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There Is No “I” In IT Strategy: How To Create A Successful Team Effort

    Well, if you look closely, you might find that ‘I,’ but if it’s about involving IT strategy in amplifying the effects of team efforts to achieve a business goal, you definitely won’t see it. 

    You will need a solid IT strategy to have an effective IT department. This strategy will be responsible for giving your IT team direction and a clear vision of what they need to do. This very same strategy can help you out in knowing the needs and capabilities of your team. And it also aligns everyone with the business objectives you want to meet. 

    The problem now is, how exactly can you do that? To know the answer to that dilemma, continue reading this quick guide.  

    Understand What IT Strategy Is

    Before anything else, you need to understand what IT strategy is. If you have followed business tech news for the past few months, you might have noticed that many people and websites have been throwing around this term on the web. And if you’re relatively new to it, you might be confused about what it exactly is. 

    IT strategy is a blueprint that a company or team should follow to accomplish IT-related business goals. This blueprint can come in many forms. It can be an operating model wherein an IT department should follow to become effective at its role. It can be an IT strategic transformation roadmap that the company’s top dog should follow to meet their business objectives. Or it can be a simple cheat sheet on dealing with IT-related problems in an organization. 

    For example, a typical business needs to expand itself online. The company’s IT strategy should involve creating a website, developing marketing content, and having someone oversee all the technical aspects of the business’s online faces. 

    Knowing what an IT strategy is by heart can help you visualize and create better solutions for your company.

    Prioritize Communications

    Working in the same building and talking face to face are slowly going out of fashion. With information technology, many businesses now can operate with their employees working in the comfort of their homes. If someone needs to talk to anyone in the company, they can just voice or video call them.

    One of the core elements in a successful team effort is communication. To achieve that, you should start with creating an IT communication strategy. This plan should prioritize finding the best and most optimal way to conduct town hall meetings, employee chitchats, training sessions, and surveys or polls. 

    With a sound IT strategy communication plan, you can also allow yourself to be more accessible to your IT department. It can give you an avenue wherein you can know the department’s needs through their messages faster and provide resolutions the sooner you learn about them.

    Align Business Strategy With Your It Strategy

    It can be awkward days after hiring your team or primary IT personnel. All of you will try to sense what the others are thinking, aiming to sync your minds to produce a successful team effort.  

    Weeks or months after, adjustments have been made, and your team has become a fine-tuned gearbox for your company. Each person is a cog; each rotation influences another to accomplish your company’s purpose and attain its goals. However, sometimes, that doesn’t happen even after years pass by. 

    You must align an IT strategy with your business strategy, particularly your customer acquisition strategy, to allow your IT team and business to run like clockwork. You may hold a meeting where you can explain how each of their roles affects the business strategy and discuss what these strategies are. Once aligned, it can help your team have a clear vision and direction on how they will operate to benefit the company. It also allows everyone to have a common goal, leading to a much more successful team effort.

    Hire A Third-Party To Develop A Strategy For You

    A company may need someone out of the company to develop plans and strategies for them. An outsider’s perspective is always welcome in a business. These outsiders—IT and business strategy consultants—help companies create IT strategies by analyzing their business processes, goals, and practices. And most of the time, they often get involved in implementing the strategy they’ll formulate. 

    So, if you or your IT department is creating an IT strategy for your company, don’t hesitate to get help from third-party consultants.


    Information technology has shaped almost every aspect of businesses. From the traditional attendance punch cards to the modern versions of marketing reports, IT has slithered its way and revolutionized all of them. 

    That is why most businesses aim to have an IT department. It’s challenging to run a company nowadays without taking advantage of IT. And with the help of a sound IT strategy, you can allow your IT department to fulfill its role and let your company reap all potential benefits of information technology to your business processes.

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