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27 Best WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers (Free and Premium)

    Are you looking for WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers website? A quick glance at the past reveals that much of our history is shaped by the need for proper advertising. That’s why most radio and television broadcasts are free. However, the marketing sector has grown to a level beyond the reach of midsize companies. With newspaper ads and bus stop posters, there’s little you can do without tens of thousands of dollars.

    The unlikely solution came from the internet. It was first developed as a way for scientists to communicate with peers around the world, but it has blossomed into a virtual international infrastructure whose full potential has yet to be revealed. Its services are almost free or cheap, and startups can even compete with the wealthiest companies. Basically, with proper use, the Internet can be a huge sign that can be seen throughout the globe. As a designer, this is a great opportunity. Even with a very limited budget, you can buy themes, create websites, and start dominating the niche of his / her particular activity. A simple, minimalist website is sufficient but not as impressive as a customized page with high-quality WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers.

    WordPress Themes for Designers

    These WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers are more than just skins. They are a handy kit similar to the Swiss Army knife. Each developer tries to include as many plugins and features as possible and prepares the customer for any situation. As a talented designer, this rich feature provides you with a blank canvas. You will have the opportunity to shape and shape the page, adjusting each detail to your specifications. This is a luxury that past generations of entrepreneurs couldn’t afford, and as mentioned earlier, the cost is negligible. If you succeed in designing an impressive web page for your agency or company, your audience will skyrocket and your customer base will double.

    When considering public opinion, you can’t have such a sloppy website, especially if you are a designer. Do you trust a poorly dressed tailor? The same principles apply to your page. Don’t rush to make a decision, as WordPress has a variety of impressive themes available to everyone. Plan your profile and think about the features and plugins you need. Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for designers.

    Here are some of the best WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers. Let’s check.


    Adios is the theme of a stylish and responsive WordPress creative portfolio website. A fresh and wonderful theme for building a unique and modern website. The best Adios for all kinds of applications is nothing without flexibility. Simply select the demo website you want and tweak it in minutes. Customizations are strictly drag-and-drop and accessible to webmasters of all backgrounds. Combining ultra-fast coding with SEO enhancements, Adios is extremely competitive.

    You don’t need a big price tag to get high-end results with Adios. Elegant elements and modules are at your fingertips to get your page ready in no time. You can use Adios to introduce staff, introduce products, and showcase your portfolio. Seamless and lightweight animations make your pages interesting and attractive. Your audience connects with your content in a memorable way. That’s why artists and creative webmasters love Adios. This is an ideal way to convey your artistic vision online in a few simple steps. The depth and flexibility of the tools provided is amazing. However, detailed documentation allows you to do the entire process manually. Set your Adios aside tonight and strut your stuff in style!



    Uncode is a creative, mobile-friendly WordPress theme for designers. To do this, Uncode comes with Premium WP Bakery Page Builder, which greatly simplifies the design and build process for webmasters of any background or skill level for professional-quality results.

    The gorgeous premium Slider Revolution plugin, like the clean-cut Isotope masonry grid plugin, comes with the package at no additional cost. Basically, you don’t have to write a single line to get the power out of every corner of your website’s look and feel Of the code. Uncode relies on more than 30 unique conceptually unique, complex graphics and highly creative-inspired niche market application demonstration sites, and quickly achieve uniqueness through advanced theme options and custom tools. You can create it, add content, and publish it on your own Pixel Perfect website. Uncode’s modular design is entirely based on Bootstrap, making this powerful theme a healthy ally in the pursuit of all website building.



    A well-structured WordPress theme created for creative designers. The author has added a live preview to this theme, along with some screenshots. If you run into problems during the installation process, the developers have some helpful video tutorials and some impressive online documentation. Pile is versatile and ideal for displaying personal projects and portfolios. Typographers, creative agencies, photographers and art illustrators can use this amazing theme. I need to introduce a sample and a demonstration. Thankfully, Pile has everything you need to make it happen.

    The developers tried to strike a difficult balance and adapt the product to their business, but it’s artistic and personal. This also creates a great sense of restrained energy and untapped potential, accessible only to the best designers. Also, because it makes effective use of screen space, it gives the impression that something amazing is hidden under familiar layout standards. Between page blocks, the theme employs seamless parallax scrolling to guide the line of sight to specific areas of the screen. Also, this is a wordless tour and a great way to show your proficiency in your skills.
    Setup is easy and intuitive, so you don’t have to wait a long time. It only takes a few minutes from purchase to getting the site up and running. Ease of use plays an important role because it is expected that the theme will be easy to understand even for those who are not familiar with technology.



    Calafate is the theme of a colorful and responsive WordPress creative portfolio and WooCommerce website. It’s a witty platform for easily building unique websites, handcrafted for creative freedom of expression. You can shape your pages in exquisite style within minutes without any coding effort. Calafate is a great way to introduce your content to your audience in a clever way. In addition, it’s a unique portfolio grid that can captivate your visitors with your achievements. Convenient masonry walls and a grid layout of standard items are also freely available.

    A ton of clever portfolio hover styles is for you to choose. Designers love Calafate. Calafate can express itself exactly as much as it wants. Great hero features with custom fade-ins are just a few clicks away. You can combine these with a single image, image slider, or self-hosted video content. Creative blog layouts are also provided for you to communicate with your audience. Websites live and die from content creation. With Calafate, you can raise one or two notches. Designers with impressive commercial features can sell their products and service packages without complexity. The WooCommerce platform handles payment gateways and checkout pages immediately.



    If you’re looking for the best WordPress theme for designers, don’t miss Ryan CV. This is a great tool for everyone to use and get the most out of. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will definitely succeed with RyanCV. Keep in mind that RyanCV also comes with a pre-defined demo specifically for designers. However, in total RyanCV comes with over 10 samples and you need to drop more samples.

    RyanCV supports the creation of one-page and multi-page websites quickly and efficiently. It also comes with Elementor’s drag-and-drop page builder for easy customization and editing. Needless to say, if you want to sell your work, you can sell it at the WooCommerce shop. Needless to say, RyanCV keeps up with all the latest trends to ensure your website’s performance is always top notch.



    If you’re looking for a sophisticated, modern and easy-to-use WordPress theme for designers, VIM is a great choice. It brings everything you need to create an outstanding page to the table. Use it to market your services in style and take your business to a new level. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to get the chance to use VIM.

    Even a complete beginner can get started, like a champion with VIM and all the layouts and features that come with it. VIM’s equipment includes 2 headers, 5 hover effects, floating columns, parallax. And video backgrounds, advanced ones and more footer options. VIM also includes some samples, good shortcode functions, support for MailChimp and Contact Form 7. Win the game by pushing your design work with creative and intriguing VIM.



    If you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, Glitche is one of the best WordPress themes for designers. Comes with a unique and eye-catching web design that will inspire everyone. Use Glitche to create a solid online presence of all your compelling creations, chat more about yourself and your business and, of course, attract new potential clients. By the way, Glitche allows you to create both one-page and multi-page online resume websites.

    Choose the demo and style that most resonates with you and proceed from there. Dark Mode and Light Mode, RTL Support, Skill Bar, Unlimited Colors, 6 Different Backgrounds, Contact Form 7 — The list of features grows and grows. All this shows that Glitche is a full-fledged theme and helps you easily establish a modern yet sophisticated web space without touching a single line of code.



    With a creative layout and adaptive approach, Pxlz is an amazing WordPress theme for designers and other creative individuals. In short, Pxlz has a layout for you and your service, whether you are a freelancer or run an agency. Present your work or project in the best possible light and stimulate the interest of potential clients. Show them what you are good at and let everyone know how you can benefit their company. If your web design is predefined, everything else is smooth and efficient.

    Pxlz is Pixel Perfect (from its name), responsive and compatible with all popular web browsers. With a wide selection of intriguing demos, you can quickly see new pages live. In addition, Pxlz covers shop and blog pages. Unleash your creative animal and combine it with Pxlz to stand out from the masses.



    Somo is a WordPress theme that has a huge impact on designers and other creative individuals. With Somo, you can get started on the Internet in a short amount of time. Not only that, your online presence will die. You can get lots of variations of different homepages and easily find the ones that interest you. To be exact, eight.

    Somo allows you to visually edit and adjust the layout in a drag-and-drop way. With that in mind, I know that you don’t have to be a programmer to work with Somo. Anyone can do it, even for the first time. All you need is Somo to create a website that enhances your potential on the rooftop. Watch the live preview and you’ll be hooked right away.



    Oxer is a very simple WordPress theme for designers and creatives. If you don’t want to be overwhelmed by too much material, Oxer is for you. It is a tool that can be used immediately, and realizes speedy site realization. Oxer is also aimed at almost everyone, regardless of their skill level in building websites. In fact, even if you use Oxer for the initial setup, you can set it up like a pro. Don’t scare the coding as there is no coding at all.

    With great homepages, categorized portfolios, different interior layouts, pop-ups, and SEO-friendly names, Oxer rocks everything. If you want to make everyone feel great when they visit your website, consider using the amazing Oxer right now. Keep in mind that it takes very little time from the start of using the theme to the preparation of the page.



    H-Code is a versatile WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers created to make an impact. We use premium quality page builders and frameworks to offer a number of pre-made choices. It’s a theme for diversity, but you can see that there are many creative and design trends. The H-Code comes with a +55 home page divided into two sections. These are multiple one-page layouts. Includes 3 great sliders (Revolution Slider, OWL Slider, and Bootstrap). Photo and video galleries can be processed in the lightbox. H-Code has a management panel that has been simplified and affected by the Redux framework. Use a lot of shortcodes to avoid the need for coding.

    It is also compatible with Google Maps, WMPL, WooCommerce, and Contact7 forms. H-Code is open to social media sharing as many of its elements are linked to publicity on the platform. Very popular fonts and icons are posted in the post. Take a look at the layout section to find cool blogs and portfolio styles for designers. This theme is believed to satisfy the artistic talent first and then everyone. But this does not ignore its excellent performance. H-Code has a huge amount of documentation, HD narrative tutorials, and a well-reviewed support team. Enjoy creating this pixel-perfect Theme Zaa. Find an H code for a designer!



    Stash is a virtual canvas that makes your personal space truly your own. Not only does it allow you to set up a portfolio and showcase your work, but it can also bring yourself out there. This well-documented WordPress theme is for you! Stash is an artistic stage for you to play. Suitable for multimedia uploads and graphic enhancements in all respects. View your work in over 7 amazing portfolios, set up a gallery in Slider Revolution, and create custom posts in Essential Grid.

    The theme is sufficiently extensible to support both one-page and multi-page formats. Comes with 48 demos, most of which focus on the arts / creative field as needed. Be clever with 260 builder blocks and 85 elements. Don’t limit your creativity! Stash has improved speed and SEO, and has amazing features that support files of all formats. It features unlimited colors and supports CSS3 animations and customizable backgrounds. Make the best experience as a designer by creating this complete High Grade.


    NO8 WP

    A creative portfolio WordPress theme with a stylish design with a clean touch. The overall aspect is polygon-based, giving the content a unique appeal that users will appreciate. The theme is currently in version 2.3 and more will be added in the future. First, NO8 can display beautiful content on any device or screen, so potential customers can rest assured that it’s completely responsive. Users get support from a dedicated team as well as regular updates. Please visit the official website and preview the theme to make an informed decision. This allows you to experience the content without having to purchase it first.

    With .po and .mo files, your website is fully translatable. All of this product has been simplified and streamlined. Basically anyone can use it. No special coding knowledge is required, so both visitors and administrators can access NO8. There are unboxed page layout options, boxed page layout options, and per-page sidebar position control. There are also Dribbble, Twitter and Flickr widgets that allow you to control the footer area for each page. With options to overwrite and edit file and theme features, the website is suitable for third-party plugins and features. It has a personalized sidebar generator, an unlimited number of sidebars, advanced sidebar shortcodes, and customizable widget length settings.



    Werkstatt is the theme of a sharp and responsive WordPress creative portfolio website, a powerful resource for webmasters looking to create fast and intuitive websites. Free creation and ease of use are the core design values of Werkstatt. It contains the tools you need to handle a wide range of professional and personal applications. Designers and studios especially like to work with Werkstatt. A carefully selected collection of portfolio templates and styles is truly cutting edge. Great for showingcase the best visuals under the most lucrative spotlights possible. It also processes video and audio content without hassle.

    A wealth of templates are available for such content with just one click. Great hover effects and animations are also at your disposal. In addition, you can customize the image, border, color and position. You can also select 6 different animations. You can also customize the menu thoroughly. Create every part of your end-user navigation experience. The choice of beautiful custom typography is your choice. Tweak them through all the elements and modules of your website. There is no end to what you can do with Werkstatt on your side. Check out Werkstatt today to take your professional projects to the next level!


    Smartly Own

    Smartly Own is a WordPress theme for web development and design. This is suitable for topic professionals who need a simple and smooth display of information, as no special effort can be made to create it personally. For this reason, you will find many rare and useful features. Smartly Own comes with two prefabricated demos to get you started. There is both a one-page demo and a full version demo. Smartly Own has a basic design with two rows and three color variations. We also use eight tags, primarily for lightweight priorities.

    The concept is to act as an online CV demonstration for companies to adopt. Smartly Own comes with a newsletter, parallax, and an author’s biography. Moreover, its quick setup is due to the basic use of WP Bakery Page Builder and Slide Revolution. There is also a responsive layout. Smartly Own works to represent your skills and pricing tablets. Blogs and social media connections are also available. In addition, we use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Smartly Own is compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Enjoy the simplicity of creating this smart theme for the comfort of your life.



    Amax is a high quality WordPress theme that can enhance your website by ensuring that it attracts more viewers. With its outstanding functional lineup, amazing versatility and constant pursuit of perfection, this is a modern product. Indeed, it can be adapted to any site, regardless of its niche or target audience. In addition, the developers have scored so high on the Google Page Speed test that they designed it to provide users with a streamlined experience. Demo content can be easily imported with a single click. At Amax, you can choose from two very popular sliders (Layer Slider and Slider Revolution).

    Whether you’re an administrator or a page visitor, resizing and compatibility issues can have a negative impact on your experience. With Amax, these issues are no longer the cause of fear. Your site is completely responsive and can display content and adapt to any platform. This will improve the reader’s experience and allow site administrators to manage content on the move. You can also view the page on a high resolution Retina display.



    So you are looking for the best WordPress theme for designers. If you’re lucky, you’re in the right place! Bridge is a very gorgeous, easy-to-use, highly customizable tool that brings your brand to life. With it, you’ll have no trouble getting new clients and your work will be noticed and appreciated on a global scale. After all, a simple website gives you access to everywhere in the world to see what you’re good at.

    When it comes to bridges, there is no limit to creativity. Unless your imagination isn’t fully functional. Thinking out of the box and implementing your own touch on it can create high-impact websites that promote your design to work. Start with what the bridge has in your service and go from there.



    Creative Mind, are you ready to make a difference? This is Sahel, a magnificent and modern WordPress theme for designers. Build a breathtaking web space with multiple creative and stunning demos. Your portfolio will withstand the challenges of time and will always promote your work or project in a unique and striking way. You can also use Sahel to extend your online store to sell artwork and other items that will help you take your career to new heights. A horde of layouts, shortcodes, widgets, and other useful elements are available and set for use. So while you can customize the look of Sahel to your liking, it works because there are so many samples available.



    Sekko is at the forefront with a great combination of breakthrough features, attractive layout and reliable customer support. It’s no wonder that this WordPress theme for designers is doing well and providing a lot of resources to create a creative portfolio. You don’t have the coding knowledge you need to achieve professional and sophisticated results.

    All demo layouts and ready-made elements have a modern and professional look with a fully responsive design. Sekko also has its own powerful set of creator tools with lots of useful options for managing your site. Surprise prospects with a variety of effects, shortcodes, internal pages, and unique portfolio types. It is built with passion and affection and it has a lot to do with the customer. With Sekko, you can work and reach out to your work without hassle.



    Charms are sophisticated WordPress themes created with style and deep aesthetics in mind, and are fun themes that anyone can easily learn. This theme gives you access to professional portfolios and freelancer websites in minutes without writing a single line of sophisticated code. It consists of an inn.

    The charms are extremely clever and tech-savvy, coded with maximum efficiency to create the lightest pages on the web, and the fastest without sacrificing any Retina-enabled graphical capabilities. You can overcome the loading time of. Open the market with smart and selective use of the powerful Bootstrap framework and apply hardware-based parallax visual effects to custom sections and endless scrolling capabilities.



    Corpus is packed with punches to bring content to vibrant pulsation, and Retina-enabled graphics pop colors off the screen. It also has smooth, state-of-the-art CSS animations that enhance every aspect of the user’s navigation experience. Get in the driver’s seat with the powerful Redux framework management panel options and WP Bakery’s WP Bakery Page Builder.

    Once you’ve created your dream page with all the handy shortcodes and widgets you have, you’re ready to enter your content. Video, high-resolution images, image gallery, rich portfolio options, portfolio carousel to showcase your work, featured section showing the brightest work, impressive parallax scrolling and background section with HTML5, CSS3, and LESS, full width Portfolio, backgrounds and elements, endless sidebars and incredible sliders. The corpus is a visual jackpot and is ready to empower content to attract all eyes online. Are you ready for all your attention?



    Rich resources of features and features make it easy to use Webify as a WordPress theme for designers. In fact, it comes with a lot of ready-to-use demo content, so you need to get started quickly with something fresh. Whether you’re just getting started or a well-established designer, a website is almost a must. When working with Webify, you don’t need to be as tech-savvy as a pro to increase your online presence. First and foremost, no coding is required. Drag and drop techniques save you a day. Webify also comes with lots of additional material, beautiful galleries, attractive portfolios, headers, footers and shortcodes. The list of features is growing steadily. What’s more, you can always introduce your creative touch and modify Webify exactly to your liking.


    Free WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers

    If you’re not ready to invest in premium themes, or just want to get used to WordPress and WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers portfolio theme is a good starting point.

    WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers portfolios have many free, but often have limited features such as how the portfolio is displayed. It goes without saying that customization options are also limited and there is no support from theme developers.
    That said, here are some of the Best free WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers.

    Online Portfolio

    The most stringent specification with a fully visual process and an advanced management panel that enables online portfolio themes is a simple design. Responsive, you can customize colors and fonts. The theme is Gutenberg compatible and you can view your portfolio in a grid layout. Of your individual elements to your liking. The online portfolio is ideal for deploying large numbers of shortcodes in a creative way, but the advanced background features of all sections, including parallax and video backgrounds, keep your website dynamic and vibrant. Will be kept in. , Raise the interest and interest of the viewer. Multiple blog and portfolio layouts, built-in social sharing and more are waiting for you.


    Multipurpose Portfolio

    The versatile portfolio is also a WordPress theme for designers due to its immense versatility and 100% customizable web design. The portfolio can be viewed in several different ways and the theme is completely responsive. You can also change the color and upload your own logo. But you can always take an extra step and forge your dream website. With the amazing drag-and-drop site editor, you can visually create pages without touching the source code and behind the scenes. This is very useful for both beginners and professionals.


    Elegant Portfolio

    If you’re looking for a theme with a stylish portfolio presentation, try the Elegant Portfolio Theme. Themes allow you to customize fonts and colors and are completely responsive. Perfect for all kinds of design industry websites, from freelance designer portfolios to professional design company websites to mobile designer application showcases. Web designer portfolio etc. Elegant is the theme if you want to expose the width and length of your content to the world with stunning and sophisticated presentations that make you completely seated in the driver’s seat at every step of your website building experience.



    With ePortfolio, you can redesign an existing website or start over, just like your boss. First and foremost, you only need one tool to handle your impressive online presence. If you’re lucky, ePortfolio will take care of everything. And if you want a ready-to-use look, you don’t even need to customize it. The ePortfolio theme is a versatile portfolio theme with an interesting layout. You can change the color and upload your own logo. The theme is responsive and compatible with Gutenberg and Elementer. This latest theme is built with SEO best practices in mind so that your website gets more traffic and ranks high on all search engines. All users also have access to step-by-step documentation.


    Perfect Portfolio

    This theme is a minimal and clean design. You can add a portfolio filter to make it easier for visitors to browse your work and find things related to your project. The theme is completely responsive and you can change the colors and fonts to suit your brand. Many website design agencies these days use website templates to speed up and streamline their website development process. This theme is perfect for web developers, digital marketing agencies, online marketing agencies and more. With unlimited color options, you can choose a color scheme that will leave a positive impression on your site visitors.

    This theme is a great way to show your creativity when designing a unique website. It includes custom post types that you can use to attract clients and view your best work, team members, contacts, and more.


    How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme for Your Graphic Design Portfolio Website

    Having described the theme of the premium and free WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers portfolio, the next step is to find the WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers portfolio website. Once you’ve decided on a theme, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to build an outstanding portfolio.

    We have for you is to always use high-resolution images to display your work. This makes it easy to see all the important details and allow potential clients to feel your style. Enabling portfolio filtering allows clients to easily sort and filter portfolios. You can sort by different types of work or different styles.

    Include a link to your contact page in your portfolio to make it easier for potential clients and employers to reach you. You can also include a contact form to make the process even easier. The portfolio should also include the creative process. This will help you understand what potential clients can expect when working with you. Consider including a FAQ page on your portfolio website. You can use it to prevent unnecessary email exchanges between you and potential clients and give you deeper insights into your work.

    So, these are some of the best WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers that can help you come up with great websites. We hope you find our article useful.

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