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Top 13 Best Dropbox Alternatives

    Dropbox is the most widely used cloud storage service, with 500,000,000 registered users and 11.9 Million paying users. It is one of the most popular cloud storage services, with 500 million registered users, including 11.9 million paying users. But it is far from the best. These 13 Dropbox alternatives could be for you if Dropbox isn’t right for you.

    Dropbox is a fantastic data backup service. It is cloud-based so that you can access your files from anywhere. You only need an active internet connection to use it. Dropbox’s paid plans are not affordable for many people. For active users, the paid plan is the best option as it comes with very little backup space.

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    Dropbox is a cloud storage provider that makes it easy to save work and personal data, as well as to share files and collaborate. While Dropbox is great, I’m not going to lie. There are better Dropbox alternatives.

    Disadvantages Dropbox for Business

    Dropbox is a well-known, stable cloud storage tool. Dropbox may be the best cloud storage option for businesses in certain cases. But, it can also be a poor choice in other situations. This depends on which factors are most important.

    Space is the greatest challenge for those who use Dropbox’s Basic (free) edition. Dropbox Basic provides only 2GB of storage for free. The Dropbox Basic plan also limits the number of devices that can be synced to, and doesn’t offer full-text search or shared link controls.

    The downsides of Dropbox’s business plans, as critics have pointed to, are numerous. A standard Dropbox plan for business comes with a maximum storage limit of 2 terabytes. This is insufficient storage for many business users. (Although storage demands vary from user to user, the average MSP360 customer backs approximately 25 terabytes per year, which gives an indication of the data storage requirements of typical users.

    Alternatives to Dropbox

    Here’s a list of the best Dropbox alternatives, which offer better privacy and encryption for file storage and sharing in the cloud.

    The criteria for determining which Dropbox alternative is the best are the same ones we use to determine the best cloud storage provider in general. This means that the criteria include features, pricing, and ease of use as well as customer support.

    Sync Secure Dropbox alternative is a cloud storage service that aims to make it easier for people to store files in the cloud. It is based in Canada. It offers basic collaboration options and 5 GB of free storage. provides storage services for users of any number of companies. If you are running out of storage space online at Google or Samsung Clouds, you can still use as a private/individual level user. Sync is able to save valuable files, videos, photos and allows for offline preview. is a great service that offers privacy and security. It also has all the features you might expect. Upload files can be done by placing them in a dedicated sync folder, just like Dropbox. File sharing features include link expiration dates as well as granular permissions and download limits. – Alternative to Dropbox

    pCloud offers the most affordable cloud storage available. When you sign up, you get 10GB of storage for free. It offers 10 GB of storage free when you sign up. You can also add 5GB to your storage limit by referring a friend and installing the app.

    pCloud, like, is also high up on our list of best cloud storage. This is due to its cloud security as well as the many other features it offers. The integrated media player allows you to stream media files directly through your cloud storage. It’s also one of the best-designed cloud storage apps, surpassing Icedrive.

    PCLOUD, another alternative to Dropbox, is also available. You can upload files using the “Share” button on your smartphone to store them in the official Pcloud. Pcloud’s free plan includes a staggering 10 Gigs of storage space – i.e., more than Dropbox or When you sign up for an Account. Referring friends who sign up for an Account gives them an additional 5 Gb storage space.

    Icedrive offers excellent security and low prices.

    Icedrive was launched in 2019, and despite being relatively new to the market, it has already made a strong first impression.  Cloud storage Icedrive has great features, including file synchronization options. It also offers intuitive interface design and Fort Knox-like security.

    Although Icedrive is still relatively young on the cloud storage scene it has made a solid first impression. There are many things to love about Icedrive: its excellent file synchronization features, beautiful interface design, and solid security.

    Icedrive’s features include the ability to sync any existing folder from your computer via the “context” menu. The virtual drive can be used to clear some space on your computer. However, offline access will not be possible.

    Icedrive’s greatest features include its integration of physical hard drives and cloud storage. Cloud storage is a physical hard drive that can be used in the same way as a physical one, without any syncing or bandwidth usage.

    Mounting cloud+physical storage is very simple. It is easy to download the desktop software on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Once installed, you can access and manage your cloud storage as if it was a physical hard drive or USB stick.

    Google Drive Dropbox Alternative

    Cloud storage Google Drive is a free Dropbox alternative. Google provides this file storage and cloud sharing service for its 1.5 billion Gmail subscribers. If you have a Gmail account or Google Account, this cloud storage option is a good choice.

    Google Drive, the cloud storage service that Google offers as part of its suite of business apps (G Suite), is Google’s Google Drive.

    Google Drive is part of Google’s suite of apps and is a free cloud storage solution. It offers 15GB of free storage space, and you can back up all of your images at a lower quality free of charge. Google Drive is the best option for those who want to backup only their personal files and not work files.

    Google Drive pricing starts from $1.99 per 100 gigabytes for cloud storage. A free account can be set up with a storage limit of 15GB. One terabyte is $9.99 per month. Google Drive is not the best cloud storage plan because Dropbox, Box, or other cloud storage providers offer more storage for a lower price.

    Google Drive encrypts files stored in storage using AES 128bit encryption. It began doing so shortly after being connected to the PRISM project. Google has admitted that it scans your content. Its privacy policy states that it scans your content to provide personalized search results and targeted advertising. TLS protects files while in transit.

    Google Drive has a 15GB storage capacity, which is a lot more than PCloud. If you need to store small-sized documents and images in a secured remote cloud, this is plenty. You can convert your Google Drive account free to a paid account by paying $1.99. You get 100 gigs of data storage in exchange.

    Box was founded in 2005. It has been in operation longer than Dropbox (which was founded in 2007).

    Box’s pricing for business plans starts at $15 per user per year, which is slightly more than Dropbox’s $12.50. Box provides unlimited storage and is, therefore, more cost-effective if you have large amounts of data.

    Box has an admin console. This allows you to manage user permissions, file permissions, and security policies. For $25 per user per year, Box offers advanced features like the ability to require certain features to be on a device in order for Box to work.

    Box is a cloud storage solution for companies and teams. It provides a variety of features and tools to help you improve your workflow, and allow you to easily collaborate with your colleagues. It was designed to facilitate collaboration.

    Box is a data storage and retrieval tool that can be used to access data for teams or businesses. The box is worth looking into if your IT company relies on data storage. You can use it as a pool service to share files online and collaborate with other users.

    With 256-AES encryption, your files will be safe from competitors and prying eyes. You will need the Box KeySafe addon to unlock zero-knowledge encryption. Unfortunately, this functionality is not included in default. You can read our complete Box vs Dropbox comparison and our Box Review to learn more.

    OneDrive – a free Dropbox alternative & free Office 365

    OneDrive is Microsoft’s alternative for G Suite.  It offers access to the same cloud storage and hosted business apps at a price similar to G Suite. You can get unlimited OneDrive storage, Office Online, and other common business tools for $10 per month.

    Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a tool that allows sharing and offers a range of integrations and features. Take a look at our OneDrive for a business overview. Microsoft OneDrive offers a simple cloud storage solution. It comes with 5GB of storage space. OneDrive’s greatest feature is its ability to store 1TB and receive a free subscription to MS Office. This can be done for just $69.99 per person per year.

    Microsoft OneDrive allows you to store files on a cloud-based storage system. OneDrive comes with Windows 10 just as Gmail users can access Google Drive. OneDrive comes built-in with Windows 10, so if you are one of the 700,000,000 Windows 10 users, you don’t have to think about OneDrive as an extra service.

    OneDrive’s file-sharing capabilities are also solid. It comes with password protection and expiry dates. You can also share via email, link, or social networks. However, OneDrive does not offer zero-knowledge encryption. OneDrive encrypts all files using AES256-bit encryption and uses TLS protocol to protect against attacks during transfer.

    One Drive is ideal to store cloud data, especially sensitive images and documents. MS One Drive includes a default 5 Gb storage. For an additional $69.9, the plan can be upgraded for a 1 Tb storage space. This is quite a bit more space than Dropbox’s default storage space.

    iDrive Cloud Storage for Enterprises

    iDrive, a Dropbox alternative, offers users the ability to store company and personal data online. iDrive’s downtime is minimal, which speaks volumes about its reliability. iDrive offers dozens of cloud storage solutions that can be used by professionals, entrepreneurs, resellers, and businesses. Free plans include 5GB of storage space.

    The free plan offers 5 Gigs storage. You can also get 2TB storage space for $59.12 per year. It’s a lot more than Microsoft One Drive. You have full access to your data for one year. You will not be restricted from accessing your data after your paid plan expires. Only paid users are not allowed to upload additional files.

    IDrive creates a folder on the computer when you turn sync off. It works exactly like a standard sync directory. Although selective sync can be used, there is no way to sync more folders. IDrive has a major drawback: it is slow.

    You can invite others to share via the web client. You can set the level of permission for each share. However, you are unable to set a password and expiry date. However, you can see what you have shared with others as well as what others have shared with you.

    SpiderOak 21-day Free Trial, but No Free Pricing Plan

    SpiderOak provides cloud storage solutions for businesses.  Cloud storage SpiderOak One is a cloud backup service, but its service is geared towards businesses. SpiderOak’s apps have privacy and security built-in.

    SpiderOak One installs a “hive” sync folder, which functions like any other sync directory. You cannot use selective sync to choose files you want to sync. For more details, check out our SpiderOak One Backup guide. It will assist you in navigating the interface.

    SpiderOak’s 21-day free trial makes them one of the best Dropbox alternatives. For a monthly $6.00 fee, you can upgrade your storage space up to 150GB. SpiderOak makes cloud data management easy, fast, and reliable.

    Although you can share any file with a link, the link expires three days after it is created. It is not possible to specify a password. However, the “ShareRoom” feature allows you to share folders and protect shared files with a password. Please note that files in ShareRooms are not protected by private encryption.

    MEGA — The best Dropbox alternative

    MEGA, described as “the successor to MegaUpload… is a cloud storage, file hosting and file sharing service produced by Mega Limited” and is one the top apps in Backup & Sync.

    Cloud storage MEGA is an online service that focuses on privacy and security. Although it isn’t as professional or inexpensive as some of the paid entries, MEGA is still a viable alternative to Dropbox. This is due to its focus on privacy which Dropbox does not have. MEGA’s sync doesn’t look as professional as Dropbox’s but it can get the job done if there’s no problem with complexity. The flip side is that you can sync every folder, unlike Dropbox.

    Mega is Mega Limited’s online storage and file-hosting service. This cloud storage service is free and allows you to sync folders and files. By creating a link or emailing them, you can share files. Similar to Dropbox, a premium subscription is required for passwords and expiry dates. In this instance, the cheapest plan will be available. You can invite others to join you and there is a page that lists all of those shares.

    Amazon Drive

    Amazon Drive is an Amazon e-commerce platform that offers cloud storage.  Cloud storage Amazon Prints offers secure file backups, file sharing. It is a great cloud storage solution to store all your wonderful memories.

    Amazon Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud storage app from Amazon. This service allows for secure cloud storage and secure file sharing. It also supports photo printing and file backup.

    Amazon accounts are all you need for unlimited cloud storage. Access to your videos, photos, and files can be accessed on many devices including mobile phones and computers. There are many options available to satisfy your storage needs, including plans that range from 100 GB up to 30TB.


    Backblaze, cloud storage and computer backup company located in San Mateo California is a leader.  Cloud storage Backblaze is one of the top Dropbox alternatives. They have millions of gigabytes in backed-up data. You can backup unlimited files with Backblaze even if you are on a free trial.

    Backblaze, just like other online backup services, automatically backs up existing data when it changes. It also adds new data to the location you choose to back up.

    Backblaze keeps all of your important data backed up without you having to do anything other than the initial setup. Backblaze is more affordable than other online backup services for people with one computer.  Cloud storage Backblaze is $60 per annum and offers unlimited cloud backup storage. For $110 per year, you can also subscribe to the service. Backblaze does offer a temporary free account level, similar to IDrive’s five GB account. However, you can try the service for 15 days.

    Backblaze is extremely simple to set up. It was easy for me to get up and running in no matter how long it took. The backup process is automatic and doesn’t require you to select files separately. Your backup tool Backblaze works quietly in the background to quickly upload your data to cloud storage.

    Tresorit – a privacy and security alternative to Dropbox

    Tresorit, a cloud storage company that offers enhanced security and encryption for your data, is one of the most trusted. It is located in Switzerland and Hungary. The company offers plans both for individuals and companies. Tresorit is an online cloud storage service that is based in Switzerland. They do an outstanding job in document and image storage. Tresorit, like other Dropbox alternatives, comes with a default 5Gb storage space for users.

    However, Tresorit’s cloud storage is a great option for business security. Tresorit’s unique storage system is one of the best. However, you don’t have to pay a lot to learn it. Tresorit claims their service is “ultra-secure” and allows you to upload files online. They target businesses and teams. This service is used worldwide by SAP, Canon, Emirates, and other major brands.

    You can also choose from Premium or Solo individual plans. These cost between $10.42 and $24 per calendar month. Tresorit is a great option if you want to store photos and videos as well as other documents. Their data retrieve speed is faster than any other cloud data host service provider. Premium has 500GB of storage and can store files up to 5GB in size. Solo offers 2.5TB of storage with a maximum file size of 10GB.


    Editors’ Choice choice Egnyte Business was chosen because it is flexible and can scale with business needs. Its central file storage model is the most secure, loss-free cloud storage option. Egnyte Business is $8 per month per 5-25 employees in its Office Tier, which includes 5 Terabytes of online storage and 10Gigabytes maximum file size. Standard support is also included.

    Egnyte offers the only unified cloud content governance platform to facilitate collaboration, data safety, compliance, and threat detection in multi-cloud enterprises. Egnyte, which is unified across devices and apps and powered with a combination of machine-generated and human metadata, allows more than 17,000 companies to get 360-degree insights into content. This enables them to make smarter business decisions and respond quickly to any risks or opportunities.


    You have many options if you are looking for Dropbox alternatives for businesses that are less expensive. The best plan and storage for your business depends on what storage you need, how many devices you have, how much control you desire over data storage and the level of security you require.

    For some cases, trailing services may be an alternative. For instance, iCloud works well for Apple users. OneDrive works with Office 365, and Google Drive works great for Google Docs collaboration. IDrive and SpiderOak One Backup are great options for anyone looking for a combined solution.

    Google Drive is the best choice if you need some space to store your personal files. It offers free 15GB storage and allows you to back up files of lower quality without adding to your storage quota.

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