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why are my messages sending green to another iphone

    iPhones are well-known not only because of their high quality. However, they also have privacy features, like end-to-end encryption for texting and calls. Unfortunately, this can lead to numerous problems, like “why are my messages sending green to another iPhone? “.

    In most cases, it isn’t due to a defect in technology. Instead, it’s due to the inability of users to identify and utilize it correctly. It’s that easy!

    We’ll explore why we see the green message on iPhones and the best way to fix this issue to improve it.

    Why are my text messages green?

    A green text message on your iPhone doesn’t mean that your phone number has been blocked or that the message was not sent. It’s more likely it was transmitted as an ordinary SMS, not an iMessage that will show as blue.

    If the text you sent was sent via SMS, it could be that you were messaging someone who doesn’t possess an Apple device. For example, your iPhone may remain disconnected from the Internet, and the default iMessage settings on your iPhone could be disabled. Then, we’ll go over the differences between SMS and. messages and how to change your iMessages location back to active if it was previously disabled.

    How To Fix Messages Green When They Should Be Blue

    There are various ways blue iMessages are preferred over green messages from SMS. For example, the iMessage feature with iOS 15 allows sending location, Apple Memoji, better integration of the app that works with Shared With You, and more. The best part is that iMessages aren’t counted against your plan for texting (How to recover deleted call Logs from your iPhone). Check out these troubleshooting suggestions to figure out how to resolve iPhone messages that are green when they Should be Blue.

    Reset Network Settings:

    Green iMessages should be sent on Wifi/4G/5G or Wifi. If you notice that your iPhone is not functioning correctly with Wi-Fi, try resetting your network settings. To do so: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

    Restart Your iPhone Device:

    Restarting your iPhone will also assist in resolving the”Why Is It Green when I text another iPhone problem.

    You can enable iMessage on your iPhones:

    Verify that you’ve enabled the iMessage in your iPhone Settings > Messages > Turn On iMessages.

    Check Your Message Receiver’s Device:

    Because iMessage only works with Apple users. It’s always green when you write to Android users or when you’re online.

    Check to see if iMessage is enabled.

    If your iMessage service is not disabled or your friend cannot use it, You can request for them to turn it on. This is how to accomplish this.

    The home screen will appear; click on the Settings app to launch it.

    Select the option for Messages.

    On the Messages tab, select the iMessages option, then switch it on.

    It is necessary to follow this procedure when someone had created their iMessage account before and then turned it off or disabled it.


    Send an iMessage to any iPhone user who has turned on the option to iMessage. We recommend that you turn off the option to send as SMS’ on the iPhone.’ To disable it, follow the instructions below:

    Step 1: Go to the Settings section on your iPhone and select the option messages.

    Step 2: You will see the option to send via SMS’. Turn the switch to the left side and switch it off. Then you can exit the settings.

    Step 3: Launch the application ‘Message’ to send an iMessage and try again. If you’re having trouble sending an iMessage, it indicates that the recipient has removed the option to send iMessage or doesn’t have the iMessage feature due to switching to Android.

    When you are sending an iMessage, make sure that the recipient’s device is an iPhone as well. There are alternatives to an iPod and an iPad with the possibility of iMessage being enabled on the device.

    What makes iMessage different from regular SMS text messages?

    Both iMessages and SMS are both sent through the same application to send messages. However, there are some distinctions between them. IMessage can be sent via the Internet or a mobile network, similar to other instant messaging apps. In contrast, conventional messages (SMS) require an SMS messaging plan. As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, iMessages can only be shared via 2 iOS devices, while SMS can be transmitted between two devices. In this context, we can ponder some intriguing theories:

    If you’re an iOS user and wish to send an SMS to an organization with at least iOS users, these messages will be converted automatically to traditional SMS.

    It is impossible to communicate if you’re using the iMessage app and another person is using another messaging app.

    How can you tell who block your iMessage?

    If you previously chatted with someone via iMessage when the hue of the messages has been changed from Blue to Green, that indicates that they’ve blocked you.

    Does the green color on your iPhone indicate blocked?

    Blocking is not something that has anything to have anything to do with the color green or blue. Blue is a symbol for the iMessage app, i.e., messages delivered through Apple green, whereas blue denotes SMS messages.

    What can I do to get rid of my green text messages?

    Based on the reason the iMessages you receive are showing blue bubbles rather than green, there are a couple of options you could apply to correct the problem.

    Have you enabled the iMessage feature? If not, it indicates that you’re just chatting with your friends via the SMS/MMS application. Of course, the application will display messages in green and not blue.

    To fix this problem, you must turn on the iMessage feature on your device in the settings application. Then, follow the straightforward steps listed below to accomplish the task.

    In the beginning, you must access the settings on your device.

    Next, find then the “Messages” option and tap on it.

    Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to find the “iMessage” switch and toggle it to turn it off. This is it. You’ll be able to view your messages pop up as blue bubbles.

    As you’ve probably guessed, a win server can cause your iMessage to change to purple bubbles rather than blue. If you’re growing your cellular data, ensure you’re still using sufficient data. If not, you should consider buying additional data. Your messages will be sure to appear in blue.


    It’s okay to have your messages sent green. For instance, if you send text messages to a device that doesn’t belong to an Apple device, your texts need to be sent green to pass through. However, this can be an issue when the readers are sent via SMS since this could result in a charge.

    iMessages can be sent for free anytime you wish, but if iMessage isn’t working, you could send via SMS or MMS. When this occurs, the message will go through your cell provider’s network, and you’ll likely pay for the letters.

    The positive side is the fact that text messages can be affordable. On average, the initial 500,000 messages you send and receive will cost you $0.0075. So, as you can see, it’s very little to pay. However, it could be more costly depending on which mobile provider is.

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