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Top 10 Backup Software For Enterprise

    Enterprise backup services, or endpoint backup solutions, use IT experts to automate and securely backup information stored in a wide range of devices (including cloud-native applications, servers, computers, databases, laptops, and portable devices) to cloud-based storage on external devices.

    Enterprise backup protects against accidental deletion, malware and ransomware, which endpoints, databases, and other data storage locations are susceptible to. Most enterprise backup solutions are utilized with or in conjunction with Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery solutions to provide additional security.

    There’s a variety of points solutions specifically designed for backup systems, for instance, Data Center Backup. Enterprise backup services differ from point-based solutions in that they back up kinds of systems and data. Because they offer more comprehensive coverage, they can efficiently manage an organization’s backup requirements in a single location. The solutions designed for enterprises may differ in the specific choice of backup systems they support. However, they should provide more than one kind of backup for the environment.

    What are Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions?

    As per Gartner’s definition, “Enterprise software for backup and recovery products are developed to create an instantaneous copy (backup) of corporate workloads that are on-premises, hybrid multi-cloud, and SaaS environments, and then copy the data onto an additional storage destination to be able to retrieve the data in the event in the event of a loss.

    ” Solutions for backup and recovery provide a range of essential capabilities. These include recovery and backup from operating systems data databases, applications and databases in the on-premise data centre data backup and recovery for cloud-based public clouds IaaS PaaS, IaaS and SaaS information; creating multiple backup copies to ensure resilient, disaster recovery, and various other scenarios setting up multiple policies for backup and retention that are aligned with your company’s goals for healing; and the ability to report on the success or failure of the backup/recovery task.

    RecoveryManager Plus

    If you’re searching for an all-in-one backup solution for all your company information, look at RecoveryManager Plus since it will make saving effort and time more manageable.

    In particular, it provides incremental backups. This means that it can only back up the changes in the Active Directory, Exchange Servers, and Office365 environment since the most recent cycle.

    Furthermore, using this method, you can export all Exchange mailboxes (local or online) or just a tiny portion of them into PST format to ensure secure storage.

    It’s easy to save all your data stored in your SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business accounts. Hence, you can restore them in the event of catastrophes or ransomware-related attacks.

    Naturally, you do not have to manually do it since the process is scheduled to occur at particular dates and timeframes that you prefer.


    3scale can be described as an API administration platform that provides an array of flexible and highly scalable options to bundle, distribute, control, and profit from the APIs of users, providing them with the capability to maximize the value of their API programs. Users of 3scale can distribute company information and services, as well as content, by using Web apps or mobile devices and also provide APIs for external organizations and internal teams or both. The platform also assists users in avoiding the stress and hassle of creating a system entirely from the ground up. 3scale provides central API management capabilities via a cloud-hosted, distributed layer.


    In the case of Hyper-V or VMware backup options, Unitrends is always a choice in these instances. The first thing to note is that it’s accessible up to the initial 1 TB of storage, and it comes in various editions (free essentials, basic standard, enterprise, and enterprise Plus) to meet the needs of users with multiple limits on their data. Other benefits of Unitrends Backup solution are the ability to instantly VM recovery and data compression features, ransomware detection, protection of physical and virtual files, and community-based support.


    Vinchin Backup & Recovery works with the majority of virtualization platforms, such as VMware, XenServer/XCP ng Hyper-V, RHV/oVirt OpenStack, Sangfor HCI, Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager, and Huawei FusionCompute(KVM), as well as others. It is today’s IT infrastructure’s most reliable and simple-to-use VM backup solution. ‘

    Innovating in the industry of virtualization backup, Vinchin empowers data protection through a simplified management system and sophisticated VM restoration and backup functions just like the way it does every day with its DRaaS service, offering 10000+ businesses from the telecom, finance government, finance, and other sectors in more than 60 nations with comprehensive DRaaS solutions.

    VCenter Server Compare

    VMWare, the vCenter Server service, is a product that allows users to manage and centralize the virtual infrastructure of businesses on one platform. As a single-location platform, it offers an overview of the situation, allowing users to make intelligent decisions. VCenter Server has enough capabilities for businesses of every dimension to satisfy the requirements of professional companies worldwide. The software is accessible in more than twenty languages around the globe, so it responds to business requirements in greater detail.

    Bacula Enterprise

    Bacula Enterprise is a reliable backup and recovery program that offers various functions, including backup, recovery of data, protection for data and others. It provides a high level of security and is designed for smaller and mid-sized businesses. Bacula has various features ranging from different storage formats and simple setups to lower deployment costs and fast time to recover data.

    It works with the majority of popular Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, etc. ) and a variety of operating systems, including Microsoft, MacOS X, Solaris, and many others. Bacula is also unique in its modular structure that protects from ransomware and other attacks. The software offers a selection (or mixture) of web-based and command-line GUIs.

    It also comes with a robust selection of security tools and various other advanced, high-performance techniques like advanced deduplication, compression, and different levels of backup. This licensing arrangement also eliminates charges per volume of data, making it particularly appealing for companies that provide MSPs, ISVs, Telcos, Military and Research establishments, big data centres, and government institutions.


    Dell’s recovery and backup solution comes prepackaged as a backup and recovery suite comprised of various elements available as individual sales. It includes Avamar, Networker, and Data Protection Adviser, with cloud backup and archive choices. Dell EMC’s products offer the full spectrum of data security, including archive and continuous accessibility for virtual, physical and cloud-based environments. Dell EMC facilitates digital transformation with the hybrid cloud and big-data applications designed on the latest technology for data infrastructure.


    Commvault offers a solution which can be utilized throughout the whole organization. Backup of mail to Office365 is a solution for moving entire websites across cloud platforms. Complete system imaging and point-in-time recovery for SQL databases are a few features unique to Commvault can provide.

    The software lets users recover their data on their own without the need to seek assistance from IT professionals for this purpose.

    As it was initially targeted at large companies that already have consolidated their data deployments, it isn’t easy to assess the cost of it for other cloud-integrated services, which are not as complete.


    Clumio is a data security business that concentrates on protecting files in the cloud and on-premises. The Clumio platform operates as a service on the shadow that protects the data of native AWS services like Office 365 and VMware on-premises or in AWS or premises.

    Like SaaS-based services, Clumio scales on demand by storing encrypted backup files inside its AWS accounts. The architecture creates a Virtual “airgap” between the primary backup and primary data to protect organizations if their cloud or on-premise versions become compromised due to ransomware.

    What Features Should You Look For In A Backup And Recovery Solution For Microsoft 365?

    Though the majority of backup and recovery software has some variations in the features they offer that can be used to address diverse needs, there are certain aspects you must look at in every backup and recovery software compatible with Microsoft 365. The following are the features:

    All of the MS365 applications your company uses.
    Backups are scheduled daily to free your IT team of the burden of managing, running and taking care of backups.
    It has advanced search features that permit administrators to find specific pieces of information and export or restore the data.
    Optional restoration options are available for single files and the whole system.
    Storage limits and retention times are customized to your business’s demands. For example, HIPAA compliance may necessitate using different retention time periods for various data types and a large or even unlimited capacity for storage.
    Security features like encryption, role-based access and multi-factor authentication provide additional security.

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