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10 Free Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins

    Site maps are the most important element of a WordPress site. Owners need to set up a WordPress Sitemap Plugins to generate links for posts and send them to search engines to speed up the indexing of posts. Setting up a site map is one of the first things you should do after creating a WordPress site. When you set up a sitemap, the sitemap automatically retrieves new pages and adds them to the list, so you don’t have to manually add new pages.

    Simply submit your sitemap to the Google Webmaster Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and other search engines. In addition to regular posts, if your blog has images or videos, you need to generate a sitemap for them. Images can get a lot of traffic, especially if they are properly optimized. In this post, I’ll show you some of the best sitemap WordPress plugins that can help you index your posts much faster.

    What is a Sitemap And Why Do You Need This?

    Sitemaps are important files that make your website easier to read for search engines. It’s like a blueprint for a house that engineers use to understand the structure. Sitemaps are made up of structured links to your website, allowing search engines to crawl important URLs to better understand your site. Within the site map, you can define a set of rules for each URL, such as page refresh frequency, last refresh, and last refresh. Such. The sitemap file is an XML file. In other words, it can be updated regularly.

    The WordPress sitemap plugin eliminates all the effort of manually creating and updating XML sitemap files. You can generate a sitemap by choosing a sitemap plugin that matches most requirements.

    It may sound complicated, but you can easily export your website’s sitemap using the WordPress Sitemap Plugins. Some plugins also help send sitemaps to search engines. In this article, we’ll share some of the best WordPress Sitemap Plugins you can use to generate an XML sitemap with just a few clicks.

    What is Sitemap?

    Sitemaps are a sitemap of your website. They include links to all pages within your site, in either an XML or organized chart. It assists search engines like Google and Bing in crawling your website to make sure that all posts and pages are correctly indexed. This helps visitors navigate your site in certain situations. It’s the best way search engines can index your site without having to follow internal links.

    How do I create a WordPress sitemap

    A sitemap is essential for any website. It can seem difficult to do so, and it could be time-consuming. WordPress provides sitemap plugins you can download to create your sitemap in just a few clicks. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the top plugins in this field.

    WordPress Sitemap plugins and Their Liste for Websites

    Every digital product, whether it is a website or blog, must contain certain SEO elements and tools to ensure search engine optimization.

    In today’s world, it is vital to establish good communication with search engines. This will allow you to become more visible and easily accessible for the general public.

    Sitemaps are a key element of every website that you should include to maximize your SEO success.

    But first, let’s clarify what a sitemap is and why it’s so important to your website.

    All in One SEO Pack

    With over 1 million downloads, the All in One SEO Pack is another widely used SEO plugin for WordPress that also offers XML sitemap options. This plugin was created in 2007 and is a proven plugin.

    The sitemap module for this plugin comes with comprehensive setup options. You have the option to notify Google and Bing about new posts, schedule updates, and include or exclude post types and categories as needed. There are also technical options such as site map compression. You can index your site map so that it doesn’t appear in search results.


    Yoast SEO

    Yoast’s WordPress SEO is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. This is an all-in-one type plugin that meets the needs of SEO. Whether it’s site-wide SEO, on-page SEO, or sitemaps, this plugin handles everything easily. This is one of the required plugins for your WordPress site and you don’t need to install it if you want to install it. It’s a separate plugin for site maps, so you can save space.

    After activating the plugin, go to SEO> XML Sitemap on your WordPress dashboard to enable the sitemap feature. Review the activation fields and configure the site map to suit your needs. When you go to the post type, you’ll see three options for creating site maps for posts, pages, and media. Here you can decide whether to exclude any of them from the site map.

    This SEO plugin can also handle multi-site systems, so you don’t need to install any other plugins on your multi-site to set up your sitemap. There is also a premium version of the plugin that provides more features and insights about the site.


    Google XML Sitemaps

    With over 1 million downloads, this is one of WordPress’s most popular sitemap plugins. This plugin helps search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and index posts.

    Google XML Sitemaps plugin supports all types of WordPress posts, whether they are general posts or custom post types. This plugin eliminates the need to install other plugins for special posts. This allows search engine crawlers to quickly find and index posts and get traffic from those search engines.


    Youtube Video Sitemap generator

    If you are posting a large number of YouTube videos in your post, this plugin can be very helpful in increasing traffic to your site. This plugin automatically scans your site’s posted content and YouTube link meta values and automatically generates video_sitemap.xml.


    XML Sitemap & Google News

    XML Sitemap and Google News are another free WordPress Sitemap Plugins. Create a dynamic feed that conforms to your XML sitemap and Google News sitemap. Compared with other XML sitemap plugins, the main advantage of this plugin is simplicity. You don’t have to change file or folder permissions, move files, or adjust difficult plugin options. You and site owners of multi-site networks don’t have to worry about overly complex settings like most other XML sitemap plugins. In most cases, the default settings will suffice.

    It is compatible with multilingual sites using Polylang or WPML and can be indexed evenly in all languages. Option to add a new robots.txt rule. You can use them to further control (read: limit) the indexing of different parts of your site and the subsequent spread of PageRank across your site pages. Includes an XLS stylesheet for human readable site maps. Site map templates and style sheets can be overridden with theme template files. The site map index includes posts, pages, and authors by default. Optionally include a site map for custom post types, categories, and tags.


    Simple Sitemap

    Simple Sitemap is a free WordPress HTML sitemap plugin. Even beginners can easily create a visual site map in the WordPress Post Editor without having to edit the code.The big news is that we recently completely overhauled the plugin and added some great new features. Two dedicated editor blocks allow you to add and edit sitemaps directly in the new WordPress editor codenamed Gutenberg. You no longer have to leave the editor to preview your sitemap, as you would with a shortcode. There are also new plugin settings that can be used to determine how to manage links on the parent page.

    Exactly, Added support for fully tabbed layouts in SimpleSitemap. Many users are happy to see the sitemap in one long list, but you can optionally view each post type in a separate tab. The order of the sitemap tabs, along with all other sitemap settings, can be controlled through the Block Inspector panel. Tabs are implemented via pure CSS and no JavaScript code is needed to render them. This means fewer mistakes and faster tab loading. The tabs only have a crisp, solid feel. Create a site map with multiple customization options and flexible settings. The plugin works well with the new WordPress block editor, which provides custom sitemap blocks.


    Sitemap Generator

    If you host your site on a dedicated server, you may not need this plug-in because the server needs enough resources to create a Sitemap. However, if you are hosting your website in a shared environment (as most WordPress users do), you may want to outsource your sitemap generation to an external service that this plugin uses to generate your sitemap. I recommend it. In this way, you can be assured that your website’s speed will not affect your visitors during sitemap generation.

    With the Site Map Generator service, you can create a site map with up to 500 URLs for free. If your website has more URLs, or if you want to integrate your image and video sitemaps, you can purchase a professional version to create a sitemap containing up to 50,000 URLs on the following websites: The WordPress plugin itself is free, but if there is no external service, it is almost useless. Sitemap Generator uses an external server run by the plugin to crawl the site and identify broken links. This means that there is some communication between the website and the server. The only data that your website conveys to external servers is the URL of your website and the fact that you are using WordPress.



    The sitemap plugin automatically generates an XML sitemap for your WordPress website to help search engines index your blog. Such sitemap files can help web crawlers more effectively extract the structure of the website. The plugin supports default WordPress pages and custom URLs. You can also add it to your Google Webmaster Tools account.

    Automatically create an XML sitemap for your website, allowing search engines to crawl and index your blog. With this plugin, you can add individual media sitemaps, set a maximum number of URLs, and connect to your Google Webmaster Tools account. It also supports alternative language pages using companion plugins.


    Premium SEO Pack

    It’s a comprehensive, premium SEO plugin for WordPress sites that provides sitemap functionality and many other useful features. This plugin is very effective in improving the overall SEO of your site. It provides insights to improve site load times and provide users with a better experience. You get the optimization features on the detailed page where axo is very important.

    The internal link building feature helps improve the overall link network of your site. There are also image optimization features that help you get more traffic through your images. As far as site maps are concerned, they are created automatically. It covers everything from regular posts to pages, images, and videos on your site, so you don’t need any additional sitemap plugins.


    Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

    This is another useful site map plugin for WordPress. It is a very fast and user-friendly plugin. This removes the limit on the number of URLs and automatically generates the link so you don’t have to do it manually.

    Sitemap indexes, as the name implies, are sitemaps that can be grouped together, with the possibility of bypassing the 50,000 URL limit and significantly reducing generation time (because each sitemap is required individually). Is built by its own module) etc. For search engines to see your sitemap, all you have to do is submit your sitemap index. You don’t have to submit each sitemap separately.



    WordPress Sitemap Plugins are arguably the most important element of your website, as a lot of traffic from search engines will be lost if search engines cannot easily find your content. That said, you need to make sure your site is easy to crawl and index. You also need to use the WordPress ping service to notify search engines about the latest content on your site.

    We hope this article will help you find the best WordPress Sitemap Plugins for your website.


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