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which ad format is recommended for building awareness?

    In a more practical sense, the brand awareness campaign faces particular challenges compared to other advertising campaigns. Because you’re advertising your company’s image, not selling specific merchandise or service, the choices for ad formats may differ. It is also essential to ensure that you design an effective sales funnel with clear goals throughout the process, so you can evaluate the performance of your advertising campaigns for brand awareness, fill your retargeting funnel, and finally, realize the best return on your investment.

    When marketers and advertisers discuss PPC promotions, most discussions are about shifts, snaps, and generating profits. These aren’t the goals that every crusade takes attempts at. Sometimes, marketers make use of online publicizing systems because they want to create the impression of being mindful.

    In this article, we’ll look at different formats for ads that aid in building brand recognition and how to integrate them into your PPC campaigns.

    Why is Brand Awareness Important?

    With the advent of this Digital Age, customers have hundreds of choices to select from. All of these alternatives are trying to compete with your brand’s attention. Brand awareness is the ability to attract greater attention from the public than the competing brands.

    It’s all about familiarity and active memory, particularly when people are planning to purchase. There’s no reason to be the sole brand consumers consider. However, you can position your business with the first brand that comes to the mind of consumers.

    What’s the reason for Brand Recognition?

    In the current Digital Age, when customers have various choices, each competing with your brand to be noticed, how do you ensure you can differentiate your brand?

    Indeed, you’re not the only company that provides services to your customers. However, you could be the first name that pops up in their heads when they’re about to make a purchase decision. How? How? – Through a successful brand awareness.

    Selecting the Right Format for Ads for establishing brand awareness

    In the context of this article, the most challenging part of marketing on the internet is choosing which advertising style is best. If your goal for publicizing is to build brand awareness, you must consider the kind of promotions you put out.

    Image Ads

    You should make your ads visually appealing and captivating when gaining brand recognition. It’s all about getting attention and keeping your company and products in customers’ minds considering buying from you.

    Image ads can be the most effective advertising format for building brand recognition. They offer the visual appeal that text-based search ads and many other forms lack without costing a lot of cash. Additionally, they are available in various sizes and shapes, from banners to big images in squares.

    Video Ads

    Although video ads cost more, they’re significantly more enjoyable. In-stream video ads are beneficial since viewers have to view the entire ad, or at least a small portion of it, if not skippable, before watching their video. This leads to an increase in engagement and the brand’s visibility.

    But, there are a few negatives to video ads. First, the format is limited in the place and method of display. Most of the time, they are limited to YouTube videos, which limits the possibility of displaying your work to an adult audience since young people are likelier to watch YouTube videos than adults on YouTube.

    Rich Text Ads

    If you’re looking to find out what advertisement format is suitable to increase brand recognition without spending a lot, rich-text ads could be your answer.

    This format is based on the existing text-based ads and adds logos, images and other information gathered from your site.

    There’s no extra cost for enabling rich text ads, and you aren’t required to create graphics that you have created yourself. Google automatically collects and shows them to you.


    Brand awareness involves keeping your potential customers aware of your products and messages. Therefore, any advertisement is a good choice as they provide brand recognition. However, the most popular ad format is video and image, as they are more popular than other formats.

    Because video and image ad formats are appealing and remembered, they can aid your customers in recalling your products and services whenever they’re contemplating making a purchase.

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