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what score did the simpsons predict

    Over the past few years, screenshots from older episodes of “The Simpsons” have resurfaced on social media sites to show that the writers had an intelligent prediction of the future.

    There was President Trump. This Disney would purchase the Fox division. Fox. The spread of a pandemic and the killing of insects. It is believed that the U.S. would beat Sweden in curling.

    Three screengrabs of various episodes were shared in a single meme on Twitter:

    One image features Bengals cheerleaders
    Another photo shows Homer wearing “Go Bengals” on his chest.
    A third version shows “Bengals win Super Bowl” with the exact score: Cincinnati 34, Los Angeles 31
    A tweet from the NFL Memes Twitter account, released on Tuesday night, had 81,000 followers.

    FanDuel spokesperson Kevin Hennessy said Wednesday that several bettors had put their bets on Cincinnati’s score during the Super Bowl to end up at 34 and the Rams at 31, with a substantial amount of bettors combining between the two.

    Bengals 34, Rams 31, is currently FanDuel’s top-bet prediction for exact scores.

    “We have a variety of scores to choose from,” Hennessy declared. “This is one of them. However, there are many others. We initially didn’t know about this meme before we realized it was picked.”

    BetMGM’s biggest and most loved exact score. The book reduced the score from 125-1 to a low of 80-1 due to the activity, MGM trader Darren Darby stated to The Action Network.

    Correctly predicting the Super Bowl (Season 3 Episode 14: “Lisa the Greek”)

    The first airing of the show centered around football came just a few days before Super Bowl XXVI, where Lisa accurately predicted that it was the Washington Redskins would win. The following year, the crew decided to duplicate the names of the rival teams and were again right with their prediction for winning the Dallas Cowboys as victors. Redubbings continued with moderate success in the following several years, culminating with another accurate forecast regarding winning the San Francisco 49ers over the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX.

    Season 10, Episode 5

    In 1998 the Episode “When You Wish Upon a Star,” Homer came across Alec Baldwin (voiced by Baldwin) and Kim Basinger (expressed by Basinger) and decided to join them. Homer came up with the idea of a film during a phone call with 20th Century Fox executives. The following scene from the episode revealed how Walt Disney now owned 20th Century Fox.

    The episode is now one of the most infamous events that the Simpsons predicted. In March 2019, Walt Disney announced a $71 billion merger with 21st Century Fox. By 2021 Disney and Fox agreed on their streaming rights to the films Disney will have. This determined what films would be exclusive to Hulu/Disney+ or HBO Max and the deadline for the agreement.

    The Simpsons’ 1992 Super Bowl Prediction

    The three-year run of victory for The Simpsons’ Super Bowl predictions started on Jan 23, 1992, with the “Lisa the Greek, “Lisa the Greek” episode.

    In the show, the budding sports prophet Lisa and her father Homer are paired to play traditional sports betting. The bet is that if they win, the Washington Redskins will become the Super Bowl champions in Super Bowl XXVI; then, she’ll still be in love with Homer. If the game plays in the opposite direction, then she’ll not. There’s no pressure.

    Hairy scenario

    What transpired in The Simpsons: In the episode of 1992 “Homer at the Bat,” first baseman of the Yankees at the time, Don Mattingly — who was invited to join the all-star softball team at the nuclear plant squad — got sacked by the unforgiving Mr. Burns because of his sideburns.

    What transpired in real life Then, six months earlier, the murderous Yankees owner, George Steinbrenner, ordered the team manager not to play players who were not adhering to his strict cut-and-shaven policy, which meant that Mattingly was suspended for not cutting his hair. While the scene appeared to be mocking the real story of the baseball legend, Mattingly recorded his Simpsons part a month prior to the real-life incident of his benching.

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