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Top 10 Dangerous Cities in The United States

    The USA is known as one of the nations that welcome the courageous. With freedom, however, comes excellent accountability.

    Although there are various reasons why crime rises across any nation, it’s essential to understand areas with the most significant risk of crime prior to booking an excursion, especially for solo travelers. Learn more about the subject so you’re safely exploring the gorgeous States in the U.S.

    Which cities are rated the most dangerous

    MSAs comprise important “anchor cities” and outlying communities with an incredibly high level of integration in the economy and society. This gives an accurate image of the level of crime and socioeconomic elements that impact residents’ living standards.

    Interestingly, when you contrast the crime rates in a major city with its MSA number of incidents per 1,000 decreases.
    The first step was to determine an estimate of per capita crime rates for every MSA derived from the FBI census and crime information. It could be better, as the data is reported by law enforcement agencies yearly, but it’s by far the most complete U.S. crime information available.

    The study examines violent and property crime, as well as the percentage of each for 1,000 residents. This is where the rankings come from: if a metropolitan area has the lowest normalized and weighted rate of property and violent crime for every 1,000 inhabitants and is on the highest in the rankings.

    If a city didn’t provide a complete account to the FBI or couldn’t reach our threshold for a population of at least 300,000, We don’t consider it a top contender for being ranked.

    Bessemer, Alabama

    Based on the neighborhood court analysis of the most dangerous cities across the United States, Bessemer has been named the most hazardous city within the U.S. in 2023.

    Bessemer, Alabama, has an alarming criminality rate of 113 instances per 1000 residents. This makes Bessemer one of the most populated towns ranging from small communities to massive cities. Becoming a victim of property or violent crime in Bessemer, one in nine is possible. However, compared with other cities within the United States in Alabama, Bessemer has a higher crime rate than all of them.

    St Louis

    St. Louis is a city in Missouri with a total of 300,000 residents. It is known for its iconic Gateway Arch, which stands 630 feet high and symbolizes the expansion westward of America. United States.

    But St. Louis also has another distinction – it is one of the cities with the highest risk in America. Some attribute this rise in violent crime to the effects of poverty and high unemployment rates, which are over the national average. The lack of resources in the community to tackle these problems only can fuel the flames.

    Despite efforts by police departments to fight criminal activity within the city boundaries, St. Louis continues to face safety issues for visitors and residents alike.

    It’s crucial for anyone who lives in or intends to travel to St. Louis to take appropriate precautions, such as not going through specific areas during the night and traveling with a group when it is possible.


    Memphis is located within the United States of Tennessee and has an estimated 655,003 inhabitants. Indeed, Memphis ranks as the third-most unsafe town in America. Furthermore, crimes against property, such as theft and burglary, frequently occur. High poverty levels and a lack of law enforcement significantly contributed to the problem.

    A place known for criminal activities is Beale Street, a popular spot for visitors due to live music and bars. But, it would help if you took care when you explore this section of the town.

    However, despite these safety concerns, Memphis offers several things to do, including Graceland (the former residence of Elvis Presley), The National Civil Rights Museum, and Mud Island River Park.

    If you are planning to visit Memphis any time soon, keep your eyes on your side and keep your family’s safety a priority.


    Baltimore, Maryland, is known for its rich past and historic iconic landmarks. Recently, Baltimore has gained notoriety as one of the more risky cities in America. The drug trade is widespread, resulting in increased violence, including robbery, assault, and even mugging.

    Even though Baltimore has taken measures to combat these issues via community police and increased spending on education and development initiatives, it has not made progress. The point of poverty remains essential throughout the city, exacerbated by the problems associated with violence and crime.

    Despite these difficulties, Baltimore still boasts unique places like The Inner Harbor waterfront district with restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. The city’s visitors can explore historical landmarks such as Fort McHenry National Monument or participate in celebrations of local culture like Artscape and Light City.

    Visitors should use care when walking through Baltimore’s unstable regions. It is always prudent to remain vigilant and avoid walking alone when walking at night.


    There are more than 383,000, and the crime rate increases yearly. One significant problem Cleveland confronts is violence like murder or aggravated assault. Actually, in 2019, there were over 90 murders within the city.

    Another issue plaguing Cleveland is the issue of property crime. It includes burglaries, thefts as well as motor vehicle thefts. If you reside and work in Cleveland, you are more likely to be victimized by these criminal acts.


    Hartford, the capital of Connecticut, is a stunning city with a wealth of rich history and culture. It also happens to be among the most unsafe city in America. There is a high crime rate because of the drug industry and gang violence.

    The city has tried to lower crime levels through increased police presence and applying stricter regulations, but unfortunately, this hasn’t led to significant improvements.

    In addition to its reputation for crime, Hartford has much to provide visitors, including stunning parks such as Elizabeth Park, which boasts over 100 acres of garden space, and The Mark Twain House & Museum to those interested in history.

    Additionally, Hartford is home to numerous universities, including Trinity College and the University of Hartford. These universities bring diversity and energy to the region.

    Despite its risks, Hartford remains a unique location that is an excellent choice for people looking to gamble on the city’s history.


    Indianapolis, The capital city of Indiana, is among the largest cities in the Midwest. But, it is also known to be among the most threatening towns in America. In addition to having a very high crime rate and a rising number of deaths every calendar year, Indianapolis well-deserved its spot on the list.

    A significant reason for Indianapolis the city’s crime rate is drug-related crime. Indianapolis’ location at the intersection of many interstates is a substantial spot for trafficking in drugs and distribution.

    However, despite these efforts, Indianapolis residents still need to be confronted with the fact that Indianapolis is one of the cities with the highest risk across America. While there has been some progress toward creating safer neighborhoods within the city’s borders, there’s still plenty of work to be completed to ensure that significant change happens.


    One of the significant issues in Newark is gang violence. Various gangs are operating in the city, such as Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, and MS-13. These gangs often get involved in turf wars, resulting in violence-filled clashes.

    Another problem that plagues Newark is crime on the property. These include carjackings, home burglaries, and even house thefts, rising all over Newark. Indeed, many residents are reported to be feeling unsafe in the daylight hours because of these criminal acts.

    Despite the efforts of authorities in law enforcement to stop the criminal activities within Newark by increasing patrols, as well as community-based programs that aim towards reducing the gang-related involvement of the youth population, there is still a slow pace of progress.

    Some improvements might be noticed from time to time regarding safety issues; as a whole, there’s to be a lot of work that needs to be done before a significant improvement for the residents who have chosen to call this city in trouble.


    Oakland is a city in California that has experienced plenty of crimes and violence. With around 430,000 residents, Oakland has seen a notable increase in violence-related crimes like homicide as well as assault and robbery.

    A significant reason behind Oakland’s high level of crime is the gang activities that occur in Oakland. Gangs are known to participate in drug trafficking and other illegal activities that add to the general dangers of the city.

    Another reason for the reputation of Oakland is its high poverty rates. The burden of poverty often causes desperation, increasing the probability of people engaging with criminals.

    Despite these issues, however, there are plenty of positive things about Oakland. Oakland is home to stunning parks, iconic historical sites like Chabot Space & Science Center, and many diverse communities that come together during events like First Fridays.

    Recently, measures have been taken to lower criminality rates in Oakland with community-based policing efforts and increased funds for social initiatives. Though it will take some time to see these initiatives take entirely effect, they are a promising start to the safety of this lively and complicated city.

    Baton Rouge

    Baton Rouge, the capital city of Louisiana, is a beautiful area with a rich past and rich culture. It has, however, been recognized as being among the most risky city in America. The crime rates in this city are alarming and have continued to rise in recent decades.

    A significant problem Baton Rouge faces is gang violence. Gang violence is prevalent across many areas, leading to more violent crimes such as robberies and shootings. Many residents feel uncomfortable in their neighborhood late at night.

    Another challenge that is affecting Baton Rouge is drug abuse. Many people struggle with addiction, which can lead to criminal acts, including assault, theft, and robbery. This leads to the rising rate of crime in the city.

    Despite the challenges, however, efforts are underway to enhance the safety of Baton Rouge. Police departments in Baton Rouge have adopted community-policing tactics which aim to improve trust between citizens and police officers. Many hardworking people consider Baton Rouge home and hope the future will be brighter for their communities.

    The ten cities with the highest risk within the US.

    The United States is home to many of the most exciting cities around the globe. However, the country also has plenty of risky towns. These are the ten cities that are the most hazardous in America:

    St. Louis comes in second and has a murder rate more than ten times that of the average for all of America.

    Memphis is ranked third because of the high gang and violent crime activities.

    The next stop comes New Orleans, which saw increased murders after Katrina’s destruction. Katrina still struggles with the issue of crime.

    Baltimore is closely followed, being one of the more violent towns in America, plagued by criminals linked to drugs and corruption in the police force.

    Cleveland is sixth on our list because of the high rate of robbery and assaults with a felony.

    Hartford is ranked seventh due to increased homicide rates during the last few years.

    Indianapolis is ranked eighth due to the increase in shootings in the city.

    Orlando ranks in the ninth spot on our list as it is now a prime area for burglaries because it is a tourist hot spot.

    Oakland ranks among the top 10 of our most threatening cities in America due to its reputation for many gang activities happening within the city’s boundaries.

    Most Dangerous Cities in America Methodology

    To identify the most threatening cities in America, we examined various factors, such as the rate of violent crime and overall crime per capita (population), to assess the level of danger each city faces. Also, we only looked at larger cities with a minimum of 100,000 inhabitants. Despite their large population, the majority of these cities exhibit incredibly high levels of murders as well as other violent crimes.

    What is it that makes a city risky?

    The city is considered dangerous where there is an excessive crime rate, especially when it comes to violence, such as murder and assault, rape, and robbery. There are a variety of reasons that can cause these rates of crime, such as unemployment, poverty, accessibility to social and educational services as well as gang activities.

    What are the cities that are most prone to violence within the U.S.?

    At the time of the cutoff for knowledge in 2023, the cities with the highest risk of being a target for crime included St. Louis, Missouri; Detroit, Michigan; Baltimore, Maryland; Memphis, Tennessee; and Kansas City, Missouri. Remember that crime rates and ratings can shift as time passes, making reviewing the latest information available essential.


    It’s crucial to keep in mind that even though the cities in this list could be prone to crime and dangerous locations, they have numerous positive qualities and committed community members working hard to increase their security.

    Also, it’s important to note that the list needs to be completed, and many cities with high levels of crime did not make it onto the list. By being aware of which cities could be at the most significant risk to travelers, they can make informed choices for planning travel or moving.

    Suppose we remain vigilant, observing security guidelines and encouraging the efforts to make changes within our communities. In that case, we can collaborate to ensure the U.S. is a better place for all U.

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