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15 Best Free Restore and Backup Plugins For WordPress

    The WordPress Backup Plugins is our focus today! WordPress is often a very popular free CMS. Using, creating and maintaining a website or blog on that basis is fairly easy. Millions of different companies usually use WordPress for business websites.

    WordPress has a large, loyal community that creates more and more themes and plugins every day. So if you’re planning to use WordPress to create and run your website, the idea isn’t new, but equally useful.

    However, you should be aware of the most frequent problems you may encounter. Unfortunately, one of the most frequent problems among WordPress users is data instability. This means that all important information will be lost. Bum! -And your website is gone. Forever… Yes, this is the price of CMS’s popularity, and we need to understand the threat so we can be prepared to avoid it.Otherwise, you will have to start over.

    What backup plugins can actually do for you?

    Using this type of plug-in, you can save a copy of the website on another hard drive or any trusted storage device. We also recommend that you save the backup file on a separate disk. If your main drive fails, fails, or fails, you can use the “safety belt” to recover lost data.

    Most backup plugins allow you to choose a storage location. We recommend that you make regular backups. Saving content every day is perfect. Therefore, if something goes wrong, your website is the latest version, not the old version.

    By comparing the most popular backup plugins on the market, this article will help you choose the best WordPress backup plugins for you.

    How To Choosing A Best WordPress Backup Plugin

    Regardless of your business size, it is worth investing in the right WordPress backup plugins.With dozens of wordpress backup plugins available, choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult. Below are some things you should look for in a WordPress backup plugin

    Some plugins can only back up the WordPress database. Some plugins can back up your entire website, including the database and all WordPress files. This option gives you peace of mind because you can schedule your backups to run automatically.

    In the past, most backup plugins only allowed you to store backup files on your own server. For better security, all good backup plugins support sending backup files to remote locations like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc. This makes it easy to restore your files if your entire website is hacked.

    Next, take a look at the best WordPress backup plugins on the market.

    WordPress Backup Plugin

    There are free and premium versions of plugins available. With its help, you can save the entire installation and export it to an external backup service such as Dropbox. You can create a single backup file and use it to restore your installation.

    The premium version allows you to save your backup files to Google Drive and Amazon Glacier. Some of the unique features of the premium version are on multiple destinations per job. Sync files with remote backup locations such as Google Drive, Dropbox. Backup specific file paths for your site according to your needs.



    UpdraftPlus is most popular WordPress backup plugins on the market. Rated as the most popular backup solution for WordPress, it has over 1 million active installations.

    Even with the free version of the plugin, you can easily set up complete, manual or scheduled backups of all website files (including databases, plugins, and themes). Recovering files is easy, and you can complete it with very little technical knowledge. The free version includes all important features, but most importantly, it supports multiple cloud storage options, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. The advanced version makes it easy to extend the core functions.


    WP Time Capsule

    WP Time Capsule is a great solution for backing up only your recent files, not your entire WordPress site. With WP Time Capsule, you can back up your website to your favorite cloud storage sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3.

    The main advantage of WP Time Capsule is that it consumes considerably less server resources as it does and does not compress backup files. To use WP Time Capsule on your site, sign up for an account at WP Time Capsule and install it for free, click Plugins, connect your cloud app to the plugin, and place your WordPress backup files in the right place. Allows you to send. After the full backup is complete, you can schedule a time to back up recently modified files.


    BlogVault Backups

    Using blogVault backup is the most reliable way to make a WordPress backup of your site. This is the easiest way to back up, restore, or migrate your site.

    Moreover, this is an easy to use translation-enabled BlogVault backup plugin. This is to protect users from hacker attacks, server loss and other problems. You can choose to backup the entire site, database, media, plugins and themes. You can also back up on the same server, or transfer it to Google Drive, Dropbox, and FTP as needed. In addition, you can restore them and divide them into volumes.


    Yoast SEO

    This plugin is widely regarded as one of the most effective WordPress backup plugins. It can also help you write better posts and bring you higher rankings in search engines. However, it is also a useful tool that is multisite compatible. With this help, you can also export and import functions to save time adjusting multiple blog settings.

    Whether you’re a business owner, blogger, content creator, developer, or SEO expert, Yoast SEO can help you keep your website in perfect condition. Tune your website engine so you can focus on creating great content. An internal link feature that helps you rank the right keywords on the right page. Helps manage the team’s WordPress SEO efforts. The SEO role allows you to give colleagues access to specific sections of the Yoast SEO plugin.


    Backup Plugin

    After installing this WordPress backup plugin, you may feel that your website is protected by hackers, malware, and errors. Create a compressed backup of your entire site, no matter how big it is. With its help, it backs up all posts, comments, plugins, media files, etc. to protect it from malware and attacks.

    WPBackItUp produces a compressed backup of your entire website, regardless of the size of your site. Backups are quick and easy to download from your WordPress dashboard.


    Backup Guard

    Backup Guard is an excellent WordPress backup plugin.. It provides the easiest way to backup, restore and migrate your WordPress website.

    additional free version will help you migrate your website if your domain or database prefix hasn’t changed.
    If there is a change in domain or DB prefix, Backup Guard Pro will be used.The Pro version helps to transition all three cases above as smoothly as possible. Just back up your site and restore it to a new location. No additional work is required to accommodate all changes.



    BackUpWordPress is an easy-to-use backup plugin. This is because the user does not have to make any settings. The files will be backed up as soon as activation is complete.

    By default, the backup file is saved on the website in the backups location, but you can easily change the path as needed. All files, including non-WordPress files, are backed up at the root of your site, so it’s highly recommended to change the path to be safe.
    This plugin works on both Linux and Windows servers. You can also exclude files that you don’t want to back up.


    WPvivid Backup Plugin

    The WPvivid Backup Plugin provides backup and migration as a basic feature, sending backups to major remote storages and cleaning up unused images before backup and migration.

    Schedule a backup to run automatically on your website. You can configure the backup to run every 12 hours, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and select the backup items and destination.

    Send backups to remote locations offsite. WPvivid Backup Plugin supports major cloud storage providers: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and more.


    Backup by Supsystic

    Check out our cool WordPress solution for secure data backup, transfer and 2-click restore. With that help, you can back up your database, core WP files, and plugins to various locations. Includes FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3, a popular web storage service. For restore, you can restore posts, files, plugins, themes, databases, or the entire site. The tool also comes with various customization options, presets, backup logs, and a scheduler. The latter allows you to set up a timetable that is most convenient for backing up your website.


    XCloner Plugin

    XCloner is a backup plugin that allows you to safely backup and restore your WordPress site. You can send your site backup to SFTP, Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive, Backblaze and more.

    You can generate a “differential backup” to include only files that have changed since a certain date in the backup. This will reduce the space required to store the backup.Also has safety features to ensure a successful backup. One example: A backup can be split into multiple smaller parts when a certain size limit is reached.

    In addition, you can use the XCloner restore feature to restore your backup to any location compatible with your website. The site clone can be restored to a completely different server using the new server and MySQL details.Will try to extract the backup archive file, import the MySQL dump and update the WordPress configuration details.The restore script is located at /restore/ directory in the XCloner archive. XCloner can restore the original file and directory permissions. You can also automatically update new host settings to the configuration file.



    This is a real-time backup and security scanning service using Jetpack. With its help, you can easily back up all posts, comments, file revisions, and dashboard settings on your site/server.

    With VaultPress, you can keep up-to-date backups of your site with daily or real-time sync. In addition, regular security scans make it easy to identify and remediate potential threats. If malware or viruses are detected, you can ban them with one click. VaultPress is part of Jetpack, so a personal plan to install Jetpack on your site, connect your website to, and (at least) get started.



    Duplicator makes it easy to backup all your WordPress files in a zip format so you can download them offline and migrate between the same or different servers.

    One of the unique advantages of using Duplicator is the ability to duplicate pre-configured sites. Duplicator allows you to configure and bundle a single site rather than manually configuring your favorite themes and plugins. This way you can migrate your pre-configured WordPress site to another location without having to start over.
    Like many other popular WordPress backup solutions, Duplicator allows you to schedule backups, send them to cloud storage and send you email notifications.


    WP Database Backup

    WP Database Backup is a completely free database backup plugin. With WP database backup, you can create and restore backups with one click. It provides slightly more functions than WP-DB-Backup, but overall it is very similar. Some key features that may be useful include simple configuration, storing database backups in a remote location, supporting multiple storage targets, sorting and searching backups from a list. Provides detailed documentation to explain the entire process.


    Keep Backup Daily

    Keep Backup Daily is a WordPress plugin that can help you relax about taking regular backups. If you run a news website and don’t want to overwhelm your database, it’s a much better option. It is possible that you keep your backups daily and another plugin releases your database weekly.

    In addition, this plugin has many uses, allowing you to see what activity your database currently has over the course of several days. In addition to exporting the mysql database, you can store it in a safe place. It’s just as convenient if you have an email client set up on your PC and want to save your backups to disk. I’m PHP, a WordPress developer, and I’ve faced a lot of inconvenience regarding monitoring the wordpress DB for plugins and user activity.


    Final Thoughts

    Without a doubt, UpdraftPlus is the perfect WordPress backup plugin for your website. UpdraftPlus is a complete backup solution with all the features you need out of the box. Best of all, the free version offers a wealth of features when compared to other premium plugins.

    Now it’s time to speak. Manual or automatic backup-what is your personal choice? How often do you back up your site? What is the most useful plugin for such a purpose? We look forward to hearing from you.

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