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32 Best WordPress Booking Plugins – (Appointments & Reservation)

    Reservation and booking-based businesses are fully categorized with the free WordPress booking plugin. You can sign up for some of the world’s leading online websites for bookings and promotions, but in some cases it’s better to manage everything yourself.

    This gives you more control and allows you to go on a more personal level with those who are interested in the service. Needless to say, you can also capture client information and contacts.

    Today, WordPress booking and booking plugins have become an important part of many business websites because visitors can book bookings directly. In the past, companies such as hotels were general groups of companies that installed these plug-ins, but the functionality and practicality to attract more customers allowed them to expand their user base.

    The great advantage of offering to book on your website is that you avoid fees. There are no middlemen. Overall, it depends on what your long-term plan is for your business.However, you can sign up for the service and later move to a self-service platform for quicker recognition. The options are endless.

    Currently, booking and booking plugin users range from restaurants to digital marketing agencies. In fact, an online booking system is a great tool for prospects and customers to schedule meetings, book meetings, services or products, make inquiries and contact the business.

    You can make a profit by posting on the site. Therefore, if you want to implement a booking or booking plugin on your WordPress website and need some great options to choose from, check the list below.

    Hotel Booking Lite

    As the name implies, Hotel Booking Lite is a WordPress booking plugin for everyone involved in the lodging industry. A tool that simplifies the booking process and keeps your business organized as much as possible. No matter which theme you use, Hotel Booking Lite integrates seamlessly.

    This WP Hotel Booking Booking Plugin is not only a simple vacation rental listing but also powerful with all kinds of online and offline payments, automatic inventory management, tax and fee information, flexible pricing rates and custom policies. You can create a rental property reservation website.



    Amelia Lite is a free booking booking WordPress plugin that allows you to set up a full-featured automated booking system on your WordPress website and is a handy tool for small businesses and individuals who rely on a stable booking process.

    The plugin includes easy-to-use features that simplify the process of creating appointment booking forms, such as specific services, available hours, and support for multiple employees who can add vacations for each employee. Contains various built-in features of. In short, the plugin allows you to send emails and SMS notifications to remind clients and employees of your appointments.


    Advanced Booking Calendar

    It has a user-friendly reservation system, so it is ideal for increasing the occupancy rate. An easy way to manage your reservations and increase uptime. This booking system was made for modern hoteliers who want to get an online booking.

    Visitors can see responsiveness on both desktops and mobile devices. With the latest Google Mobile First update, responsive design is a must. You will receive an email with a link to approve or reject the reservation and an email with a confirmation and use a simple search function. Allows you to manage prices, room types, seasons, view calendars and other features. In addition, it has many great features for business owners, such as analytics, tracking, and integration with tools such as Google Analytics.


    Booking Calendar

    Booking calendars are flexible in function and can benefit any business that operates on a reservation basis. You mix it with the style of your site and make it appear to be part of it from the beginning. All users, mobiles, tablets and desktops are fully responsive to ensure availability and ensure smooth bookings.

    You can customize the design of your booking calendar to match your branding. In just 3 steps, the user will complete the booking and receive an email notification. From then on, you can approve or reject the booking with the user-friendly admin panel. We also have a complete overview of daily, weekly or monthly bookings. Download the reservation calendar. Start adjusting to fit your needs, for free.


    WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments

    Developed by PluginHive’s WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments, it’s a powerful plugin that can turn any time, product, or service into a bookable resource. With this WooCommerce booking plugin, all types of service providers and businesses can easily integrate their WooCommerce website and extend it into their booking solutions. About your desired product/service.

    In addition, the calendar has a reservation cost feature that allows you to set reservation costs to set different prices for each reservation or reservation. For example, the plug-in Dynamic Total Booking Cost client allows teams to charge appointments based on their expertise. The plugin also offers email notifications, Google Calendar sync, multilingual support, attachment options and is compatible with WPML.


    Booking Calendar Contact Form

    Booking Calendar Contact Form allows you to create a Reservation Form that includes a Reservation Calendar or a payment form connected to a PayPal payment button.

    Other features include season management, generic contact forms, anti-spam protection, printing options, configurable validation messages and email texts, pricing structure, and configurable calendars.



    Sagenda is a free WordPress booking plugin that can meet your needs. You can arrange online appointments for free or help customers solve problems. You are not limited to any number of bookings, and you can take care of as many customers as you need. Treat yourself to your rights and enjoy the free reservation system to keep your business as organized as possible.

    Once you have Sagenda installed and tuned to your needs, new and existing clients can start picking dates and times on a per-request basis. When you’re ready, you can pay with PayPal or use a credit card. All major credit cards are supported, giving customers as many purchasing options as possible.



    Bookly is one of the WordPress booking and booking plugins, and offers a lot of great features, coupled with an intuitive interface. This is the best option for users who do not want custom code. Offered in both free and paid plans, this latest plugin is fully customizable and mobile responsive, making it easy for users to book and book on the go.

    What’s more, this plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, giving you more payment options and Google Calendar so your customers can easily track their appointments. In particular, you can send both email and SMS confirmations and import and export clients via this plugin.


    WooCommerce Easy Booking

    This is a plugin that integrates with the eCommerce toolkit and adds the option to set start/end dates on the product’s page and allows visitors to book or rent them. This new function calculates a new price based on visitor input. You can set custom prices for products/services by day/week/month. Of course, WooCoomerce Easy Booking is responsive in design, so customers can comfortably book and rent from their mobile devices.


    WP Simple Booking Calendar

    Choose WP Simple Booking Calendar for a quick and easy solution to your rental apartment or room. This is one of the most basic plugins on the market. Still, it’s powerful enough to cover the essence. However, we will only discuss here the free options that you can test right away.

    WP Simple Booking Calendar can be used for basically any type of booking. With just a few clicks, visitors can check the availability of your B&B. This will save you time chatting with them and choosing the exact date you want to book. It is called “simple” for some reason.
    With the free version of WP Simple Booking Calendar, you can create one calendar to view availability. It also has a language translation option using PO files, which is essentially that.


    Book appointment online

    Booking If you are looking for an online booking system that allows you to easily create and manage online bookings on your WordPress site, booking online booking is worth a look. The plugin allows you to see all your services in one place. In addition, it comes with a number of premium features such as Google Maps integration, registration form, email notifications, and 10 different booking modes.

    Additionally, the plugin comes with built-in features that help prevent overbooking from customers by showing only available slots. You can also collect payments from your customers through WooCommerce payment gateways like Stripe, 2checkout, PayPal.



    Bookings is a powerful digital booking booking solution that allows you to provide online booking services on your website.

    According to the developers, it is perfectly suitable for many businesses, including gyms, consultants, medical centers, professional consultation and academic research papers, beauty salons, publishers selling hotels. Online booking.


    Pinpoint Booking System

    Keep your business organized with a collection of top free WordPress booking plugins. The Pinpoint Booking System makes it easy to book, rent, book and book. Not only will you enjoy editing, but you will be amazed at its simplicity. The one-page booking process ensures a high user experience on the site. You can also prevent customers from leaving the page prematurely without completing the booking process.

    The pinpoint booking system is ideal for both small and large business owners. The latter may soon use the pro version. The main function of PBS is WooCommerce integration, which is the final solution. It provides all the additional features supported by one of the largest e-commerce tools. For example, you can use a shopping cart or a wide range of payment methods.


    Bookme Pro

    Bookme Pro is a powerful, easy and convenient free booking and scheduling tool for service providers who have their customers in mind. Bookme Pro supports a wide range of services offered by businesses that offer bookings through websites and individuals (labs, clinics, spas, etc.).

    What’s more, it has a fully responsive front-end design that allows you to book on your mobile device or computer. For customization, the plugin allows you to show or hide booking form fields and add as many booking forms as you need. In addition, you can manage your reservations in either daily, weekly, or monthly formats, add client time zones, and configure schedules and vacations.


    Easy Appointments

    First of all, the plugin comes with a very intuitive user interface that makes it easy to create a booking form. Supports multiple services, staff members, and locations. Once you add this plugin to your website, it has a simple interface and all the important features like calendar and custom email notifications so you can easily manage your appointments and bookings. You can also customize your booking form by adding your own form fields to fit your website.


    Appointment Hour Booking

    Appointment Hour Booking is a free WordPress booking plugin that allows you to set a start time and a specific time period. Due to its visual composition, you don’t have to touch one string of code to edit and adjust your booking reservations according to your business needs. You can pre-set your working hours so you know immediately when your end users can make appointments.

    Appointment Hour Booking allows you to link your reservation form to various payment methods such as Paypal, Stripe, Skrill and more. There are also multiple add-ons to integrate with third-party platforms and set up additional features. Adding an appointment/booking system to your website every hour is as easy as an appointment hour booking.


    Appointment Booking Calendar

    Appointment Calendar plugin for accepting online reservations from a set of time slots available in the calendar. The booking form is linked to the PayPal payment process.

    You can use it to accept bookings for medical consultations, classrooms, events, transportation, and other activities that require you to select a specific time from a defined set. This allows you to define the maximum number of reservations that can be accepted in each timeslot.

    This free plugin offers better features than most free versions. Some of the great features that come with this plugin include email notifications, bookable timeslots, Google Drive export, the ability to print a booking list, and capture. You can also customize it. Availability also freezes the number of times a customer can book for a booking.


    vcita- Online Booking & Scheduling Calendar

    vCita is a renowned software company with great solutions and this plugin is no exception. It’s a functional self-service online scheduling system for group events, one-on-one appointments, and classes that quickly integrates and eliminates unnecessary interactions.

    Additionally, vcita is designed for service professionals and reservation-only businesses. With vcita, businesses of all sizes receive bookings and payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, managing clients, schedules and teams from one centralized dashboard. The plugin is highly customizable, with great options such as mobile notifications for customer requests and automatic reminders for customers


    Booking Package

    This free WordPress booking plugin creates an entire system that you can add to your existing pages to organize your entire booking. Also make sure your bookings and appointments are completely organized. Skip the old-fashioned approach and jump straight to managing your digital appointments.

    Booking packages unlock many options and features that make it easy for you to get the most out of it. In addition to the obvious, the booking package also comes with a short code that you can insert into any page or post. What’s more, you can accept unlimited bookings, quickly check your bookings from the management dashboard, send notifications and set different holiday schedules and prices


    Ultimate Appointment Booking

    Booking booking platform that allows customers to schedule bookings directly on their website using an easy-to-use calendar and booking form. Set up locations, services, and providers of those services so that your clients can start booking online today!

    The most useful features include PayPal integration, dynamically updated booking calendars, labeling and styling options, and personalized booking of additional information from customers.



    If you have a hotel, motel, hostel, or other accommodation and are short on online booking, try AweBooking. You can complete the setup process and take advantage of the booking process available on our website. On the part of the user, he or she will be impressed with how easy it is to use. Simply click and select the desired date and time and your booking request is ready.

    AweBooking includes room type and number, location, price control and availability management. We also process bookings on request and provide availability widgets. Place it anywhere on the page so your visitors can quickly see the free dates. Once the client completes the booking, you will be notified by email as the owner.


    Booking calendar

    In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to get your entire booking system organized and organized, and you can start winning new clients. Simple but great features are all in the booking calendar. Helps you create a clean and responsive calendar with all the options needed for a complete and fully functional booking calendar.

    Further optimization allows you to set required fields, add multiple options, and change currencies. You can play around with the colors and change the default text. The booking calendar has an easy-to-follow administration section that makes it easy to set up your company. Try to be as noisy as you like. The reservation calendar will definitely work.


    Booking Ultra Pro

    Booking Ultra Pro is a WordPress reservation scheduling plugin that allows customers to book service reservations directly from their website, providing customers with a seamless booking experience.

    There are pro versions available, but many are happy with free plugins as well. It has all the important characteristics, and then some. To complete the booking, the client goes through a simple 4-step process. He or she chooses the service and time, adds the details, and chooses the payment method. The final step is already a thank you page, which is fully customizable.


    WP Booking System

    With the free WordPress booking plugin, WP Booking System, you can do just that and take your business to new heights. No need to pick up sticky notes, phone calls, or read emails, WP Booking System does all the heavy lifting for you. Even if you’re not a technical expert, the WP Booking System is so easy to use that it’s perfect for you.

    Create a convenient calendar on your website that customers can use to check availability and complete bookings. You can also create custom forms and use the WP Booking System in different languages. The plugin is also compatible with Gutenberg and works with shortcodes or widgets.


    Booking Activities

    Booking Activities is a less niche WordPress plugin that specializes mainly in activities. There are great customization features to tailor your online booking form to all types of activities and activities we offer. Thanks to drag-and-drop technology, you don’t have to touch a single string of code to make tweaks or improvements. You can also copy and paste the shortcode to integrate it into your website or use your booking activity with your WooCommerce product.

    Great availability options, notifications, WooCommerce payments, fully translatable, fully fluid and responsive design are just a few of the specialties offered by Booking Activities. Booking activities allow enthusiasts to book activities via a website and fully automate the process.


    Webba Booking

    Webba Booking Lite is free WordPress booking plugins you can get. It saves you a lot of time and effort by taking over part of your business bookings and appointments. With that in mind, you can continue to refine your technology and market your business to reach new heights.

    Webba Booking Lite features over 80 customization options, over 70 pre-designed layouts, unlimited custom fields, and the ability to add unlimited services. The final layout is also mobile friendly and fits smoothly on all your devices. There are many features already in the free version, but Webba Booking Lite offers even more professional features in case you want to upgrade.


    Salon booking system

    The salon reservation system is ideal for all types of salons, including hairdresser salons, barbershops, beauty salons, spas and massage salons. You do not have to receive new bookings during working hours.
    All you need to do is to check later how busy you are next day and the following days and weeks. At the back end, administrators can quickly see upcoming sessions and never miss a business opportunity. Do you feel confused? Now is the time to enhance the game and focus on online bookings, rather than picking up calls or checking out a bunch of emails.

    Specially developed for one-on-one appointments, the Salon Booking System is a great feature your website should not miss. You can connect to your Google calendar and sync all your bookings. There are so many things you can do with this easy to use and free WordPress booking plugin.


    10to8 Online Appointment Booking

    This is a large online appointment scheduling software with many premium plans. You can also start with a free one. It is limited to 100 appointments each month. However, if your business is new or small, this may be sufficient. 10to8 automates the booking and scheduling process. If you have not already done so, you will need to upgrade it. In modern times, tools and software can do a lot for you and your business.

    To activate 10to8, create a free account that offers a 30-character code. Paste this code into a special tag that you can use on any page. You will get all the information in the documentation on how to get things done. Everything is ready and when it is ready, a considerable booking service will be displayed on the website. Second, the site’s booking system works, giving you the freedom to focus on growing your business.


    WP Hotel Booking

    WP Hotel Booking plugin is a great solution for creating and managing the perfect hotel website in WordPress. This WordPress rental plugin comes with all the tools you need to create room listings, manage rooms and implement online room booking through the most popular payment gateways.

    With the plug-in you can add unlimited rooms with the required description, photo gallery, amenities (amenity can not be classified), capacity for adults and children, additional services and more.


    VikBooking Hotel Booking

    The famous booking engine and online PMS hosting software is now available as a built-in WordPress plugin! If you are looking for a reliable booking engine for hotels, guesthouses, villas, apartments, hostels or similar accommodation, then the plugin is the right one. In fact, Vik Booking is a PCI-DSS compliant hotel booking system used by thousands of hotels every day.

    This is a booking plugin that WordPress users love mainly due to its flexibility. With it you can manage your bookings and adjust the booking details for each room or bed you rent. This WordPress rental plugin provides 8 different shortcodes to help show different views of the front end.



    As you can see, there are many plugins that you can use to automate bookings and booking processes on your website.These plugins are suitable for a wide range of businesses, including hotels, private medical practices, event venues, corporate training centers, exercise classes, and other companies that offer daily trading.

    Please share your views on this post in the comments below.

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