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which statement describes an enterprise platform

An enterprise is a platform that connects a supplier to a user via a social networking interface. This allows the whole business to be completed. It’s a platform that combines a supplier and a customer through a social networking interface. This allows for an end-to-end company. It connects people, processes, and other technologies together. The goal can be reached according to its strategy. It’s a platform that allows people to share and connect with their friends and peers about social issues.

What is the Enterprise Platform?

Enterprise Platform refers to technologies and tools that can be used as a foundation for other applications, processes, or technologies. These solutions are used to perform cross-functional responsibilities. They often include combinations of capabilities delivered by several enterprise systems. The enterprise systems include various software applications that share common data and have different abilities.

Which statement about an enterprise platform is true?



What is the core purpose of an enterprise platform’s enterprise platform?

An enterprise platform’s core function is to help the organization achieve its goals and objectives through connecting people via social networking interfaces. This platform allows us to communicate with our friends and peers, and it also helps buyers and sellers share their issues and views.

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