What Kind Of Designer Are You? – Infographic

The artist behind all the designs that people see nowadays in every medium is talented individual and each bestows a unique personality or approach in making their works. You work in an advertising agency, art studio, website development company or even gaming company will meet your various talented designers in the world and you will see that there are several kinds.

If you’re interested in graphics or layout the Web designer position might interest you. While if you’re more interested in programming and scripting, then looking for a job as a Web developer or Web programmer might fit the bill.
Different client kind, and there are usually different people, just like – there are a few different kind of designers.

What Kind Of Designer Are You?


1: Designers of this kind have basic skills and they usually produce “okay” designs instead of daring to take risks. He also improved the delivery of a project and can produce high-quality results that will choose a fully qualified designer of the client, designers often avoid this kind.

2: Designers of this king are those who believe they know everything about everything. Because of their experience, they do and they can handle any situation that seems to have.

3: In addition to the project before submitting negative feedback from their customers’ imagination. Designers, lack of trust, they will do everything bad and people will not have to think about.

4: These Kind of designers design for the public. They within newspapers, books and magazines — circulated written documents.

5: The Visual Sellers must aid their clients in selling a product, service, and/or event. She printed out, and in digital form, are placed inside the house designed by the ads can vary in their craft.

6: Other than designing a clean design, Knowledge of the code dealing with web designers (and enjoyment) must have.

7: Designer confidence that he knows he is doing well and sometimes when deciding the courage to believe in your gut feeling.

8: A designer of this kind tend to surf the net for design inspiration or pegs, but he/she just end up copying (sometimes stealing ) designs that they’ve browsed through.

9: They do not have the skills they actually love to brag about. These designers have a design project easily and they can provide it at any time that the show can be.

10: This is the answer to everything, believing that it also spends a lot of time on small projects that designer.


What Kind Of Designer Are You? – Infographic


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