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Top 50 Marketing Agencies in Houston

    We have some good news for Houston business owners looking to hire marketing agencies specialists who will help them reach new customers, increase revenue and grow their brand exponentially.

    You are in the right place.

    Houston is filled with talented people, so finding a good marketing agency is not difficult. However, it can be hard to find the right agency for your business. We’ve put together a comprehensive list with the top Houston marketing agencies.

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    Houston has an agency that can help you with all aspects of SEO and content, as well as traditional marketing such graphic design and traditional marketing. Keep reading!

    1. 30 Degrees North

    SMARKETING is your Key to Success

    30 Degrees North, founded in 2005, focuses on three aspects: strategy marketing and sales. It also uses four Hubspot tools – CRM, Marketing Sales, Service and Sales – to develop plans that fuel any business’s success.

    Key services include Inbound & Outbound Sales, Marketing Strategy, Website Design and SEO, Reputation Building

    2. 9thWonder

    We are a creative marketing, media, ideas and strategic marketing agency.

    9thWonder – An independent marketing agency with the goal of providing CMOs with what they need.

    Key services: Brand Strategy and Research, Media. Creative & Content. PR. Website Design & Development. Consumer Engagement. Social Media.

    Clients: American Heart Association, Panasonic

    3. Adcetera

    Innovative, driven, obsessive — always

    Adcetera was started as a two woman organization back in 1982. Ever since, Adcetera has become a fully-realized agency, powered by thinkers, innovators, and dedicated to solving the impossible.

    Key services: Strategy & Innovation, Content & Design, Digital, Motion & Experience

    Clients: HP/Loomis

    4. Use your creativity

    Video Marketing That Drives Growth

    Adhere Creative has been ranked the fourth best inbound marketing agency around the globe. Their goal is to stay on the right track. The agency is a true partner in people and values integrity and ownership.

    Key services: Digital marketing, video production, web design

    Clients: CAT & Vein Doctors

    5. Adit

    A platform for practice growth that accelerates new patient acquisition

    Adit is an agency that offers services to the healthcare industry. Adit is highly innovative and driven by innovation. This agency has helped more than 25 million patients book appointments and generated over $25M in measurable revenue monthly.

    Key services: Website Design, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management

    Clients: Eyedeology & Brechon Dental.

    6. Adnorml

    Do great work!

    Adnorml is a group of strategic thinkers. They pride themselves on being more than digital and keeping up with the changing technological world. We also believe in thinking outside the box in order to find new ways to direct potential consumers to the right brands.

    Key services: Mobile App Development, Website Development, Presentation Design and Logo Design. Photography, Media Buying.

    Clients: Enphase & iTech

    7. adWhite

    How to get qualified leads to your site

    adWhite has been certified as a Platinum Hubspot Agency partner. They specialize in inbound marketing and create strategies to help brands of any size and niche reach their prospects, and turn them into loyal customers.

    Key services: Inbound Market, Website Design and Lead Generation, Sales Enablement. Search Engine Optimization. Graphic Design

    Clients: Employer Flexible, TGS and Bryson

    8. All Day Web

    We are a Houston Web Design & SEO agency

    All Day Web is an agency for B2B that specializes on web design, SEO and branding their clients as experts.

    Key services: Website Design and SEO, Local SEO. PPC, Social Media.

    Clients: CNC, Miller, SOFEC

    9. Authority Solutions(r).

    Authority Solutions(r), Increase your revenue

    The Authority Solutions(r), an agency that provides digital marketing solutions, is a recognized leader and has been recognized by Google, Clutch, Google, and others for their work.

    SEO, Web Design. PPC. Social Media Management. Reporting & Analytics.

    10. BERK Labs

    Increase your business

    BERK Labs is more than just a team that knows you want customers. They know how to get them. This agency is a pioneer in creating an economy of agile brands and can help any company that is building the future.

    Strategic Consultation. Marketing, Google AdWords. Design.

    Google, Samsung, American Red Cross: Clients

    11. Blue Sky Marketing

    Flawlessly implemented Marketing Strategy

    Blue Sky Marketing has been certified by Google and Hubspot. They are a team made up of marketing professionals who help businesses realize their goals.

    Key services: SEO & SEM Strategy & Web Development & Design. Creative Design. Social Media Strategy & Email Marketing.

    Clients: Viridian Signorelli JDC

    12. BrandExtract

    Inspire Belief

    BrandExtract can tell you exactly what they do. Their motto is that they use their expertise in branding and strategy to build trust in brands for their clients.

    Key services: Business strategy, branding

    Clients: ABS Group. Ascende. Marine Military Academy.

    13. BubbleUp

    An Award-Winning Digital Agency

    BubbleUp is an agency that provides full-service digital services. It has been helping well-known artists and companies to increase their digital presence for fifteen years. The hard work of the team has paid off. The company was named by Clutch, Inc 5000 and other digital agencies.

    Key services: Web Design & Development, Custom App Development, Marketing, Membership & Communities, Ecommerce, Ticketing, Streaming

    Clients: Aerosmith. Stars on Ice USA. Joss stone.

    14. EWR Digital

    The top of the rankings?

    EWR Digital believes that SEO is the driving force behind businesses. Established over 20-years ago, the company assists businesses in reimagining, creating, and implementing digital solutions.

    SEO, Web Design & Development. Company Identity. Paid Media.

    Elite MMA and BitWallet Clients

    15. Fair Marketing

    It’s simply amazing!

    Forbes and Inc 5000 awarded Fair Marketing a Gold Medal. Fair Marketing’s name stands to represent Formula, Automation and inbound leads, as well as Return on Investment, the four components that make up their holistic method for online success.

    SEO, Social Media Marketing and PPC. Design, Local SEO, Reputation Management and Non-Profit Marketing are some of the key services.

    Clients: Mercedes Benz The Woodlands & Texas Children’s Hospital

    16. Fountain Forward

    Guaranteed Profits = Business Experts + Creative Genius

    Fountain Forward’s team is driven by passion and expertise. They want to get people to do business regularly with their clients.

    Branding, SEO, Social Media Marketing Marketing, Advertising are some of the key services.

    Bayway and Katy Nissan clients. Ruffgers

    17. Furthermore Agency

    We are here for you online

    Furthermore Agency works with clients all over the globe. This agency was built for ambitious founders who are passionate about fully integrated marketing campaigns. Their strategy is to utilize one platform for all marketing tasks.

    SEO, Customer Management. Social Media. Business Listings. Digital Advertising. Web Design.

    Clients: Facebook. Netflix. CocaCola. Microsoft. Google.

    18. GBC Digital Marketing

    Helping you generate more revenue

    GBC Digital Marketing, an award-winning agency in marketing, is Google certified in Ads and Analytics. GBC Digital Marketing was established in 2004. Since then, it has helped hundreds businesses, some of which are Fortune 500.

    SEO Strategy, Local SEO. Web Design. Digital Marketing.

    American Heart Association Training Center Clients

    19. Go Creative Arts

    Ideas take flight

    Go Creative Arts offers full-service marketing to entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Their goal is to help them sustain their marketing efforts while allowing them focus on the core tasks of their business.

    Key services: Marketing Consulting, Branding & Messaging, Web Design, Content & Communications, Entrepreneur Advising, Automation

    Cross Border Planning. The Calyx Project. SHEafter.

    20. Hamer Marketing Group

    Marketing helps drive growth

    Hamer Marketing Group was started in 2019 and is run by two marketing experts.

    Marketing Operations, Marketing Automation, Growth Marketing and Fractional CMO are key services

    Clients: ConstructConnect Software, ShearShare Software and On Center Software

    21. Hippo Thoughts

    Protecting + nurturing brands

    Hippo Thinks focuses on story-centric PR agencies that help businesses make meaningful connections to stakeholders. They partner up with academics who offer them first-hand research to support their campaigns.

    Key services: Content Curation & PR

    Clients: VentureBeat, Fortune, Forbes, TechCrunch

    22. Insignia SEO & Web Design

    This is more than a local SEO agency. It is a national marketing agency.

    Insignia SEO a national agency for marketing is located in Houston. The company is a veteran of over 30 year and assists small- and medium-sized companies in growing and establishing credibility in the internet space.

    Web Design, SEO & Social Media, Google Adwords & Branding, Email Marketing are key services

    23. IT Vibes

    Attract & engage users

    IT Vibes specialises in brand management. They offer web solutions that can be customized for clients in different industries.

    Key services: Web Design, SEO, Marketing Automation, Sales Management, Web Development

    Creekstone Outdoor Living and Crisis Assistance Center serve clients

    24. JellyFlea Creative

    JellyFlea can design your website to be attractive, functional, and mobile friendly.

    The JellyFlea Creative was founded in 2016 and has been an award-winning web design company. We understand the importance of a website’s look and function on how a customer views a business.

    Website Design, Logo & Graphic Design. Email Hosting. Marketing. SEO. 360o Photo Tours. Managed WordPress updates.

    Crossroads. Monkey Madness. Mildred’s hands.

    25. Legnd

    Your digital marketing agency, one stop shop

    Legnd currently has six locations across the U.S. with one in Houston. The agency is all about teamwork. It offers a variety of services that can be tailored to any budget.

    Key services: Custom Web Design. Logo & Branding. SEO & PPC Management. Marketing & Strategy. Custom Development.

    Doris Metropolitan Roofing and Team Roofing have clients

    26. Lev Digital Strategy

    We are B2B Growth Hackers

    Lev Digital Strategy supports high-tech and B2B companies to increase their revenue using innovative growth hacking techniques and value proposition design projects.

    SEO, Social Media and Paid Advertising are some of the key services.

    Clients: Intel HSCB and Remax

    27. Lewis SEO Houston

    We deliver results

    Lewis SEO Houston is a top local SEO agency. This agency helps Houston-area businesses increase organic traffic. Lewis SEO Houston has won over 20 SEO awards in its 11 year history.

    Keyword Research, Local SEO and Off-Site Optimization, Rank Tracking, Social Media Marketing, Local Search Engine Optimization are the key services.

    28. LineLogic Digital Agency

    Your digital marketing agency, one stop shop

    LineLogic Digital Agency is Google and Bing certified. Their combined experience of more than 40 year is invaluable to businesses of all sizes.

    We offer key services such as web development, app development, fully-managed hosting, SEO, reputation management, press release

    Clients: Daisy Blue Naturals & NAB Professional Services

    29. Mansfield Marketing

    Mansfield does industrial marketing.

    The Mansfield Marketing supports industrial and B2B businesses in reaching their marketing goals. They have a specialization in creating campaigns to reach customers that don’t respond to traditional marketing strategies.

    The following services are key: Website Design & Development. Branding & Identity. SEO. Social Media. Copywriting.Graphic Design. Reputation Management.

    Clients: Harries Health System and Cubility

    30. Mantyweb

    Use technology to level your playing field

    Mantyweb, founded in 2009, serves businesses throughout the United States.

    Google Analytics, Website Development SEO and PPC Consulting are some of the most important services.

    Clients: AFGlobal. White Knight Productions. Yakkety Yak

    31. Meli Marketing

    Your full-service agency for marketing

    MARION offers two types of services. They are for clients who require a full-service, outsourced marketing agency. On the one hand, they can be used as a complement to in-house staffs.

    The following services are key: Branding & Design; Digital Marketing; Traditional Marketing

    Clients: Beetnik, Zodega, Momentum

    32. Meli Marketing

    Let your business explode

    Meli Marketing is an award-winning agency that has won six international prizes. The team uses creativity to increase their clients’ brand and digital exposure. They also aim to capture high quality customers.

    Branding, Influencer Marketing, Web Design and Local Search, Content Management, PR Campaigns, Remarketing, and Social Media are some of the key services.

    Clients: Serene Walx Boutique and ER Katy

    33. Neon Ambition

    Houston’s premier SEO & Content Marketing company

    Neon Ambition has been called “Houston’s most aspiring business owners’ choice in SEO” and they pride themselves in customizing each solution for each client rather than using standard packages.

    SEO, Content marketing, PPC and Conversion Optimization are key services

    34. On-Target

    We’re storytellers. You have a tale. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

    On-Target was created in 2001. A marketing and sales agency that specializes is using storytelling to help manufacturing, real estate, and other energy-related companies.

    Web Development, SEO. Social Media. Content. Content. Brand Strategy. Video Production. PPC.

    Clients: Ryko Development, Allura

    35 OWDT

    Gain competitive advantage

    OWDT specializes is web design and programming and has won many awards over its years, including Webby Honoree as well as the Creative Communication Award.

    Web Design and Market Research, Usability Testing and Auditing are the most important services.

    Clients: BP. Forbes. Smith

    36 Pop Video

    The video content solution that businesses need

    Pop Video, like its name implies, is focused on creating professional videos. It helps brands strategize, create and manage high quality content.

    Key services in video marketing

    Clients: Phillips66. Sky High. Lone Star College.

    37. Reap and Sow Marketing

    Do you want to thrive or just survive?

    Reap and Sow Marketing, with 20 years’ experience, 122 happy clients, and 23 award winners, is an agency that is “focused on strategy + fueled by determination + driven b data”.

    Services key: Websites, Branding and Local SEO.

    Clients: Shop Garden, iDfour

    38. Regex SEO

    Houston SEO company driving explosive business growth

    Regex SEO is an SEO agency that sticks to a strategy. It doesn’t follow any pre-made plans. Instead, Regex SEO tailors each campaign to each client and their goals.

    SEO, Social Media Marketing. Email Marketing. PPC & Adwords. Design. Branding.

    Clients: Portella, Eltec, BCP

    39. RevLocal

    Customers in Houston will choose you and find you online.

    RevLocal – A premier digital marketing agency, RevLocal creates tailored strategies for local Houston businesses as well as franchise networks in a variety industries.

    Key services: Local Search & Review Marketing, Paid Advertising, Social Media

    40 Satori Marketing

    Fearless creativity. Use deliberate strategy.

    Satori Marketing’s formula for success is simple: Quality creativity coupled with passionate customer service.

    Key services: Marketing and Design, Communications

    Clients: Harbor Bridge Project.

    41 SnapWeb Service

    Skyrocket Your Business

    SnapWeb Services offers full-service marketing services. SnapWeb Services was founded by business owners to benefit from a six-phase approach: discovery through strategy planning, production, execution as well as optimization.

    The following services are key: Branding, Printing & Development, Marketing &PR, Media

    Clients: Angleton ER. Eric’s Car Care. Montessori School.

    42 Stellatus Studios

    Your audience will be captivated by awe inspiring design

    Stellatus Studios is a digital agency that has been ranked by Clutch among the Top 15 SEO Companies in Houston.

    Web Design, Brand Strategy Marketing Research and Advanced SEO Analytics are key services

    43 Studio Brand Collective

    We believe in delivering results

    Studio Brand Collective is a creative, execution, and continuous optimization agency that serves professionals in the health and beauty, restaurant and professional services industries.

    Key services: Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing, Website Development, SEO, Brand Development (Design), SEO

    Clients: Jimmy Changas University of Houston Martin Preferred Foods

    44 Swyft

    Since 2011, Tech PR and Marketing experts have served startups and companies.

    Swyft PR Agency specializes in supporting B2B startups and SMBs with their growth.

    We offer key services such as PR, Web Design and Inbound Marketing. Marketing Automation. Trade Show PR. Content creation

    Clients: Pelco, Salesforce, ClearData

    45 TECHsan Media

    Recognized as the best Digital Marketing agency

    TECHsan has a mission to help brands make an online presence consistent with their brand. To that end, the Google partner agency is an award-winning provider of a variety of digital marketing and branding services.

    Key services: Local SEO, Graphic Design. Content Creation.

    46 Test Monki

    A creative branding lab

    Test Monki is an internationally acclaimed branding studio. It specializes in all things artistic (that will lead to more sales, naturally), including branding, web design and website development.

    Key services: Strategy and Brand Experience, Marketing, Digital & Interactive Content Development, Social Media & Events

    Clients: EverGrins and Tooth + Tusk.

    47 The Black Sheep Agency

    To shock, To be awe, To be the agency that inspires and makes a difference.

    The Black Sheep Agency’s marketing strategy is simple: They’re about making a difference, and working on projects that impact not just a brand’s performance but also the wider world.

    The following services are key: Brand Strategy, Social Media Marketing & Communications Design & Illustration Digital Advertising, Community Engagement Creative Campaigns, Messaging

    Clients: Michelle Obama’s Reach High, League of Women Voters of Houston. Downtown Houston4

    48 Thrive

    Get new leads and convert them to loyal customers

    Thrive is a full-service agency for digital marketing. Since 2005, it has served businesses of all sizes.

    Key services: SEO, Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Video Production, Content Writing, Reputation Management, Conversion Optimization, Amazon Marketing

    Clients: Stovall Construction. PARC Urology. Accurate leak and line

    49. TopSpot

    Digital strategies & experiences with purpose

    TopSpot is a Houston-based search marketing agency that has been in existence for 16+ years.

    SEO, PPC, Analytics, Design & Development, and other key services

    Clients: ProAir LLC. F&M Mafco. The Shade Shop.

    50 Versa Creative

    Everything begins with an idea

    Versa Creative prides itself on being versatile and this is evident in their services and projects. The agency won gold and platinum AVA awards in 2020 for its work in motion graphics and PPC campaign design.

    Key services: Strategy, Digital, PR, Creative, Web, Traditional

    Clients: Permann’s Cider Co. Treadwright Tires Tapioca Teahouse

    Choose the Right Marketing Agency Houston to Help You With Your Project

    It’s all about understanding your goals, your budget, and finding the best marketing team to match them. This Houston marketing agency list will help you make a decision.

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