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12 Free Best Timeline WordPress Plugins

    The timeline is a great way to tell your story or the story of your brand. Thanks to the timeline WordPress plugins listed here, you can easily add this type of functionality to your website. When choosing a timeline plugin, it’s a good idea to check the demo to see what your timeline will look like.

    Publish on your website. Many of these WordPress timeline plugins include multiple templates that can change their appearance with just a few clicks. Also, these tools have at least some customization options, and some plugins have more room for modification than others.

    Adding timeline posts to your WordPress website can be an effective way to showcase your company’s performance and work experience. It allows your visitors to easily explore the history and evolution of your business.

    Doing so can greatly increase the credibility of your work and create credibility and credibility from your audience. Posting a message on the timeline is an effective way to highlight the background of your company, which can be added using a WordPress plugin.

    It is very important to inform the audience of the history of the brand, especially when advertising on a website. Some viewers may not be interested only in recent posts. They may also be interested in the information and things you have achieved in the past. In this case, they are very happy to browse chronologically on the timeline of your website.

    That’s why we have created a list of the best free WordPress timeline plugins you can use on your website. Among them, all plugins are developed to use the timeline to provide the best results for your website.

    Another important consideration when choosing this type of plugin is the type of content. Some can display text on the timeline, while others can insert images, videos, and even custom HTML.

    You can also view your WordPress posts in timeline format. Post content such as titles, featured images, and other details can be displayed as part of the timeline. Adding a social sharing button to your timeline is another interesting feature that can help increase traffic to your website.

    What Features should You look for in the WordPress Timeline Plugin?

    The best way to choose a timeline plugin is to check out the demo. This will help you find the functionality provided by the plugin. Functional requirements may vary from user to user, depending on the purpose for which the timeline is created.

    As handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets grow in popularity, everything on the website needs to be run on these devices. Therefore, make sure that the WordPress timeline plugin you choose is also responsive. Obviously it’s annoying to use the WordPress Timeline plugin, which is difficult to modify and customize.

    Therefore, you should install the WordPress Timeline Plugin, which provides the best accessibility possible during customization.

    Your timeline should give you a great user experience as well as your website visitors. So make sure the WordPress timeline plugin you choose is easy for website users to use and has smooth scrolling and navigation.

    You probably think that the timeline is all about displaying items that are determined in a way organized on the WordPress website. Now, this is the main point of using one of the following WordPress timeline plugins, but it’s not just about actually ordering these plugins.

    Each of these plugins has a variety of features to help you create the timeline the way you want, and you can even customize some elements. Decide which plugin to choose to create a timeline on your site, depending on your desires and needs.

    Now, let’s check out all these great timeline plugins and their useful features.

    Timeline Express

    If you are looking for a free WordPress timeline plugin,then Timeline Express is one of the WordPress timeline plugins. First of all, this plugin also allows you to add a vertical timeline to your website. As a result, you can view various announcements, events, and dates on your timeline for your website visitors.

    This WordPress timeline plugin is also a flexible cross-browser compatible plugin. Therefore, the timeline runs smoothly in any web browser. This plugin is great because it allows you to create vertical timeline animations on your WordPress site. You can fill the site with announcements and set the date.

    The Timeline Express WordPress plugin allows you to load everything in chronological order. This plugin comes with a shortcode that you can insert anywhere on your website. The great thing about Timeline Express is that it’s also a responsive plugin. This means you can format any device and screen size without any problems. It has been tested in a browser and should work in all browsers your users are using.

    At a later date, if you decide from the Timeline plugin that you need more features, you can use the paid version of Timeline Express. Upgrades give you more control over how your timeline behaves, as well as access to premium support channels if you need help adding a timeline to your WordPress website.


    Timeline and History slider

    Plugins, Timeline and History Slider, specially designed to provide the best timeline for your website, are feature-rich and easy-to-use WordPress timeline plugins. It allows you to easily add, modify, and view history or timeline sliders on your website.

    In addition, you can use a custom post type to create a timeline slider menu tab on the admin side. You can also use this timeline WordPress plugin to create a horizontal timeline. Therefore, this horizontal layout can also display all events and dates. It’s also one of the WordPress timeline plugins that you can easily move with the arrow keys.

    This plugin actually has some really nice features, a swipe feature that you can use with touchscreen devices. With this plugin, you can choose to expand or open a new link for every card in the timeline you create.

    With this feature, you can decide whether to move the timeline directly to your blog post or display the data on another card. There are many elements to this plugin, and you can easily create a timeline plugin to suit your needs.


    Everest Timeline Lite

    The Everest Timeline allows you to implement a horizontal or vertical timeline to your liking, in addition to a user rating of 5 stars. You can also choose a single-sided layout mode or choose a template that resembles the popular Facebook timeline design.

    Another notable feature of this tool is the optional social sharing button that you can add to your timeline. Your content. It also includes a lightbox feature that displays the clicked item in this general format.

    Several other reasons to consider the Everest Timeline plugin This allows you to choose from four pre-designed templates: two vertical timeline layouts and two single-sided layouts. Displaying these timelines on your WordPress website is also very easy thanks to the shortcode generator and custom widgets.

    If you’re looking for a highly configurable timeline plugin using the list of customization options, Everest Timeline will definitely meet that requirement. In addition to the layout, the plugin includes a variety of style options and customization possibilities, so you can quickly see a great timeline.


    Cool Timeline

    Cool Timeline is a WordPress timeline plugin, which is also very suitable for website creation timeline. So it contains everything the WordPress Timeline plugin needs. This plugin has a responsive design and can be used on any device without affecting its appearance or performance.

    This plugin has a responsive design and can be used on any device without impacting appearance or performance. You can also view a beautiful vertical history timeline, just create blog posts, images and dates. You can then use this timeline WordPress plugin to automatically get a well-designed timeline for your website.

    This pulgin can also use Cool Timeline to turn your blog post into a blog timeline. The great advantage of this plugin is that you can use the Visual Composer add-on so you can use Visual Composer to create your timeline.

    This plugin also makes it easy to add images to your timeline, increasing the variety of projects this tool will work for. For example, if you want to share how your website design has evolved over time, you can easily handle it with this plugin by adding a timeline with a screenshot of your site along with the date of the redesign.

    If you need help adding a timeline to your WordPress website, there is an online tutorial video that shows you how to use this plugin.


    Event Timeline

    Event Timeline is a WordPress timeline plugin that allows you to perfectly view various company-related events in your timeline. It has developed a variety of rich features for your WordPress website. Initially, it has a responsive design that can be used on any device with any screen size.

    You can also add a timeline using four different themes. You can insert a vertical or horizontal timeline so that you can view the timeline and events vertically or horizontally. With this timeline WordPress plugin, you can also post your timeline on your blog or on one side, or add stories using videos, images, and slideshows on your timeline.

    If you want to see only a certain number of items in the timeline, you can also go to the options page, specify the number of posts from the database, and select one or more categories of places to retrieve posts. The Timeliner plugin is easy to install, customizable and has 4 different skins to choose from.


    Timeline Pro

    Now I know what you are thinking, have you already talked about this? Timeline Pro is a free version of the Timeline plugin mentioned at the beginning of this post. This advanced plugin can show you the history of your life and display the timeline of your company’s story in chronological order in horizontal or vertical format. This is a great plugin for creating timeline themes.

    The timeline pro contains a set of competitive templates for displaying the timeline. All of these options can be checked out on the plugin’s website, but with templates that allow you to add single-column and multi-column layouts, horizontal and vertical options, and custom text decorations to your timeline description.

    You can use the WP timeline. There are various methods. In addition to the timeline template, you can also customize the output of this plugin.

    Timeline Pro is a pure CSS timeline style grid plugin for WordPress websites. It’s a completely responsive and lightweight plugin that you can add anywhere in WordPress using shortcodes. In addition, the plugin supports social icons to let viewers share timeline posts on the most popular social media networks.


    Elementor Timeline Widget Addon

    If you’re already using the Elementor plugin on your website, this add-on is great for building your website’s timeline. Elementor Timeline Widget Addon is a WordPress timeline plugin or add-on with vertical, horizontal and single-sided vertical timeline options. Therefore, you can choose one of these timelines on your website.

    In addition, this plugin allows you to add images to your timeline story. This is very useful for emphasizing the timeline. Similarly, you can manage story titles, descriptions, and font typography in your timeline to make them attractive. Therefore, you can easily create a great timeline on your website without any problems.

    Elementor Timeline is also very easy to customize. This makes it easy to use this plugin on your website, even if you don’t have much computer knowledge or coding skills. This is a convenient option.


    Post Timeline

    Post timelines are very useful for creating beautiful timelines for your website. You can use this plugin to create an unlimited vertical timeline. Similarly, if the historical timeline is too long or overcrowded, you can extend the timeline by adding a timeline.

    Therefore, you can use this WordPress timeline plugin to display all your content in a very attractive layout. You can also automatically create animated scroll navigation based on tags or dates and display them in ascending order. In addition, you can add multiple timelines with a simple, single timeline, header post, or a single shortcode.

    If you want to see only a certain number of items in the timeline, you can also go to the options page, specify the number of posts from the database, and select one or more categories of places to retrieve posts. .. The Timeliner plugin is easy to install, and customizable.


    WP JQuery Timelinr

    Use WP Jquery Timelinr to proceed to the next WordPress timeline plugin. This is a free plugin option to add to your site. This plugin is a bit simpler than most other plugins I’ve seen so far and is probably one of the more basic choices in this post, but if you’re looking for something easy and simple, This WP Jquery Timelinr plugin is a good option. For you to use.

    This is one of the first WordPress timeline plugins with the JQuery timelinr library. This plugin is great because it is button friendly. This means you can easily place Timelinr shortcodes on your pages and posts. If you want to use multiple timelines throughout your site, you can also set up multiple timelines.

    With extremely flexible features and free design templates, you can set up your timeline in just minutes. There is also a great timeline demo available on the website. In addition, this timeline WordPress plugin is designed for easy navigation and beautiful display of event timelines on your website.


    WP SIMILE Timeline

    The WP SIMILE Timeline plugin actually integrates SIMILE Timeline into WordPress. This allows you to use the optional interface for various timeline settings. This plugin is perfect for anyone who wants to create a life timeline, as they can create a lifestream timeline using RSS feeds retrieved from the WordPress link archive.

    In addition to WordPress content, you can also add content from Twitter to your timeline and filter it by hashtag. You can also set it to feature timeline events, allowing you to show more prominent and important events and posts as milestones on your timeline.

    The great thing about the WPSIMILE Timeline plugin is that it comes with multiple languages. You can also display individual categories on the timeline.


    Viavi WordPress Timeline

    Continue with the Viavi WordPress Timeline Plugin. This is a really great plugin choice for WordPress users to use when they want to see their work progress, different events, etc. in different ways on the timeline. The design of this plugin is very modern and simple. It’s also a responsive plugin, so your timeline will always look beautiful, from large desktop screens to small mobile screens.

    The Viavi plug-in has many different styles and functions, allowing users of the plug-in to create different timeline options and styles. If you want to see only a certain number of items in the timeline, you can also go to the options page, specify the number of posts from the database, and select one or more categories of places to retrieve posts.

    This plugin has a vertical layout of the timeline you create, is highly customizable and comes with a variety of unique skins to choose from.


    Blog Designer

    Plugin Blog Designer has specific news and timeline templates, so it can also be categorized as a WordPress timeline plugin. This template is specifically designed to create an efficient and amazing timeline for your website.

    In addition, upgrading to the pro version will increase the timeline templates, but the free version will do a lot. You can change the background color as needed and it’s very easy to do without hassle. In addition, it is a cross-browser compatible plugin that helps you display the timeline in any web browser.

    If you need a wide range of design options for each timeline you publish on your WordPress website, you can use this well-established plugin to choose the right template to work with. The Everest Timeline allows you to implement a horizontal or vertical timeline to your liking.


    Wrapping Up

    You can use this list to clearly see the different types of WordPress timeline plugins. Therefore, you can easily install one of them and use it to create your own timeline on your WordPress website. Therefore, these plugins are specially selected to provide the best user experience, interface, and ease of use, and you will have few problems adding them to your WordPress website.

    However, you may need to use one of the WordPress Image Optimizer plugins to optimize your images while adding them to your timeline.

    These are some of the best timeline plugins you can check out. We hope you find this article useful.

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