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Vizio TV Turns On By Itself

    Vizio TV is one of the most advanced smart TVs available and comes with a variety of apps. It enhances your streaming experience for all sorts of entertainment requirements and more.

    The Vizio televisions are on themselves for a long time. This is a big issue for many people who aren’t happy with their TV turned on in the middle of the night to no one’s knowledge.

    Many people have reported their Vizio television switching on on its own. The TV will turn on randomly and at times, it starts with an empty screen. The problem may disappear or get more severe when you press the power button. hit.

    One issue you’ll have to contend with could be the fact that your Vizio TV can keep turning on and off by itself. This is not something you’d like to experience when asleep or out of the home. This is why you’ll be required to fix it well and the best ways you could accomplish to get it working include:

    Fixing the Problem

    You may be wondering why this is happening at all? There’s no reason to worry, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the Vizio TV is broken. It’s typically something minor which is causing this frustrating glitch.

    It’s not only Vizio Smart TVs that are afflicted by the issue. All of the problems and solutions apply to any other kind that has a smart television. Here’s a list of solutions you can test if the Vizio TV seems to have an independent mind.

    Check Connected Devices

    It is a frequent issue that is common to Vizio TV, but it shouldn’t be a problem, to begin with. There is a good chance it is that your Vizio TV is being activated due to a signal that could be sent via one of the devices connected to it.

    Many devices can handle the job for you. In the beginning, you must ensure that you’re looking at all input devices that could cause this issue.

    If you don’t want to shut down the devices or gaming consoles and are looking for an alternative that is more durable for this issue, it is feasible. It’s as easy as opening Vizio TV. Vizio TV and then click the Menu button on the remote. Once you have done that, click on Choosing System, then CEC, and then change off the CEC setting off. This will solve the issue for you, while your Vizio TV will not be functioning for any reason.

    Check the Cabling of the Smart TV

    In some instances, many people have discovered that the power cable and adapter were loose. Make sure that the power cable is properly connected to your smart TV and the wall outlet in a proper manner.

    To confirm, disconnect any power cables from your wall socket as well as the smart TV. Then, you can securely insert both ends of the cord into your wall socket as well as the smart TV, respectively. Turn up the television to see whether the error is gone.

    Disable HDMI-CEC Mode

    Certain Vizio TVs automatically turn on when they detect any kind of signal coming that comes from your remote. To determine if this is the reason behind the issue make sure that the HDMI-CEC is off, and try turning your TV to turn it back on.

    You might have noticed this odd thing that happens occasionally when your TV is turned into a whirlwind. The Vizio TV is always on your side So here’s what you’ll need to accomplish. In some devices, HDMI-CEC automatically switches the TV on.

    Disable Sleep Timer

    Smart TVs feature an alarm clock that automatically turns off the TV when you set a certain time. You can program an amount of time for the Sleep Timer that Vizio Smart TVs come with so that the TV is shut off on its own when you’re asleep or watching a different input. This is especially useful when you turn off the lights in your living area when you’re watching TV at night or when you’re not in the room and do not want to return and press a button shut it off.

    Check The Remote And Sensor

    Finally, if you’ve discovered the solution but remain stuck in the same situation It could be the remote that is causing you to experience this issue. The Remote could malfunction and is triggering an alarm for your TV to be turned on even though you’re not pressing any buttons.

    It is most likely to happen if the remote is subjected to high temperatures or extreme humidity, such as direct sunlight. A drop could result in your remote developing this problem, and you’ll be required to have it checked in addition.

    Why Does Vizio Tv Turn On By Itself

    If you find that your TV has begun to turn on itself It could be due to be related to the power saving mode which is designed to turn off the television and choose sources of input when the TV is not in use.

    The Vizio TV is randomly turning on and off by itself. The TV shuts itself off when watching a movie, turning the backlight off and on every few seconds. The TV can also turn off by itself in the evening and emits a sound of static.


    Thank you for taking the opportunity to take the time to review our post. If you’re looking for solutions to any other Vizio problems, be sure to check our website again! Although there is a myriad of possible reasons behind this problem, I’m hoping these suggestions work for you.

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