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27 Best WordPress Newspaper Themes (2020)

    Who says traditional media is dead? As with other traditional techniques, WordPress Newspaper Themes have transcended and evolved beyond their humble origins. Some people think this is a bad thing. Moving to the Internet reduces the effectiveness and effectiveness of the media. But that is objectively wrong. By posting all kinds of publications online, you break down barriers and make what you and your team write easier for people to read. The mediator can be clipped and the content delivered directly to your followers. All the restrictions you can think of have been removed with the introduction of the Internet.

    When it comes to creating and curating a news site, the design is everything. Readers want direct access to the information they are looking for. They don’t want obscure navigation or a visually overwhelming interface to get in the way. Therefore, it is important to choose the right theme for your work. After all, there are many under-designed news themes. The specific features you look for when choosing a news theme to depend on the purpose of your site, but it’s a good idea to choose a theme that prioritizes readability and navigation. Also, readers want only the most relevant and up-to-date news content, so you need to make sure your theme is perfectly optimized for search engines. In addition, if you plan to monetize your site, you need to easily support advertising.

    However, this increase in exposure does not guarantee success. This is because if the content is uninteresting and unattractive, you risk losing your attention. At this point, the expression “each” applies. Depending on your personality and what your viewer wants to see, you need to create a general direction for your content to follow. Whether it’s objective news, political commentary, simple entertainment, or gossip, your work must be presented in a professional yet aesthetically pleasing way. It somehow adds to the overall value without drawing attention from the featured content.

    To help you make the right decision, we have put together a list of the 27 best WordPress news themes out there. let’s start!


    MagPlus is a WordPress theme dedicated to news and promotion. A professional musical instrument with an emphasis on media and sales. Enjoy documentation and automatic updates with over 40 demos. MagPlus is perfect for newspapers entering the 21st century. Online access to content, full cross-browser compatibility, and Retina-enabled images are this amazing deal. It also offers adaptability as one of the key perks.

    None of us want to compromise on quality when you are thinking of turning your hobby into your profession. Online blogging is currently one of the most hyped and easy careers. You may be wondering why you need to choose MagPlus over all other WordPress themes for your own use. Let’s start with some of the features we can mention:

    MagPlus comes with Google AMP for smooth running on your device and Google AdSense for promotion. It provides multilingual translations for easy participation by international readers. WooCommerce and the contact form will get your business done. Indeed, a powerful and customizable tool. MagPlus is aesthetic and attractive in multiple design trades. Unlimited colors, blog pages, and typography options are available. Powerful icons, portfolios, and widgets too! The shortcode spoils you and solves your daily challenges all at once.



    Newspaper is a WordPress theme for a versatile newspaper with everything you need to get a strong start on your online project. Knowing that newspapers are one of the most popular news-related themes on the market today, it’s easy to see that they offer a lot of goodies. From the load of off-the-shelf demos for newspapers, online magazines and blogs, to the myriad collections of layouts and components, newspapers won’t disappoint. What’s more, you don’t have to be an expert to work with newspapers.

    Even without coding and design skills, you can succeed in establishing a modern, responsive and high-profile newspaper website. Front-end editing, drag-and-drop functionality, fast loading page speeds, an intuitive interface, and newspaper themes are all you dream of. What’s more? The newspaper theme is also fully SEO compliant and comes with additional premium plugins that will work fine on any device or web browser. Telling an adventurous story, sharing compelling content, and creating a fresh news hub is an easy thing in a newspaper.


    The Voux

    If you’re looking for a versatile magazine WordPress theme, check out The Voux. With unlimited loading of news articles, readers can enjoy a streamlined experience. The URL of your browser is automatically updated based on the page you are viewing, making it easy to link articles. This theme incorporates a user-friendly header and a powerful megamenu. Administrators can use subcategories, tags, and categories as sources. View your content in a gorgeous full-screen gallery.

    This feature is a good introduction to clever posts. The Voux makes it easy for mobile users to access your website. The layout is also completely responsive and works well on tablets, laptops, smartphones, and desktop computers. You need to make sure that the page is unique, distinguishing it from your competitors. Thankfully, WP Bakery Page Builder allows you to style and personalize each element. A solid marketing plan always seeks to harness the immense potential of social networks. This product is a pioneer of ThemeForest when it comes to social sharing capabilities. Site administrators can use theme options to determine the network on which data is shared and the cache period allocated.



    SmartMag is a smart and responsive WordPress magazine multipurpose website theme. This allows webmasters to articulate eloquent magazines and blogs overnight. Create a compelling magazine from scratch or use an impressive demo website. You can import it with one click and customize it freely. Drag and drop page builder simplifies layout customization. No coding is required to get seamless results with SmartMag.

    Customize to your heart’s content. SmartMag offers a variety of features and widgets. The latest sophisticated features are just a few clicks away! From compelling slideshows and carousels to multi-page navigation to maximize advertising revenue, SmartMag is the latest solution for all your mass communication needs. Reach a wide range of viewers and leave an impression. Optimized for SEO, SmartMag boosts traffic overnight. The social media sharing framework allows you to quickly build your presence. Viruses content and increases traffic and revenue without skipping beats. Easy to set up and customize. You only need to worry about the delivery content. SmartMag provides a visual environment for presenting it to a large audience.



    PenNews is a powerful, sophisticated and responsive WordPress News & Magazine website theme. It has everything modern news websites need to make it bigger. With a wealth of premium plugins and sophisticated templates, PenNews means business. Intuitively, WP Bakery allows you to design your page layout without coding. With just a few clicks, you can customize everything like a pro with WP Customizer.

    Present your story in your own custom posting style. Easily integrate gorgeous galleries with great portfolios. Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles reduce server costs. Get trending news on social media using custom sharing counters and buttons. Monetize your traffic with unlimited ad space, in-feed ads, and more. PenNews allows magazines to compete with all celebrities and publications. Bring your news magazine to Major League Baseball with PenNews!



    NewStar is a highly flexible and adaptable WordPress newspaper theme for almost all types of news first pages. The NewStar offers 12 unique demos out of the box. You can use these demos as-is or improve them according to your project needs. In fact, you can even come up with custom layouts and create truly amazing personal things from New Star. It’s all possible and you don’t have to be a coder or designer to make it happen.

    The main functions of NewStar include one-click demo import, accelerated mobile page (AMP) and fast loading. With a variety of headers and footers, sticky menus, a wide range of neat and boxed blogs and portfolio layouts, and even child theme preparation, NewStar will delight you. All you need to do is download it and launch the most advanced newspaper pages out there.



    GoodLife is an example WordPress theme for news websites. We also promise to simplify the web development process. Readers of busy schedules will prefer to get the news on the move. Therefore, you need a page that works perfectly on your mobile screen. Thankfully, GoodLife is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. Rest assured that you know that compatibility errors have been eliminated. This theme is versatile and can be adapted to any niche. Regardless of your needs, Good Life has your back. In addition, there are several pre-designed theme demos that can be imported almost instantly.

    Articles are at the heart of your newspaper website. However, readers will appreciate the fact that they can incorporate gorgeous galleries and video pages. GoodLife also offers three main header styles and an unlimited number of sidebars. The page structure has been greatly simplified, allowing children to design websites that are popular with them. The WPBakery Page Builder plugin uses drag-and-drop technology to turn complex processes into a fun experience in other ways. Live theme previews are now available for users who prefer a more hands-on approach.



    Jannah is a WordPress theme for newspapers, magazines and news. It is flexible and supports a wide variety of formats. People want information and they want it quickly. Jannah has a fully responsive design for the latest mobile devices. It’s also AMP compatible, so your content is optimized for mobile. Jannah has a high performance with a page speed score of 98%. Jannah helps users navigate. You can jump to a specific point in long-form content. And if you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll love customizable mobile navigation. You can change the background to solid color, gradient, or image. You can also change it to set colors, social icons and search forms.

    In addition, Jannah is integrated with WooCommerce and has certain pre-defined spaces for advertising. Improve customer loyalty on the mailing list. Jannah is fully integrated with industry-standard tools. Includes MailChimp and Feedburner. And of course, with BuddyPress, you’re integrated into the social media community. You can also add notifications to the menu. The theme is powerful, fast, and friendly.



    Journo is a great WordPress newspaper theme with 9 amazing home samples and more internal page layouts. The creative and modern look makes it easy for anyone to get attention with just one finger. Note that if you use Journo as is, you can start the web almost instantly. Yes, you don’t have to do heavy work when working with Journo.

    In addition, Journo comes with unlimited headers, great social integration, beautiful posts, and a Revolution Slider. You can also extend the news page in the online store section. When it comes to flexible and versatile Journo, there are so many options and possibilities. It’s up to you to take action and make a difference now.



    You don’t have to keep looking for the best WordPress newspaper themes. You have found someone who can easily handle your ideas and desires. With TheGem, no matter how meticulous you are, you can create an impressive newspaper website without sweating a single drop.

    There are several ready-made samples at your disposal, all available and ready to start your project in a short amount of time. TheGem also comes with a handy drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to change the default settings accordingly. You can use TheGem, a versatile tool, to create a modern and creative newspaper website without having to touch a single line of code. Eliminate the hassle altogether and successfully launch a new online news project, niche or general.



    Newsmag is a great, sophisticated WordPress theme that makes it easy to create and publish articles and blog posts. This template is one of Themeforest’s most sought after news themes. Its strengths are flexibility, performance, elegant design, Retina-enabled layout, unique demos, integrated translations, and an intelligent advertising system, all of which require no coding skills. Newsmag excels in news, newspapers, magazines, publishing and review websites, with a unique and compact design suitable for any content. Narrow content areas have a big advantage when doubled by high performance. It also performs well on the Google Pagespeed Test and has a high score.

    In addition, Newsmag is optimized to work with WordPress SEO with the Yoast plugin. In Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, all parameters are now green. This means that SEO is the issue being addressed in the most serious way by the TagDiv team. Newsmag is compatible with Google AdSense and supports responsive and mobile-friendly advertising. Ads are automatically resized for each device. I added some AdSense code and Newsmag did the rest. I’ve tried several content improvement tools, such as custom-made galleries, smart lists, video playlists, and text-format configuration options, with great results.

    Plus, it has so many options, but it’s easy to use. If Newsmag provided WooCommerce with more features, I would have enjoyed it even more. In fact, this theme was created for a news website, and my personal wishes for the WooCommerce area may be a bit off topic. We are confident that one of the most popular authors on will bring further enhancements to this section in future updates.



    Portus is similar to a digital Swiss Army knife. This innovative WordPress theme has tools for every occasion and can be used in any niche market. Both personal and business websites can benefit from this amazing product. While scrolling, the reader will certainly notice a stunning parallax effect. This adds depth to the page and improves the user’s browser experience. Of course, Portus recognizes that in the age of social media, the potential of these huge networks cannot be ignored.

    The page header has been modified to always appear at the top. The developers have also implemented the IconizedCategory line with an unlimited number of color variations. Enhance your article typography thanks to over 660 Google Web fonts. Many of these options allow users to create an exact representation of their vision. On average, multilingual websites perform better than single language websites. Thankfully, Portus includes a WPML plugin that makes it easy to translate your website. The theme has an off-canvas mobile menu that disappears automatically when not in use.


    The Issue

    This issue is a highly adaptable and flexible WordPress newspaper theme that can be adopted for any online project. With 15 pre-defined demos out of the box and ready to use, you can quickly create the perfect website. You can easily create food, travel, music, lifestyle, personal and fashion news pages and more.

    Of course, the 15 samples are just the beginning. You can create many more different styles without touching one code string. This means that you are free to change and adjust the default settings for The Issue to make it your own. Other features of Issue include 9 article details, 10 titles, 2 giant menus, and a smart list of cool images. Start with a powerful web with the impressive The Issue.



    Soledad is an innovative WordPress theme that promises to improve all aspects of newspaper sites. It has many practical features and a design that will surely impress all readers. Soledad is fully responsive to all devices, web browsers, and operating systems. Therefore, tablets and smartphone users can be pleased. It is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market because it claims to offer quality and versatility. There are many customization options that allow you to create an exemplary newspaper website.

    There are 6 title variants and 7 slider variants, and 5 article layout. A great gallery hosts your gorgeous photos. This makes it easy to introduce clever content. There are a total of layout combinations and more than 100 sliders. Soledad does not require any prior programming knowledge, so even novice users can achieve this advanced customization. The theme is very accessible. A great WooCommerce plugin has also been added for those who want to sell their products. Also, note that Soledad has 6 personalized sidebars per page and post.



    Creativity and modernism are the two hallmarks that define Digiqole. This WordPress newspaper theme is everything a user needs to get started online with a new project. Seriously, the bunch of goodness is so vast that you don’t have to use anything other than the page layout and features that Digiqole brings to your table. Samples of various homepages are available and all set up to put them into practice.

    That said, you don’t have to do anything with Digiqole from the beginning. Editing and modification is completed with a simple drag-and-drop method. Digiqole’s design is 100% mobile compatible, blends with Retina screens, is cross-browser compatible, and is SEO compliant. The tool is also speed-optimized to ensure the best performance on all devices and platforms.



    Onfleek is an excellent responsive WordPress AMP magazine website theme. Through AMP technology, Onfleek guarantees maximum efficiency, minimal data usage, and top mobile search placement, as outlined in Google’s AMP technology. Premium WP Bakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution have been integrated into Onfleek to ease the layout and page editing process through drag-and-drop simplification. The shortcodes and features of key magazines (such as interface, hardware-based parallax visual effects and custom pagination styles) are easy to access and highly intuitive.

    With Onfleek, your social media presence is always dominated, and Retina-enabled, sharp custom icons and feeds maximize your exposure. Multiple AMP-enhanced gallery options are also available to present the latest trending celebrity news and gossip in a compelling yet highly readable, concrete and memorable presentation. Onfleek is the perfect platform for today’s creative celebrity fashion writers.



    Vinkmag is a powerful and flexible WordPress newspaper theme with plenty of predefined demos. In addition to dark and light modes, you can choose a niche design that smoothly meets your needs. In addition, you can use the Elementor Page Builder to step up and modify your Vinkmag.

    Perhaps you’re familiar with builders, so I won’t go into too much detail except that you don’t have to code to work with Vinkmag. What’s more? Vinkmag has a wealth of features and treats. From fully customizable widths, progress bar readings, editable headers and footers to post sliders, WooCommerce compatibility, and easy monetization, Vinkmag handles everything.



    Gillion specializes in magazines, publishing and writing. Let’s start with some demos that show different column arrangements. It also offers a great bookmark system and specific blogging features. In addition, Gillion uses WP Bakery Page Builder as its main page builder, which improves SEO. Unlimited colors, multiple post formats to post, and social icons are also available. There is also a top bar, 4 headers and a blog slider! In addition, Gillion comes with a large amount of documentation and a competent custom support team. Feel free to use it and enjoy the live customizer to see real-time changes.


    The Fox

    Fox is the theme of a clever and innovative WordPress website for commentary magazines. This is a very useful and versatile theme built by a team of creative designers and meticulous developers, allowing creators to get the latest online magazines in minutes without touching lines of code. The purpose is to provide a platform for summarizing. Every time you get professional and sophisticated results.

    That’s why developers have equipped The Fox with the highly flexible WordPress Live Customizer. This feature includes a total of over 100 configurable custom additions and options that can be upgraded to every corner of your online magazine. With this feature, you can easily meet your branding and corporate identity requirements. In addition, The Fox has useful widgets, live tags and various algorithms, or tools for social media such as Facebook Like Box and the latest Tweet feeds. Fox is everything you need to launch an online magazine.



    Disto is another great choice for WordPress newspaper themes and will work. Start things with any of the 10 samples and make a difference right away. The various designs allow you to start online with the right look for your newspaper or online magazine project. You can also fine-tune your customizations and fine-tune Disto to your liking.

    However, if you’re in a hurry, stick with the look and join now. The list of features is huge, processing all the necessities and then some. Disto supports AMP, Gutenberg block generator, mobile devices and modern web browsers. Lots of widgets, sliders, carousels, dark looks, RTL compatibility and social sharing features are all extraordinary Disto fun.



    Paperio is a versatile, minimalistic, versatile blog WordPress theme. Seven pre-built demos are available for a variety of purposes. The Paperio newspaper pays attention to the language and its meaning. It uses +600 Google Fonts and is fully translated. In addition, the developer has included both WPML and POT files. Paperio means untouched text, windows to information, stories told, and more. Speed and SEO are optimized to satisfy users.

    In addition, use the powerful MegaMenu to place pages, grids, and sliders to post. For layout designs, you get many elements to customize, such as skins, list pages, and headers. Paperio is compatible with Contact Form 7 and allows you to set up a personal login account with MailChimp. This is a Bootstrap-based creation using a high resolution format that supports Retina. Also, use the Google Fonts and Fonts Awesome icons for writing. Have fun playing with customized backgrounds and responsive layouts. You can discuss your questions with a very dedicated 5-star review support team. See such a powerful theme and enjoy the Paperio newspaper!



    Starting your own online magazine or newspaper website is easier than ever in modern times. We live With an easy-to-use WordPress newspaper theme like Saxon, you can get the website you need faster than you can imagine. Tools like Saxon are especially suitable if you are new to website development. One of Saxon’s main features is the fact that you need to have the opportunity to come online professionally, without knowing the code or designing skills.

    Financial, Cryptocurrency, Games, Travel, Fashion, Food Theme Demos, Named, Saxon lets you create different styles of newspaper pages out of the box. Adding a personal touch of creativity makes it easy to bring your project’s web presence to a whole new level.


    Buzz Stone

    For magazines and newspapers, Buzz Stone is an excellent tool to spread content quickly and break through the scope of business. Buzzstone is a WordPress newspaper theme with a web design for beginners that anyone can use without problems. Regardless of your technical background, you can create great newspaper pages to attract people for more compelling articles and other content.

    Of course, Buzz Stone is 100% mobile compatible, compatible with Retina screens and harmonizes with major web browsers. Ensuring that your website is ranked faster and treated with all organic juices is also friendly to Google and other search engines. Other features of Buzzstone are parallax effects, sticky menus, pre-made shortcodes, customizable Google Maps, and custom widgets. Friendly support and comprehensive documentation are also part of the deal that you will never feel lonely.



    Good News is a new and fresh niche blog theme that can also serve as a magazine theme. It provides a fluid and well-crafted layout design that efficiently displays written content with a small number of images. Good News is a multi-niche blog theme that also serves as a magazine theme. Ideally, the written content should be displayed in several images, such as a news website or a niche website. The theme is also compatible with Retina displays and can be smoothly resized on all types of devices to provide a comfortable viewing experience for visitors. The built-in admin panel allows you to change the theme color scheme, personalize the background image, and make the headers smarter.

    This is an easy-to-understand drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to instantly create impressive pages. The Slider Revolution plugin, on the other hand, allows you to create responsive slides with theme effects and animations. What’s more, this beautiful theme allows you to add 3D-like parallax backgrounds to every section of your magazine’s website. The GoodNews theme has a multi-level push menu from left to right and a large menu with news thumbnails and titles. They have fully integrated this theme with the WooCommerce plugin to help them grow their sales and sell their products without any problems. It also supports the BuddyPress plugin to make your website more interactive and encourage people to come back to your website.



    As online publications grow in popularity, WordPress themes like Goliath can be a solid ally for those who want to create quality content. It is very efficient and works well on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. With its diverse feature set, it can meet the needs of any website. It includes excellent summary tools, built-in scoring options and an enhanced review viewing system, so you can make the most of Goliath on the review page. In addition, the theme incorporates the innovative WP Bakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider.

    Both are known worldwide as some of the best plugins in WordPress.Goliath does not treat you like a child because it passes the reins to your own web page. In addition, the admin panel is very powerful but remains accessible and user-friendly. You can also change or fine-tune the details to your liking. You can also translate posts, pages, and menus to make your content available to more people. As your website grows in popularity, merchandising must be a top priority. In addition, the integration of the WooCommerce plugin allows users to set up their own online store. Finally, the active particle parallax background adds a new dimension to the page and captivates users with striking effects.



    There may be products that only change the entire game. If you try this theme, you can’t go back to a smaller theme because of the quality and great features that MightyMag offers. The list of features is too long to cover here, but whatever you need, this theme is more than easy to handle. In addition, the developers have included Woocommerce. It facilitates and facilitates online transactions. A reliable environment. Finally, they have optimized it for search engines, so people have no problem finding you online.



    Who says the news should be boring? With Multinews, you don’t have to. If you want to personalize it, this theme seems to want to help you. After all, your content isn’t meant to advertise itself. Creators have optimized performance in an attempt to increase advertising revenue without endangering or obscuring content. It can be used for a variety of purposes, but it’s also perfect for news websites, magazines, and even blogs.

    The WooCommerce plugin creates a secure environment for online transactions, so users don’t have to worry about anything. In addition, other plugins include Contact Form 7, Ad Rotate, bbPress and MailPoet Newsletter. Developers can also add retinal support to the list of achievements. Finally, you can easily view your content with high resolution, crisp icons, and animations.


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