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Who is the oldest horse to have won the Kentucky Derby?

    One of the things that make the Kentucky Derby interesting apart from the huge excitement on the race day is the rich history that brings us many interesting data. Through the years, we’ve seen many incredible horses that set the benchmark for running at the Kentucky Derby reaching incredible results.

    However, we are interested in the oldest living Derby winner that is an example of true success in the world of horse racing.

    Such a horse is Silver Charm, which in its racing days was known for its photo finishes. In his racing days, he managed to get a lot of success in many races including the Kentucky Derby which he won in 1997.

    So, how old is he now? Well, in today’s article we will find out more about the oldest horse ever that managed to win the Run for the Roses.

    Oldest Living Horse that Won the Kentucky Derby

    Not too long ago, Silver Charm was the third oldest horse that managed to win the Kentucky Derby, but things changed this year. The previously oldest living horses were Grindstone who won the 1996 Kentucky Derby and Go for Gin in 1994, but unfortunately, they’ve passed away.

    This made Silver Charm jump to the first place of being the oldest living horse ever to win the Run for the Roses.

    Michael Blowen is the person that founded Old Friends that owns Silver Charm, and he says that the best way to equate a horse’s age to human years is to multiply it by three and add eight.

    Using this method of calculating horse to human years, Silver Charm will be 92 years old.

    He is currently in great health despite his old age, and he might stay on the board as the oldest living Kentucky Derby winner for a long time.

    Silver Charm’s breeding wasn’t something special, but amongst his 24 starts in his professional racing career, he won 12 times, took second place seven times, and third two times. 

    He conquered the 1997 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, and he simply barely overlooked a Triple Crown inside 3-quarters of a period whilst he took the second victory at the Belmont Stakes. He was trained by means of the infamous Bob Baffert and owned by Robert and Beverly Lewis, who loved him so much they left him a accept as true with a fund of sorts.

    That money brought him back from Japan, where he went to stud, and the owners are paying $10,000 a year just to make sure this horse stays healthy and lives the long life that he deserves.

    During his racing career, he garnered nearly $7 million in race winnings, however now in his retirement, he’s extra worried about the 22-pounds of finely reduce carrots he gums each week together with his four remaining teeth which may be a problem.

    Michael Blowen, founding father of Old Friends Farm gets a morning kiss from 28-year-old Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Silver Charm. 

    The Life of Silver Charm Now

    Currently, Silver Charm doesn’t do a great deal of anything. He enjoys his retired days living on the farm, and he is the happiest he’s ever been, especially when he is around people that he recognizes. 

    The Kentucky Derby winner lived an amazing life and hopefully, he will live a lot more years just to enjoy the gifts of nature a bit more.

    Silver Charm is living like a true champion with plenty of good and professional people that care for him on a day-to-day basis.

    He has developed a trust for human beings on the farm, and he knows that every day they will let him lower back into his stall at 4 p.M. At night, the lighting from the close by dual carriageway irritates him, some, Blowen stated. So Silver Charm is an awful lot happier inside his stall at some stage in the evening.

    It is really great to see horses that actually raced professionally that is treated with all the respect they deserve.

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