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Understanding the Cisco CCNP Security Certification

    All businesses who wish to leverage upon the company ROI will never miss to have a good workplace security in place which will not keep the collaboration and other tools secured but it adds up in reducing insurance, liabilities, compensations and many more. Every Individual, businesses and government sectors use the digital world and use of computers has become indispensible and so is the risk of viruses, network security, unauthorized users and several other threats pertain to data are in rise. To have a clean network to operate the tasks at all levels a good security mechanism has to be in place where the process requires tools, secured routers, firewalls, anti malware and other hardware and ensure cyber security. This entire task is managed by professionals who are well trained to handle networking tools and maintenance of the same. 

    Who are CCNP Security Experts

    These are the professional’s who can efficiently correct and establish secured networks across and enterprise and help companies maintain a clean and safe environment to work. The engineers overseeing all these security issues are generally CCNP security certified professionals which is a expert level certification when security of networks is concerned. The Cisco verified and tested professionals are trained to establish and secure network design and implement Cisco secure Access, edge network security, control security issues and establish secure mobility solutions for any organization. 

    How to apply for CCNP Security Certification

    Before you apply for this you will need to have cleared CCNA Security certification, or have a valid CCSP or other CCIE certification. Once you ensure that your prerequisites are met you will have to begin preparation and appear for the online exam conducted over a much secured environment. Preparing for this exam is completely online and based on the hands-on software’s you use to learn, after reading the training materials published by Cisco. You could also have a peek at this website called and others to straightaway get to preparing with the help of tutors and tutorials readily available at a little cost. After successfully reading through all the topics and understanding them you must attempt series of mock tests online designed around past exams. This would give you knowledge and confidence to attempt the CCNP Security Certification Exam.

    Advantages of CCNP Security Certification

    As a CCNP Security Certified expert you will be able to ok as a Cisco Network Security Engineer and be responsible for complete security of routers, switches, appliances and network devices used and will be responsible in choosing, implementing, supporting and troubleshooting VPNS, IDS/IPS and firewall solutions, making and ensuring a safe networking environment. Upon successfully completing this exam you will have the benefit of DoD 8570 recognition, as the United States Department of Defenses has certified the Cisco CCNA Security, CCNP Security and SCYBER as DoD 8570.01- M compliant, which is of great honor. 

    Recertification of CCNP Security Certification

    Like most of the Cisco Certification this certificate will also remain active for three years and you will have to apply and get recertified. This policy will keep you updated with all the latest trends and other security issues and solutions worked upon by the company based on their extensive and futuristic researches and conclusions respectively. Therefore, Cisco offers this method to ensure you can stay up to date and easily recertify by completing continuing education activities, followed by taking exam and often with a choice to combine the both. You will have to fulfill the recertification requirements prior to the expiry status, and must complete the entire examination process while your status is still active. 

    Other information which might help youOnce you have successfully completed your certification you will need to keep a track and monitor your certification status. There is a CCIE/CCDE tracker available on the Cisco website for the same. All the exams are conducted at three categories namely, associate, specialist and professional all certifications are valid for three years and the active status is subject to recertification attempts done on time. Each level has different credit earnings. It is also important to be aware that Cisco does not provide any kind of extensions, therefore, keeping a track and getting yourself recertified is totally your responsibility, Although, the company dos send reminders at 90, 60 and 30 days intervals. Take a peek at this website by the company to gain more insights.

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