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What Can We Expect From Virtual Reality Casinos?

    Online casinos are always looking to the next big thing, and as the Metaverse continues to grow, it seems only a matter of time before more and more casinos take the step into it, and what’s more, go full-on VR.

    A number of casinos have already delved into the world of virtual reality, and we can expect many more too all over the world, from the many online casino NL sites available to the huge volume of UK and US casinos that have established themselves over the years.

    But what exactly would a virtual reality casino look like, and how would it be different?

    A better replication of the real-life environment

    First and foremost you’ll get a much better replication of a real-life casino environment, placing you in the heart of a casino floor and at a table for the game you wish to play. It’ll allow you to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of what it’s really like to play on a Las Vegas casino floor or in the World Series of Poker.

    A good example of this is with what Formula 1 games are doing with VR at present, creating an almost like for like environment.

    You’ll be able to read body language more 

    When it comes to poker in particular, one of the biggest differences between playing online and playing in real-life is the inability to spot tells. While there are a few online tells that can be identified, having a VR headset, in which your movements are tracked, will allow you to observe the body gestures and movements of other players, essentially allowing you to spot tells and enjoy that part of the game too.

    Communicate with players

    Similarly, there will also be much better access to other players, allowing you to chat and communicate, whether that be actually at a table with a live dealer, or even in lobbies and at virtual bars when taking a break from the tables.

    It’ll be exactly like going to a real casino, except from the comfort of your own home.

    More online schools

    Because that level of communication is higher, it’ll also open up better opportunities to learn. Poker schools have long been in existence offline, while you’ll find plenty of guides online to play various games, but through VR experts will be able to run classes, whether as part of the online casino itself, or just while sat at the table. Although we’re sure that might be slightly frowned upon.

    It’s a great concept that is only going to aid in the accessibility of online casino games and take the industry to even bigger heights. Not that it really needs to!

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