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How to get started with SEO? We’ll make it easy for you!

    Regardless of whether you want to engage in SEO professionally or only for your own needs, and whether you are 18 or 40 – you will be able to bite into the topic without any problems. But be warned – at the beginning you will have to read a lot. Not only that – reading one publication will probably generate additional questions and require reading more. The good news, however, is that all the knowledge you will need to assimilate is available on the Internet. You don’t have to reach for any books or cost yourself any publications – at least at the beginning.

    Know and understand SEO

    Companies have different marketing goals, but every business is looking to increase revenue – and that is the main goal of SEO. Improving your site with SEO allows you to be at the forefront of search engine result pages (SERPs) and drive revenue-generating traffic.

    Google and other leading search engines have “spiders” or “bots” that crawl the Internet to search, index and rate sites. When someone enters a search, the search engines provide a list of websites with relevant content. You can either do SEO yourself or use the offer of companies such as

    Check your website’s indexation

    You want to improve the visibility of your website on Google, but you are not sure that it is there at all? How to check it? The fastest method will be to use the Google operator, the so-called “Site”. Open Google and enter the following command: site: Be sure to enter the address without “http: //” and without “www”. If the page is indexed, a list of your website’s subpages will appear in the search results. If your page is not indexed, there are several methods to deal with this issue. You can add your website address using Google Webmasters Tool or add a link to your page on another, most popular one – then Google robots will go from it to your page and index it. Adding a page address to Facebook won’t do the trick.

    Analyze the keywords

    One of the first steps in SEO should be a thorough keyword analysis. This way, you will learn how users search for your offer. It will be the basis for optimization or creation of subpages dedicated to specific products or services. In addition, you will also learn about the most popular problems that, thanks to your support, internet users will be able to solve. By creating an extensive blog or knowledge base related to your offer, you will gain not only visibility in search results, but also the position of an expert.

    Write a SEO friendly content

    The content on the website should be placed on the home page, on subpages and on the product page. The main page must contain basic information about the company – these include name, address, and business profile.

    Subsequent descriptions are posted on the subpages. The content needs to contain selected keywords that match the given subpage and the text should be about 3000 to 5000 characters long.

    The last and most detailed content is the product description posted on the page with a specific product or service. Remember that the name itself should also contain the keyword, otherwise it will not be visible to the Google search engine. The product description must be unique. It often happens that online stores copy the descriptions from the wholesaler or manufacturer. Unfortunately, this makes them completely invisible in search engines. A well-written description should contain key phrases and be about 2000-3000 characters long.

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