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What Does The Lock Mean On Snapchat

    Have you seen the purple lock in someone’s Story on Snapchat? Have you wondered what that lock icon means in Snapchat stories? If so, read this post to learn the meaning behind the purple lock-in Snapchat stories people refer to on Snapchat. Also, you’ll learn about the gray lock and why it’s featured in other stories! If you’re interested in continuing scrolling and then beginning reading!

    Snapchat is not a stranger to using symbols and emojis that quickly notify Snapchatters of something, and the padlock icon is just one of them.

    One icon that users will see when using Snapchat can be seen as a padlock located next to the word Story. In the wake of the epidemic, people are exploring various social media platforms to contact their loved ones. As a result, users scrutinize specific features and are often confronted with unfamiliar and new icons. This is especially common in the case of Snapchat due to its focus on images.

    The padlock icon means that the Snapchat Story is private and accessible to one person or a small group of friends. A private Story is different from Our Story, which is an assortment of Snaps posted by different Snapchatters and accessible on Snapchat’s Stories Snap Map. The other option can be My Story, which Snapchatters will likely have heard of as a way to tell the Story of their day. Apart from being only accessible to select users, Private Story also helps to give privacy to the Story. It’s especially useful when a story is intended to be shared among friends and not, for instance, colleagues who may belong to the same friend list.

    What does the lock mean on Snapchat?

    If you’ve also been wondering what the symbol for a lock on Snapchat is, Here are the details on the symbol and what it can do.

    The lock symbol on a Snapchat story signifies that the Story is private. The feature has been in the app for some time and lets users send stories to only the selected few.

    This feature lets users conceal their stories from people on their Snapchat list who don’t want to share their Story. This feature allowed many users to segregate their contacts list and decide who is allowed to view which stories. It is similar to Instagram’s Close friend’s feature.

    Although the lock may cause users to believe that the Story should be kept from their view, it’s the opposite. If you notice the lock symbol in the Snapchat story, this indicates that you’re one of the very few who is allowed to see that specific Story.

    Why is there an option to lock Snapchat? Snapchat Story?

    If you’re curious about why some stories from the stories of your friends have small locks in purple, there’s no reason to be alone. The locks are there because you’re part of the Story the friend created that they shared with you (among others, perhaps).

    The lock is simply a sign that the person has told you the details of their private life with you.

    The reasons to share your private Snapchat story Snapchat

    As previously mentioned, the private story feature gives the user greater control over the people who can view these videos and images. So private stories are the perfect way to control your audience or expand it according to your personal preference. Here are some reasons to look into this feature:

    • If you’re a brand and have a market segment to target.
    • If you’d like to share an image to close family members.
    • If you’d like to share a photo exclusive to a certain fan base.
    • If you want to reveal personal details about your private life with a specific group of individuals.

    You now have enough motivation to share your private Story; let’s examine how you can achieve this!

    How To Create A Private Story

    To create a Private Story, the Snapchatter will have to go to their profile and then select “+ Private Story.” A list of friends will appear, with the user required to select which friends with who they would like to share a Private Story before selecting “Create Story.” After adding at least one name in the Story, the Story will be displayed on the profile page. Additionally, the user will be given the option of adding more moments in your Private Story.

    In essence, those granted access to the Story will see a padlock icon and are the only ones to see the Story. On the other hand, those who aren’t added to Snapchatter’s Private Story list won’t know that the user created a Private Story. The Snapchatter can also make numerous Private Story streams for different friends. The most important limitation is that Snapchatters can only create Snapchatter can only make ten private stories.

    Is the Story you tell in the custom version identical to a private story?

    No. Custom stories were created with an exact purpose to ensure that others could contribute to the Story. Custom stories are like private stories in that only users can see posts made to the Story you have created. But, a private story does not allow other users to contribute to the Story and vice versa.

    What do you do to put a security lock in Snapchat? How do you lock your Snapchat story?

    To make it possible to lock the security of your Snapchat stories, will need to create a private account. After creating the group, you must post your snaps to the group. It will be referred to as private stories. Every private Story will have the purple lock that is around the icon.

    Do private stories on Snapchat help keep users updated?

    No. Snapchat does not notify users that they have created a private story in the process of creating it. Additionally, you can add these users to your private stories without worrying about notifications.

    What is the private Snapchat story function?

    A Private Snapchat story is exactly like the normal Story, and it is, however, limited to selected users that you have chosen.

    Do posting to a private account on Snapchat inform users?

    No. Private stories aren’t simple, and it functions exactly like a regular Snapchat story. If you share an intimate story, nobody will be informed, even those with a private past, and they can only see your story on Snapchat’s Stories section Snapchat.

    Does sharing a private story on Snapchat inform Snapchat users?

    The notification will not be given to users when you publish your private Story. Private stories are just like a normal story; it’s only available to certain friends you have on your list. This is the reason why neither your members of the group or outside of it are informed.

    What number of private Snapchat stories do you share on Snapchat?

    Snapchat lets you create up to three stories that you can share with your account. It is possible to bring these private stories back to the world simultaneously. Users who are general users of multiple groups can identify their personal stories by looking at the Story in the top left-hand corner.

    What is the reason some stories show the lock as grey?

    As you read in your Story, you may have seen a gray lock in addition to the purple lock. The grey lock indicates that you’ve read the Story before, and it’s similar to the color of the ring displayed around the icon for the Story. The Story’s new version is in a blue circle, but it changes to grey once you click on it. It’s just a color marking that lets you know you’ve read the Story.

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