Top 14 Accounting Software for Small Business

If you’re an owner of a business, you must begin using accounting software that can aid in tracking your accounts, provide you with an in-depth view of profitability and, of course help you prepare for tax time.

Small business owners gain of accounting software as it allows them to track the accounts receivable and payable and have a better knowledge of their financial performance and be ready for tax time. In the realm of accounting programs, a small company is one that is able to use standard software without the need for significant modifications. As businesses grow the accounting requirements of its business become more complicated and the use of a custom enterprise resource plan (ERP) program is typically required.

There are a variety of accounting software for small businesses, with various capacities and prices. In general, the company and the amount employed are just two elements which can help a smaller business owner choose the accounting software suitable. For instance freelancers don’t require the same features in accounting software as restaurant owners.

How Much Does Accounting Software for Small Business Cost?

Small-business accounting software is available from $0 or $150 every month. Basic plans fall in the $0-$40 per month and can be a good starting point. With a basic plan the small-sized business can categorize the expenses and income, issue invoices, and create financial reports. When a company grows it is possible to scale the software and plans is easily modified to meet the changing demands of the business. The more robust plans permit companies to keep track of inventory, create more custom financial reports, handle payroll and choose from a range of invoice options.


This tool is among the most popular and best software tools targeted at small-sized companies. In addition to the basic options for accounting, QuickBooks Online also delivers an array of other options and features. The software offers a great user interface, and a simple navigation on a dashboard. it is easy to customize the reports you require and also create new Cash flow webpages.

Additionally, QuickBooks Online supports hundreds of plugins, add-ons and integrations as well as integrations, plugins, and add-ons. Everything will function flawlessly. The software gives you the opportunity to try a free trial for 30 days and after that you are able to select from four plans that are paid that include: Simple Start plan (priced at $25 per month), Essentials plan (priced at $40/month) Plus plan (priced at $70/month) and the advanced plan (priced at $150 per month).


One of the best accounting softwares for free to look into at the beginning of your research will be Wave accounting program. With this program you’ll be able connect unlimited credit and bank card accounts to your book. Additionally, you can include unlimited expense tracking, income tracking, guest collaborators and more at no cost. In addition, you’ll have the ability invoicing and scanning receipts at no cost in addition.

Make sure you note however, that if you wish your customers who have been invoiced to be in a position to pay directly online via your invoices, then you’ll have to make a payment for that. Wave charges 2.9 percent + $0.30 per credit card transaction, and 1 percent (with minimum 1$) on each ACH payment. Additionally, you’ll need to pay for payroll using Wave. Based on the location you conduct business, you’ll have to pay the monthly fee for payroll of $35 or $20 in addition to $4 for each employee or contractor in your salary.


Xero is the best tool for small-scale businesses seeking a straightforward method to manage their accounting. The tool is able to run more than 50 reports at once, and include the statements of profit and loss as well as general ledger. In addition, you’ll be capable of customizing each report, view them in charts, or use filters if required.

After you’ve finished a report, you’ll be able to print it or export it in pdf, Excel, or Google Sheet. Xero is also accessible for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It provides three monthly subscription plans: early (priced at just $11/month) Growth (priced at $22 per month) and Established (priced at $39 per month).

If you’re in need of the option of full-service payroll, Gusto offers it, with a cost of $39.90 per month (plus the cost of $6 for each employee).


A different top accounting software that is free for small-sized companies to look into is ZipBooks. ZipBooks provides all the essential aspects of accounting software: reports and bank syncing, as well as billing expense management, invoicing, all in one account.

If you’re planning to provide online payment to customers who have been invoiced through ZipBooks You’ll have to make it happen through Square and PayPal. You’ll be charged the standard PayPal rate and rates of Square for these transactions.

ZipBooks provides a payroll option that can be added to Gusto. Gusto is priced at $39 per month and adds the cost of $6 per person per month. For a short period you can purchase the Core plan at an affordable price of $19 per month for the initial six months. Gusto also has a brand new option for contractors only employers that pay only the fee of $6 per employee without a base price.

Oracle’s NetSuite

NetSuite has a broad range of features that are primarily targeted at small-sized businesses who want an accurate picture of their operations. It’s focus is on automation, making the process of sending and receiving invoices as effortless as is possible. Additionally, you can effortlessly manage every aspect of your business using one single dashboard, and also send and receive payments in order to manage taxes, and many more.

This software automates processing the entire sales and charges in accordance with the local laws that you’re operating or selling in the case of international sales. NetSuite offers a variety of ERP tools that assist you in managing production, finances, as well as that of the supply chain. The price for NetSuite is contingent on the features you’d like to incorporate in your program.


It is also worth considering an accounting software that is free, known as Akaunting. This program comes with numerous of the essential features that an small-sized business accounting software must. In this system it is possible to invoice the accounts, sync them, track expenses, schedule regular bills, handle customersand vendors. However, in order to use more advanced features, like online payments, for instance it is necessary install third-party software which will cost you an annual fee in addition of any fees you’ll need to pay for the third-party account.

Short story is that establishing an Akaunting account will not cost any money, however when you use this application you’ll discover that the features you’d like to have available will depend on purchasing these apps from third parties.


Plooto is the most utilized payment platform, letting you manage efficiently all your approvals, payments, and reports from one central point. The software utilizes smart approval workflows to protect electronic transactions to reduce mistakes and speed up the payment process.

If you manage multiple accounts, you will need a user-friendly, speedy and clear tool. Additionally, Plooto stands out for offering a cost-effective and quick solution to automate all tasks related to accounts payable. FastThere’s an innovative payment option if you decide to make use of this program with a monthly fee of $25 for 10 domestic payments, and 50 cents for every subsequent domestic purchase. Every international transaction is $9.99 and each check payment is $1.99.


The accounting software free SlickPie is also worth a look for small-scale business finances. This free edition of this software is able to automate unlimited receipt entries, 10 distinct companies in one account, as well as email assistance. Additionally, it lets you create estimates and quotes which can be converted into professional invoices. SlickPie can also allow you to connect to your PayPal as well as Stripe accounts at no cost. This means that customers will be able pay their bill using credit cards or PayPal transactions online. In return, you’ll be charged the usual transaction costs for which PayPal and Stripe charge.

One thing that this no-cost accounting software appears to lack is reports. The SlickPie website doesn’t provide the built-in capabilities for reporting. If you’re looking to gain useful, high-level information out of your software for accounting then think about alternatives to SlickPie.


The most important accounting requirement for companies that provide services is invoicing. FreshBooks has more customizable options for invoices than different accounting programs. Its primary purpose is to send prints, receive, and pay invoices, however it also takes charge of a company’s basic bookkeeping requirements as well. The Accounting software can make it easy for businesses that are service-based to issue invoices and proposals to request deposits, pay retainers from clients, keep track of the duration of projects, and even receive payments.

In 2003, FreshBooks was founded within Toronto, FreshBooks started as an invoice software. As time passed it has seen more features added, and FreshBooks is now home to over 500 employees. There are four plans available which offer businesses 10% off for paying annual, rather than monthly. In addition, FreshBooks offers a 60 percent discount each month , for six months. The four plans offered are the Lite plan with a monthly cost of $6 and Plus with a monthly cost of $10 and Premium at the rate of $20 per month. Then there’s Select which is a service that can be customized with a custom price.


If you’re searching for an accounting program that is free on your desktop for small-scale businesses and you’re looking for a desktop accounting software, then GnuCash is a great choice. To get access to this accounting software all you need to do is visit the GnuCash website and download it for free. It’s as easy as that. While GnuCash can be used as an individual and small-business accounting program, it also offers specific features for small businesses, including tracker of vendor and customer as well as job costing and invoices.


The CloudBooks free edition CloudBooks accounting program, you’ll have the ability include unlimited number of users invoicing project creation, conduct an integrated tracking of time, monitor expenses, and give estimates. You’ll need to upgrade from the basic version and pay at least $10 per month to be able for more than 5 invoices each month, customize your invoices, and accept online payments for your invoices.

Sage 50cloud

With Sage it is possible to save time doing administrative work. Sage sends invoices, keeps track of expenditures and payments and calculates how much you’re due for tax-related obligations. Tools for collaboration and time-tracking aren’t something you can receive with Sage as payroll is a separate service.

Sage is suitable for small- and medium-sized companies. It’s on the expensive end of this list, yet it comes with an impressive range of features to justify the cost. If your company is older than the majority — and can afford to invest a little more on accounting software, then check out Sage50cloud.

Zoho Invoice

If you’re in search of the most efficient accounting software for free to streamline your invoicing workflow and processes, then Zoho Invoice is a great alternative. With the no-cost version of Zoho Invoice you’ll have the ability to bill customers and manage payments using the same account. Additionally, you can personalize and brand invoice templates, keep track of costs, and communicate with customers through a customer portal. Additionally that you can also run automated time trackers for you and your employees to bill for projects.

NCH Express Accounts

Another desktop accounting program to look into are NCH Express accounts. The no-cost version of this software is designed to meet the accounting requirements of small-sized businesses with less then five workers. With this accounting software free for small-sized companies, you’ll be able to create 20 vital financial reports, and analyse your revenues by team member, customer or product. It also lets you manage accounts payable and receivable quickly with this software. But, to access your book online, you’ll need buy the cloud edition of Express Accounts, which isn’t cost-free and currently costs $59.95.

How We Chose Accounting Software for Small Business

We examined 19 accounting software companies that have specific products specifically designed for small companies before settling on our top five choices of software. We looked at costs, scalability and ease of use, credibility, and accounting capabilities. Reputation was an important factor as the longer a company has been in existence the greater chance that any technical glitches are fixed this ensures that the company’s financial data will be accurately reported. Scalability was the second most important factor because when a business expands in size, its accounting needs increase also, and the process of moving financial information into the latest software could be difficult. In addition, the ease of use and collaboration between employees, business owners as well as accountants was a consideration since it’s crucial that all users are in a position to review and access the financials in the same way.


The option of working from home has been the only option in the epidemic, and is expected to gain popularity with many employers and workers across the globe.

The use of a powerful and efficient accounting software to stay on top of all activities and processes is essential especially for small and mid-sized companies. Accounting software providers have responded by automating the accounting process in more ways which is why if you’re still already using one but aren’t using it, you should start immediately!

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