Top 5 WordPress Game Plugins For Your Site

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Boost Your Site With 5 WordPress Game Plugins

The competition for business and influencer websites is greater than ever. Even four or five years ago, having a website as a small business was an achievement, as most of the competition had not taken such a step.

Now that everyone is online and active through their websites and social media accounts, standing out is a lot more challenging. Adding a fun element or wow factor to your website is one way to attract visitors and get them to stick around.

Whether you are hoping to add casual games or games with chance to your site, there are some great options available.

Below is a list of the top five WordPress game plugins that you can easily add to your website.

1. Word Search Puzzles

A great way to get people to spend more time on your site is by adding a fun game they can play, such as Word Search Puzzles. You can add a word search to any page on your website with this embedded plugin.

You can add specific words into the game that you want site visitors to find, and you can change them as often as you want. The level of difficulty of the game is also adjustable, which is great if you want to put in a clue that you want very few people to find.

You could even incorporate such a game into a giveaway or a raffle if you want to create more of an incentive for people to play on your website.

2. Dinosaur Game

Sometimes the simplest games are the ones that are the most fun. When you look at Dinosaur Game on any website, you probably will not find that it has a lot of depth or any complicated levels.

What you do get with this game is a lot of fun. A site visitor only has to use their keyboard to move the dinosaur up and down, depending on whether there is an obstacle in their way. Sometimes they can move down if there is something blocking their path, while most of the time they are jumping up to avoid cacti and other such obstacles.

The game is known for being very popular around the world, as it is so easy to pick up and quite addictive to play. If you want to try to achieve a high score, you can end up playing for hours. This is what you want to happen to people when they visit your site.

3. WHA Puzzle

Another WordPress plugin game that you can add to any page on your website, WHA Puzzle is definitely a crowd-pleaser. The game allows you to pick any image or graphic that you have loaded in your WordPress library, and then you can convert that graphic into a puzzle.

This process is so much fun, as you can add puzzles of random images to the pages on your site. Perhaps you can even use these puzzles as part of a campaign when you are revealing a new product, service, or discount on your site.

Sometimes the puzzles do not even need to correlate to your business. You may want to add a fun puzzle where the picture has some relation to current events or popular culture, as that will appeal to many people who visit your site.

4. WHA Crossword

Another game by the same developer as WHA Puzzle, WHA Crossword is another classic that you can incorporate into your website. A wonderful way to make a crossword is to include some of the words that you want to appear, and then ask the game to generate everything else.

You can even add in your choice with the different words, ensuring that you are controlling the crossword that site visitors will experience. People can have a lot of fun with this themed crossword, especially if you are creating a new one each day.

Crossword games are a sure-fire way to get people to come back to your website. They will start enjoying the experience of finishing your crosswords, and they will look forward to the next day when they can visit your site and try another crossword you have crafted.

5. Asteroids Widget

When you install the Asteroids Widget and place it onto a page on your site, the site visitor only has to click on that area and the entire page transforms into a game.

The game of Asteroids, which allows the player to fly around and destroy everything on the website, is hilariously addictive to play. 

Think of it as your site visitors having the chance to destroy the various sections that you have crafted on your site. You may find that silly at first, but the process is so much fun, and people will have a laugh with this game.

Adding this game to your site also has the effect of making you seem relaxed and able to poke fun at your own site. You do not view your site as so precious that an Asteroid game is not welcome, which will endear you to anyone who visits your site.

Make Your Website the Best Place to Visit

If you are hoping to get as many eyeballs on your website as possible, then creating and maintaining quality content is the number one goal. People want authentic, interesting, and informative content, whether it is articles, videos, or other media.

Another way to stand out among the competition and to keep more people on your website for longer is through games plugins. If you are using a platform such as WordPress to create and update your site, games plugins are effortless to install.

Our above list of the top five games plugins on WordPress should give you plenty of inspiration regarding the content you can add to your website.

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