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which processes lead to most genetic variation in sexually reproducing organisms?

Random fertilization crossing over, random fertilization, and distinct chromosomes mutated in meiosis cause genetic variation in sexually reproducing species.

Random fertilization refers to the method through which an unintentional sperm fertilizes an egg, resulting in creating a zygote.

Crossing over occurs when homologous chromosomes pair together. Crossing over is the transfer of information genetic between the non-sister homologous chromosomes’ chromatids.

What is the reason for sexual reproduction is so widespread?

In certain aspects, the asexual process, which produces offspring genetically identical to the parent, is a less complicated and more efficient method than sexual reproduction. If the parent is thriving in a particular environment and environment, shouldn’t offspring with identical genes be successful also? Furthermore, Asexual reproduction is only a requirement for one person, eliminating the need to find an appropriate partner and giving an individual organism to reproduce.

However, very only few multicellular organisms are sexually asexual. What is the reason, then, that reproduction of sexual nature is so widespread? The question has been heatedly debated, and there is some disagreement over the precise solution. In general, it is believed that sexual reproduction provides an evolutionary benefit – and consequently, it is standard across all living organisms because it boosts genetic variation and reshuffles genes to create new combinations. The mechanisms that cause genetic variation across all sexual life cycles include crossing over during meiosis and random mixing of homologous chromosomes and fertilization.


Sexual reproduction is a possibility to create a considerable gene variation among the offspring.
This variation is caused by cross-over and independent selection during meiosis and the random union of gametes during fertilization.

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