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Top 10 WordPress FAQ Plugins 2021

    Are you on the lookout for the best WordPress FAQ plugins? You have come to the right spot.

    It is possible to make your customers happy by answering all their questions. But answering the same questions over and over can become overwhelming, tiring, time-consuming, and exhausting.

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    The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), section on your site is a smart and simple way to solve this problem. FAQs can be used to address customer concerns. This allows customers to quickly locate the information they seek without needing contact from you.

    WordPress FAQ plugins are a great way to create beautiful FAQs. This article will share the top FAQ plugins for WordPress. Let’s look at them!

    Why not add an FAQ section on your WordPress site?

    All of us expect quick service from our service providers. So do your website users, customers.

    However, it is not possible to address all your clients at once. Additionally, answering repetitive questions from clients can get tiresome. It is also a wasteful of time to be precise.

    But, you don’t have the option of not responding to customers. If you ignore questions, you could lose your clients.

    A FAQ page can help prevent this. Your users will find the answers they seek in a well-designed FAQ section.

    SEO can be improved: FAQs contain relevant keywords and address the search intents of the clients. This allows for better search engine indexing and higher rankings.

    Save time: Instead, spend your time on more important tasks and not waste it by answering the same questions every time.

    Establish trust: Provide clear, detailed FAQs on your site to help your clients get clarity about your products/services. This helps you win their trust.

    Increase Conversion Rate: FAQs are a great way to clear up any questions your customers have about your site and help build trust. Customers buy from you and will refer your products/services. This improves conversion rates.

    10 Best WordPress Site FAQs in 2021

    We’ve briefly explained the benefits of adding FAQ sections to your website. Let’s take a look at the best WordPress FAQ plugins. They allow you to quickly create amazing FAQ pages.

    1. Ultimate FAQ Best WordPress FAQ plugin – Cost: $30 or Free for 1 Site

    Ultimate FAQ, a responsive accordion WordPress WordPress plugin, is perfectly designed to adapt to any site and any device. It allows you to easily add questions or answers to your site via Gutenberg Block, shortcodes and a widget. It also features great features such FAQ statistics, view count, and more.

    The plugin lets you group your FAQs according to category. It will keep them organized. Your FAQs can be sorted by title, created and modified dates. You can also allow your clients to leave comments on individual frequently-asked questions.

    2. Arconix FAQ – Price: Free

    Arconix FAQ, with over 10,000 active installs and 4.7 stars ratings, is one the best WordPress FAQ plugins. This plugin makes it easy to create a stunning FAQ page that you can easily add to your site.

    Use the [faq] widget in your WordPress pages or posts to display frequently asked question. Also, animated, jQuery toggle, or accordion buttons can be used to hide or show FAQs. Additionally, the group taxonomy allows you to present FAQs individually or in groups.

    3. Accordion FAQ Best WordPress Question Plugin – Price: Free or $9 For 1 Site

    Accordion FAQ is a WordPress plugin that provides accordion FAQs. It is based on the bootstrap Framework. This plugin allows unlimited accordions with customizable layouts. It also lets you customize the colors with multiple options. It allows you to modify, delete, or arrange the accordion position directly from your backend.

    There are many FAQ features in the free version. The premium version has more features than the free version, including 8 FAQ design templates, Google Fonts content animation and preview option.

    4. Easy Accordion WordPress FAQ-Plugin – Free or $29/Year For 1 Site

    Easy Accordion WordPress accordion plugin is simple yet very powerful. It shares many features with Accordion FAQ like multiple accordions can be placed on one page. There are also unlimited color and styling options. Other than that, you can choose to have the border, description text, title and so on. for accordion.

    This plugin comes with one default theme that you can use to design your FAQs. Upgrade to the pro version if you desire more stunning themes with customizable options. The premium plugin offers many incredible features and is extremely flexible.

    5. Heroic FAQs WordPress FAQ Software – $149/Year – 1 Site

    Heroic FAQs is yet another comprehensive plugin that manages FAQs. It offers special features such pre-defined styles, video or picture addition, and multiple icon choices options. This makes it the best WordPress FAQ plugin.

    Heroic FAQs has a visual editor which allows you to create better questions and answers. There are tons of customization options that allow you to personalize your FAQs and match them with your brand. Other than that, powerful shortcodes allow you to add FAQs virtually anywhere on your site.

    6. Yoast Seo – Cost: Free, $71.20 for 1 Site

    The best WordPress SEO plugin, i.e. Yoast SEO now provides the FAQ block. This means that you can easily add the FAQ block on your page or post without needing additional plugins.

    Yoast SEO may not be the best tool for answering frequently-asked questions, but it will still help you if your site needs a quick FAQ section. The best thing about using this plugin? It automatically adds FAQ structured content to your site’s index, increasing its chances of ranking higher.

    7. Helpie FAQ Best WordPress Question Plugin – Cost: Free, or $38.99/Year to 1 Site

    Are you looking to find advanced FAQ plugins that work with WordPress? HelpieFAQ is your best choice for advanced WordPress FAQ plugins. With this plugin, you can easily add, edit, embed, and delete FAQs from any place on your site.

    It allows you display FAQs using page builders like Elementor and widgets for themes. You can filter and group FAQs with tags and categories. For rich results, you will get richer results from your FAQ page thanks to the automatic addition of a FAQ schema similar in Yoast SEO.

    8. WP Responsive FAQ With Category – Cost: Free or $119/Year

    WP Responsive Forum with Category is a WordPress plugin to create a FAQ page on your site using accordion. It includes an SEO-friendly URL as well as full customization via CSS or JS files. You can also use it to support page builders such Elementor Beaver Builder and SiteOrigin.

    This plugin allows for you to limit how many FAQs are displayed. You can select to include or remove certain FAQs as well as its category depending on the requirements of your site. You can also access premium features such as pre-defined designs or grid views of FAQs, custom colour options and more.

    9. Knowledge Base for Documentation, FAQs – Cost: no cost + premium add-ons

    Knowledge Base FAQ for Documentation and FAQ isn’t just the best WordPress FAQ plugin. This tool can also be used to create articles or documents. With stunning pre-built templates, it’s easy to create modern and professional-looking FAQs or documentation.

    It comes with a simple setup wizard and many customization options to set styles, colors, or layouts. It has a search tool with listed results that allows users to quickly find FAQs and relevant documents. This plugin, aside from its brilliant features is designed to provide the best possible SEO results.

    10. Tribulant FAQ- Price: $34 Per Site

    Tribulant FAQ Premium FAQ Plugin for WordPress. It also comes with an administration dashboard that allows you to easily manage all your questions. It features an intuitive sliding accordion feature that allows users to navigate through commonly asked questions.

    Your users can search the FAQs they are interested in and submit questions. Once the admin approves a particular question, then the user will see the answer displayed on their site.

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