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YouTube TV Freezing

    If you can access YouTube through a smart TV, you’re free from having to lock on a tiny screen and view the content you desire all over the display of your smart TV. What could it do if YouTube abruptly stops working or fails to load?

    If YouTube is crashing or freezing, or if it keeps crashing in your Smart TV, switch your TV off and turn it back on, and then check your connection to the network and your internet speed. You can either update your software to your television or remove and install the app.

    YouTube is an application that allows users of all ages to stream and upload videos to an interface accessible to almost everywhere on the planet. It became more lucrative after smart TVs gained the possibility to connect to YouTube through their application centres. YouTube provides a wide array of options, but if you own a smart TV and YouTube stops working or begins to crash regularly, you’ll need one of the solutions listed below to solve the problem.

    How to Stop YouTube TV Buffering?

    Based on the above reasons to stop YouTube TV buffering, we suggest you follow the following methods to end the problem. This way you can access YouTube to watch your favorite content creators and the podcasts you earnestly follow.  There is nothing more irritating than a video freezing on the screen when you’re trying to watch your favorite show. It just ruins the watching experience. 

    Restart Your Device

    If you encounter issues with YouTube TV buffering, Try rebooting the device. Restarting the device will aid in clearing space, clearing caches, and resolving other problems to allow YouTube TV to run smoothly.

    If you want to restart your mobile or computer, you must select the Shutdown option or hit the power button for a few minutes. To turn on a smart TV, press the remote controller’s power button, and then disconnect an electrical outlet from your wall. After that, wait about 30 seconds and then restart your device.

    Many people are not aware that basic troubleshooting involves simply checking the power supply and restarting the device.  Knowing this could save you a lot of time and help you avoid frustration, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. 

    If YouTube TV keeps buffering on your device even after restarting it, you can consider the following solution.

    Close and then reopen YouTube TV

    Closing and then reopening YouTube TV is easy to refresh the application. You’ll need to close the application and then reopen it.

    It is important to note that you do not need to log off. After the app is open, you can watch a YouTube TV video and check it for a second time to confirm whether you’ve fixed the YouTube TV delay.

    High-Resolution Videos

    If you know that you’ve got a slow internet connection and, over it, several devices are connected with the same router. In this case, if you attempt to play a YouTube TV video in a resolution more significant than the suggested resolution, you’ll be experiencing buffering at times because your internet bandwidth will not allow for the higher quality video. You should play the videos at a lower resolution or use the most effective solution that is waiting for you in the final.

    To do this, click the gear icon, then click ‘Quality’ and select a lower video quality or set it to ‘Auto.’ It may not give you the best viewing experience, but it will stop buffering.

    Disconnect Other Devices

    Are there multiple devices that are connected to an Internet network? If so, please unplug them, excluding the device you use to watch YouTube TV because these devices use up a lot of bandwidth, making the bandwidth of YouTube TV insufficient, and the result is that YouTube TV keeps buffering.

    You need to be aware of your internet limitations. If your provider only allows you a certain bandwidth and your usage exceeds this limit, it might be time for an upgrade.  Doing so will provide everyone with an enjoyable experience when internet surfing and watching videos on YouTube. 

    If you are still facing “YouTube TV keeps buffering” after that, check for your Internet connection.

    Check for updates to the device’s software.

    Most of the time, the application running with old firmware typically causes many problems, such as crashes and freezing.

    Your device will regularly prompt you if there’s a need for an update. You should not ignore this as it’s crucial to the efficient running of the software on your device. Generally, updates fix security and connectivity issues that cause an app to slow down. 

    How can I upgrade Samsung TV’s software? Samsung TV

    Go to Settings.
    Select Support.
    Select Software Update.
    Choose Update Now.

    How do I upgrade Roku’s software?

    Hit the home button of your remote.
    Scroll down to select Settings.
    Select System.
    Select System Update.

    How can I upgrade the software on the Fire Stick?

    Go to Settings.
    Select My Fire TV and go to About.
    Select Check for System Update.

    Multiple Users

    YouTube TV permits up to three streaming devices simultaneously with one account. More than three devices streaming on the same account could cause issues such as crashes, buffering, or playback errors. You must ensure that the devices are not connected to the same internet as it can limit the bandwidth of YouTube TV and will eventually result in buffering.

    Check Your Internet Connection

    A poor Internet connection is among the main reasons behind YouTube TV buffering. So, check your Internet connection.

    To test your Internet connection quickly, You can use an internet speed test tool to check if your connection is within the range of internet speed recommendations for viewing shows on YouTube TV.

    Additionally, you might want to restart your modem and router as this can help reset your connection. If you keep experiencing a slow internet connection, request your ISP customer service to fix the issue. This may help stabilize your connection. 

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