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UFC – the biggest mixed martial arts sports brand with millions of fans worldwide

    Top 10 Unusual Facts About UFC

    Two decades ago, MMA was walking a fine line as they tried to get the sport off the ground. It was banned in many U.S. states, but after years of struggle, it finally overcame all the hatred and obstacles and became known as one of the fastest growing sports enterprises in the world.

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship, commonly known as the “UFC,” has come a long way since its inception in 1993. Now the UFC has become the most profitable mixed martial arts competition in the world and the biggest sports brand with a huge fan base. The UFC competes with boxing and has surpassed Wrestling not only in the number of television viewers, but also in its ability to generate huge profits for its fighters. 

    The Most Unusual Facts About the UFC

    After years of struggle, it finally overcame all the hatred and obstacles and became known as one of the fastest-growing sports enterprises in the world. It is now one of the biggest sports brands with a huge fan base.

    Today, the UFC is the largest and best mixed martial arts company in the world of martial arts. Of course, they have had their dark days, but there is no doubt that the Ultimate Fighting Championship is at the top of the MMA tree. Now since the UFC is now a global phenomenon and a smoothly oiled mechanism, you can familiarize yourself with some unusual factors:

    • Knocked out teeth. The fight between Teyla Tuli and Gerard Gordeau, where the latter brutally beat his opponent and kicked out his opponent’s three teeth. The startling truth was that two teeth were actually lodged in the Dutchman’s leg. Deciding that any tooth removal would leave Gordeau with an open wound that he could not fight, the doctors decided to bandage the former Savate World Heavyweight Champion’s leg with the teeth still stuck in place.
    • Today there are many rules and regulations in place for MMA companies and their fighters, everything was a little more free and easy back in the early days. In the UFC’s early days, there were three basic rules: no kicking in the nuts, no biting, and no eye-gouging. For the rest, everything was fair game. And just the same, there were no weight classes, no such things as rounds or time limits. In fact, it meant that fights would go on until someone was knocked out or given up.
    • The event was on the verge of cancellation. The first contest in 1993 was in danger of being completely canceled. The event was only a day away, the fighters were not explained what the rules were and how the tournament would be run. Moreover, the relevant contracts and documents were not even signed.
    • Crazy comments. The first UFC event featured karate legend Bill Wallace, five-time world kickboxing champion Katie Long and NFL Hall of Fame member Jim Brown. The problem was that all three were bloody awful, as they stumbled through the dialogues, sounded confused all the time and generally had little idea who the fighters were and what they were bringing to the table.
    • One glove. To meet Royce Gracie, Art Jimmerson came out with one glove.
    • A complicated situation in the Gracie family clan. The Gracie family’s place was on the highest pedestal of mixed martial arts at the time, and their family differences led to Rorion Gracie fearing for his life. But, all ended safely, and he presented the award to his younger brother, Royce, with a smile.
    • Shamrock’s crazy game schedule. Ken Shamrock’s excessive fatigue kept him from being a winner at UFC 1.
    • Lack of verification. The UFC did not conduct any special checks on said applicants, but simply took at face value what was in the applications they received. Therefore, Kevin Rosier was able to apply to compete in a slightly lower weight class than he actually was. But fortunately, he managed to beat Zane Frazier.
    • Crocodiles, barbed wire, and electric fencing. All of this may seem like a myth, but it’s actually a reality. In the original plans for UFC 1, fighters were surrounded by some of the most dangerous predators on the planet. The idea was that the moat created around the fighters would be filled with alligators. It was a very risky idea, and the option was an electric fence that had barbed wire on top. The final choice came down to the installation of an octagon, which was later deemed a more sensible approach for UFC 1.
    • Rixon Gracie wanted 1 million for the meet. At the time of UFC 1, Rixon Gracie was the real superstar of the legendary Gracie family. And that gave him the right to demand a huge sum for entering the ring, while the other players were getting no more than $20,000. So the organizers invited the younger Royce Gracie to represent the Gracie family. Royce continued his rise to MMA superstardom by winning UFC 1, but even his prize money for winning the entire tournament was only $50,000.

    The most reliable information about the Ultimate Fighting Championship can be found at . It is worth paying attention to the rating of fights by profitability: 

    QualificationsUFC eventParticipantsPPV Purchase PPV Revenue
    1229Khabib/McGregor2400000$120 million
    2202McGregor/Diaz 21600000$90 million
    3196McGregor/Diaz1317000$82 million
    4100Lesnar/Mira1300000$80 million

    Fans of such exciting and fascinating fighting will easily find much useful and interesting information concerning MMA at .

    The UFC has become popular because they have created stellar fighters and fierce rivalries. This has been reinforced by the ever-increasing level of athleticism in the sport, fights now require elite and versatile skills. But their success story is like no other, full of surprising and unusual twists and turns that can easily shock.

    But the truth is, as many would argue, MMA is one of the safest sports you can train or compete in. It is much safer than other combat sports such as boxing or Thai boxing. It is even safer than some other popular sports such as American soccer. There have been several deaths before a fight because of horrible weight loss. But the deaths never occurred inside the cage.

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