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Top 10 medical device companies in world

    We are a competent medical manufacturing company of injection molding machines for medical equipment. We also have many clients from the medical sector. They specialise in manufacturing many different types of medical devices, medical equipment accessories, and various medical equipment and supplies. We gathered and classified certain relevant information about the most prominent 100 healthcare equipment and device firms across the globe (the important information can be found in the final section of this post). Then, we analyzed and put together our list of the best medical device firms worldwide.

    In this post, we review the top 100 medical device firms worldwide by their revenue total, their market capitalization of the stock exchange, research and investment costs, and the number of employees. This outcome in choosing the most prestigious 10 companies in the field of medical devices worldwide.

    Market capitalization can be described as a measurement of the business’s stock options. The classification of companies is usually by market capitalization, as the following:

    Major Medical Supply Suppliers Companies that supply medical supplies with market capitalizations over $250 billion

    Johnson & Johnson MedTech

    Johnson & Johnson will have an increased focus on medical technology and pharmaceuticals now that it’s spin-off its consumer division into a publicly traded firm known as Kenvue.

    In December was when J&J raised the image that J&J MedTech was inside the company with the $16.6 billion purchase of Abiomed and its Impella heart pump range to treat coronary artery disease and heart failure failure.

    In the meantime, EVP and MedTech worldwide chair Ashley McEvoy joined the ranks of the highest-paid executives at J&J and was appointed for two years as the chairperson of the trade association AdvaMed.

    Abbott – $144bn

    The medical device and healthcare industry major Abbott is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and was founded initially as a pharmaceutical company over 130 years ago.

    It is now making many cardiovascular equipment – such as pacemakers, stents, and stents, new heart valves, catheters, and monitoring devices – in addition to various technologies used for diagnostics and diabetes treatment.

    Abbott was also among the first multinational companies to obtain an emergency usage authorization (EUA) issued by the US FDA for the COVID-19 diagnostic in March of this year. The molecular RT-PCR test received approval on March 18.

    Abbott’s revenue total was recently $30bn. The company currently employs 103,000 employees and is in more than 160 countries.


    Medtronic plc tops the list of the best medical device firms 2022, boasting $30.12B in annual revenue. Medtronic is a multinational medical device manufacturer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its main market is the United States; however, Medtronic has operations across the globe. Medtronic is currently operating across 140 countries, employing more than 104,950 employees.

    Medtronic specializes in the manufacture and marketing of devices that are used in areas such as heart rhythm disorders, spine as well as biologics, cardiovascular diabetic neuromodulation as well as surgical technology (including nasal, ear, and throat (ENT) disorders, and spinal, cranial, and neurologic diseases. ).


    Seaskymedical is among the leading manufacturers of medical equipment in China. With an experience of 13 years, Seasky guarantees skillful assistance when it comes to the development of products, designing and making molds materials selection, as well as manufacturing injection molding. Additionally, they can manufacture microplastic medical items at a reasonable price, benefiting from modern injection molding machines.

    Siemens Healthineers

    Siemens Healthineers management has pared some business units to maintain growing revenue in today’s market conditions.

    The German biotech company has scaled back its plans for robotic surgery, notifying in May of its planning to end usage for Corindus. Corindus surgical robotics to perform heart surgery procedures. Siemens Healthineers spent $2.1 billion for Corindus in 2023.

    AbbVie US$58.05 (+3%)

    With over 50,000 workers spread over 70 nations, innovative AbbVie comes in second. AbbVie was founded in 2013 when it separated from Abbott and can direct its R&D initiatives towards tackling difficult-to-cure illnesses. Seven years later, in 2023, AbbVie acquired Allergan, which ha, which ted AbbVie’s standing in several therapies, including immunology Neurosci, science, and oncology.

    For 2024, sales totaled US$58.05 which is which is a boost of 3%, mostly caused by the firm’s Immunology and Neuroscience portfolios. Humira, the rheumatoid-arthritis blockbuster, generated $21.24 billion in the last fiscal year, a 3 percent rise over 2021. However, they have yet seento see the full effects; AbbVie lost market exclusivity for the US for Humira. This is its top product and the most popular non-covid drug in biopharma history. This implies that AbbVie will have to find new avenues to generate revenue, and the company is hopeful that it can make the immunology duo Skyrizi and Rinvoq their next top performers.

    Jabil Healthcare

    Jabil, a leading global manufacturing firm with over 50 years of expertise, concentrates on client solutions and serves hundreds of top brands across the globe, serving various industries that include packaging, healthcare devices, smartphones, cloud-based equipment, automobiles, and household appliances. The company’s global footprint spans 100 places in over 30 countries and has more than 200k people worldwide. This establishes Jabil as the world’s largest supplier of healthcare services. Manufacturing is, of course, at the heart of their operations; they also have extra experience in logistics and supply chain, manufacturing automation, design of products, and engineering services, with the capability to integrate all of these to create a holistic solution for their customers.

    Recent developments have seen Jabil expanding its online commercial capabilities to Chihuahua, Mexico, hoping to make it a center for excellence in manufacturing. Jabil Healthcare currently boasts over 50 million square feet of space for manufacturing and more than 27,000 supplier relationships. In addition, Jabil Healthcare has partnered with the fintech giant Revolut to boost the development and manufacture of an innovative mobile payment MPOS (mobile point of sale) solution.

    Outset Medical

    With its headquarters in California, Outset Medical is at the forefront of medical technology and is pioneering the field of affordable and efficient dialysis. Their revolutionary Tablo Hemodialysis System, cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use it between hospitals and homes is a significant technological leap, transforming the experience of dialysis for patients as well as streamlining operations for the providers. Tablo provides a scalable solution that can be used across the full range of healthcare, allowing dialysis treatment to be carried out quickly and efficiently no matter the time, location, facility, or.

    Combining water purification with on-demand dialysate production allows Tablo to operate as a mobile dialysis facility. Through bidirectional wireless data transmission and an exclusive technology for data analysis, Tablo introduces an entirely new dialysis treatment method.


    Ceribell is a U.S.-based medical technology startup specispecializesrinogy, primarily in Eleccephalogram (EEG) tracking. Ceribell was established in the year 2014 by Jane Chao, Josef Parvizi as well as Chris Chafe.

    Ceribell goals are to rise the treatment and diagnosis of neurologic disorders through constant bedside EEG monitoring for acute healthcare situations.

    Ceribell’s most popular product is Ceribell’s flagship product, Ceribell Point-of-Care EEG is well-known for its portability and ease of installation. Ceribell Point-of-Care EEG gives people with no experience in EEG the capability to identify and exclude seizures with remarkable precision.

    Ceribell operates within Ceribell’s current operations in the United States and primarily serves healthcare facilities and hospitals that require the most advanced equipment for monitoring neurological function.

    Medtronic plc

    Medtronic plc is a U.S.-based medical device manufacturer that creates medicinal and diagnostic products to treat diseases. In August of 2021, Medtronic plc announced the signing of an unconfirmed agreement in partnership with Intersect ENT, which is an international ear, nose, and throat (ENT) medical technology business that will see Medtronic buy the outstanding shares at USD1.1 billion. Medtronic’s acquisition of Intersect ENT will expand the company’s product line for ear, nose, and throat surgeries.

    GE Healthcare

    Introduction: GE Healthcare markets imaging equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as well as computed tomography (CT) and positron emission tomography (PET) scanners such as X-rays, nuclear imaging, mammography, and molecular imaging techniques. The company also produces cardiovascular diagnostic equipment and devices for clinical use, including patient monitors and ventilators.

    Other options include telemetry devices and monitors for critical care, maternal and fetal monitors, vital signs monitors for pulse oximeters, and different devices.

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