seafood, premium wines, and liquors from its own wine cellar. The restaurant also features a dive center with a playroom, gym, chauffeur services, as well as the ability to access trekking areas close by.

In a private car:

To make this 3 up to 3.5-hour travel time from Manila to Manila, take SLEX as well as Star Tollway and turn right at the Batangas Port exit. Continue on the road that leads towards Batangas Port and continue until you get to Mabini Town Proper toward La Chevrerie Resort to your left.

Public transport:

From Manila Take the bus from the Batangas City Public Terminal, then take a jeepney ride to Mabini and then get off to Mabini Public Market. From there, take tricycles to Mabini Tourist Triangle, until you spot La Chevrerie on your right.

Acuaverde Beach Resort

Acuaverde Beach Resort is an natural beach retreat located in Batangas which offers a break away from city life, where you are able to escape the noise of the city for a completely tranquil weekend vacation.

The rooms at the resort are stunning with thatched roofs, coconut-trunk column as well as large glass windows outside , while inside the interior decor and accents are in contrast to against the walls of white, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort, Batangas

Just 10km away from Manila The 24-hectare estate is located in Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort sits on the western shore of Calatagas with rolling hills and white sandy beaches that overlook to the Verde Island Passage, a famous diving spot.

There are three beaches within the property , specifically Serenity, Harmony, and Destiny and the recreation area known as Infinity is reserved for tourists who want to spend the day. It’s a space with a swimming restaurant, pool and open huts perfect for a group excursion.

This beach retreat offers many thrilling water-based sports, including paddling, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding snorkelingand scuba diving boats, and sandbar tour excursions.

Land-based activities can include ATV trips or mountain bike rides along the trails. Nature lovers might want to go to the mangroves that are lush, buy fresh, organic fruits and vegetables at the Sunshine Patch, or stroll through flower-filled gardens. The resort provides unique accommodation options that include floating cottages, a treehouse as well as beach cottages and dorm-style bungalows, which are ideal for large groups.

How to reach there: In a private car:

To make this 3 or 3.5-hour travel time from Manila you can take SLEX and then take the Sta. Rosa exit to the Silang Junction, into the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road. towards the Batangas-Cavite border until it reaches Nasugbu. Continue to the Calatagan-Lian Highway until you arrive at the gate to the resort.

With public transportation:

From Manila take a van to Calatagan Van Terminal. Calatagan Van Terminal in Pasay City or take the DLTB bus headed to Calatagan at Buendia station. From there, you can take tricycles towards the hotel.

Montemar Beach Club Resort, Bataan

The beachfront property is located on a 12-hectare cove located in Bataan with a view of Bagac Bay on the West Philippine Sea which is 500 meters of white sand, which is considered an one of the stunning beaches located in Bataan and nearby Manila. Montemar Beach Club Resort has 89 rooms that are designed to provide the highest level of convenience and modern amenities, such as the air conditioning, cable TV and Hot and cold showers.

The sprawling estate includes three swimming pools and a treehouse. There is also a the hanging bridge the lagoon and soccer fields/helipad and tennis courts to play volleyball, tennis, basketball and badminton. On the beach guests can kayak or jet ski, and facilities for fishing and horseback riding are also available to guests.

How to arrive: A private vehicle:

To make this 3 up to 3.5-hour journey from Manila you must take the NLEX towards to the San Fernando Exit (Exit65) Continue left, go to JASA and then go to JASA, go through the Layac Junction, and take the road that will lead up to Bataan Provincial Highway to Pilar, Bataan until you reach the resort.

With public transport

You can take the Five Star bus plying the route that leads to Balanga up to Bagac Bataan and then take a tricycle to the resort.

Vivere Azure Resort, Batangas

The 5-star luxury Vivere Azure Resort is conveniently located on a hill in the center of the most popular diving spots within Anilao, Batangas. It has bright, spacious rooms that are furnished with modern, casual interiors and useful amenities such as citronella insect repellents, resort bags and the necessary hygiene kit for guests.

The infinity pool at the resort offers views over Maricaban island and bay in the vicinity which is the ideal spot for drinks with a refreshing view during the cocktail hour.

Scuba diving, island hopping and adventure tours can be scheduled with the resort. Facilities for snorkeling or kayaking are offered on the beachfront. The restaurant at the hotel that serves home-cooked delicious meals, is situated on a terrace that overlooks the bay.

If you are looking for a different perspective to enjoy the stunning bay view can climb to the treehouse located near.

How to reach there: A private vehicle:

For this 3 to 3.5-hour travel time from Manila take the SLEX southbound route and exit at the Batangas Exit. Continue along and make a right towards Mabini Circumferential Road until Anilao Turn left and continue to San Teodoro until you reach the resort.

Public transport

Travel by bus to Batangas from bus stations located in Cubao, Pasay, or Manila and then get off on Batangas City Grand Terminal. Batangas City Grand Terminal. Use a jeepney that takes you until Mabini Crossing, and then ride tricycles towards Vivere Azure Resort.

Acuaverde Beach Resort, Batangas

Its beachfront Acuaverde Beach Resort is located in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas approximately 140 kilometers away from Metro Manila, and features an extended coastline with views of Tayabas Bay. The resort has 16 rooms that have balconies or verandas and are complete with modern amenities including air conditioning as well as LCD cable televisions as well as free WiFi and complimentary tea or coffee.

There’s a volleyball court along with a variety of cabanas with thatched roofs to relax at the beach. Equipment for jet skiing, kayaking as well as fly fishing and flyboarding are available to hire.

The furry family members will be happy to know that this pet-friendly hotel that allows pets and cats to the public areas. The family-friendly hotel includes a playground, a family room, indoor pool pools, and free accommodation for children aged 11 and under.

How to reach there: In a private car:

For this 3h40m – 4h drive from Manila Take an (SLEX) and continue driving toward the direction of Sto. Tomas located in Batangas until you crossing of the Laguna-Quezon border. continue towards San Juan, pass by San Juan’s town center until you get to town hall. San Juan Town hall, and continue straight to the resort.

With public transportation:

Find look for the ALPS Bus from either their Cubao or Alabang Terminal and ride to San Juan, Batangas. At the Batangas Terminal, Acuaverde Beach Resort is approximately 24 kilometers away. There are tricycles that can be rented out to the resort.

Acuatico Beach Resort, Batangas

This top Batangas resort is situated in Laiya which is just 140 km distant from Metro Manila. Acuatico Beach Resort is set in a tranquil tropical location with a large beachfront that faces Tayabas Bay. The most popular feature of the resort is its infinity swimming pool. It is a vast expanse of water that appears to blend seamlessly with the ocean that lies behind it. The platform in the vicinity provides an ideal position for taking pictures of your trip to share with your social media accounts.

With 41 rooms in the entire property, the Balinese-styled accommodation offers stunning views, comfortable interiors, and toiletries. villas have private Jacuzzis.

There are four dining optionsavailable: the Acua bar, which offers cocktails with a view of the infinity pool and a 24-hour dining establishment known as the Oceano and the Azul bar and cafe that serves international cuisine as well as an special Intimo Restaurants. The other facilities include the wellness spa, games room, a children’s playroom and gift shop, as well as the equipment needed for aquatic sports and a fitness center.

In a private car:

To make this 3.5-hour 4 hour journey from Manila you can take the (SLEX) and continue driving toward the direction of Sto. Tomas at Batangas until you crossing of the Laguna-Quezon border. move towards San Juan, pass by San Juan’s town center until you arrive at town hall. San Juan Town hall, and continue straight to the resort.

Public transport

Find to catch the ALPS Bus from either their Cubao or Alabang Terminal and ride going to San Juan, Batangas. At The Batangas Terminal, ride a tricycle to Acuatico Beach Resort, roughly 24 kilometers far from the terminus.

Escape to the Best Beach Resorts Near Manila

You may be looking for an adventurous trip by the sea or want to enjoy relaxing time in the sun on the beach You’ll find the right beach hotel near Manila to meet your holiday desires.

Divers who love diving with scuba will be able to discover a variety of dive resorts and top diving locations in the surrounding regions Surfers can find numerous options to pick from, which are located in the famous beach town San Juan, La Union.

For large-scale groups and small children, amenities for families like playgrounds, kiddie pools and indoor games are ideal places to go on vacation, and nature enthusiasts can enjoy scenic excursions available as an added-on option.

These are all just a few hours driving distance either by car or bus from Manila. Take a break from the stress of urban life when you take a an easy drive to one of the scenic beaches and resorts in this list.

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