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The House Doesn’t Always Win: How to Beat the House

    If you’re a seasoned gambler, you must have come across the phrase, “The house always wins.” This shows that no matter how much you win when playing, the casino still has the advantage. Even if you’re given a 100 no deposit free spins offer, the online casino still makes more profit than the player. 

    Punters often wonder if there is a way to beat the house advantage and make the most out of their bets. Well, this is what we shall cover in their write-up. If you’re ready to learn more, keep reading.

    What Is the House Edge?

    The house edge is the first thing to understand when trying to beat the casino. This is the percentage showing the casino’s advantage over the player in a given casino game. However, it is not the amount of money you lose while playing; instead, it provides the average loss relative to the original wager. Most of the time, the house edge is shown as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more significant the advantage the house has. For example, a player who puts an initial bet of €100 on a game with a house edge of 2% loses €2 to the casino. On the other hand, in a game with a 4% house advantage, the player will only lose €4.

    The house edge is how online casinos in Canada make their money. Most times, it’s a small percentage, so it might not seem like a hefty profit for the casino. However, remember that these Canadian sites are open around the clock. When the casino accumulates a small percentage, it becomes a substantial amount. This is not an indication that the casino cheats on its players. The house advantage is in-built into the game by the software developers, and the gambling platform can’t alter it.

    Comparison of Game RTPs and Their House Edges

    The return-to-player percentage and the house edge work hand in hand. The house edge is only a tiny fraction of 100%. The remaining percentage is known as the RTP. So, if a game has a 4% house edge, the RTP is 96%. Likewise, if a game has an RTP of 98%, the RTP is 2%. The return to player percentage and the house edge varies for every game. Some are higher, while others are on the lower end. The table below shows the house edges of different games you can play at some of Canada’s best online casino sites.

    Type of casino gameHouse Edge
    American Roulette5.26%
    Baccarat1.01% – 15.75%
    Sic Bo2.78 – 33.33%
    Casino Hold’em2.36%
    Caribbean Stud5.22%
    Video Poker0.46%
    Slots2% to 15%
    Keno20% to 40%
    Craps0 – 16.67%


    It’s challenging to find a gambling platform in Canada that doesn’t have a good assortment of online slots. In slot machines, players earn money by landing matching symbols on the reels on an active payline. These games have different features and different paylines. Many believe that current video slots with 20 to 100 paylines are excellent since they provide players with more opportunities to win, but this is not the case. The more paylines a game has, the greater its influence on the house edge.

    Consider the case of a slot machine with 20 paylines. Play all twenty each time to enhance your chances of winning. However, if you play only 10 paylines, your odds are slashed in half. As you know, when you reduce your winning chances, you increase the casino’s likelihood of winning. Therefore, players seek ways to reduce the house edge even when betting on a few paylines.

    How to Beat the House Edge in Slots

    One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot beat the house edge in slots. These percentages are built into the game by the software providers. Plus, there aren’t many strategies that can boost your winning chances, even when playing free slot games. Remember that these titles are based on luck, and your only hope is to land a significant win with every spin. However, there are a few tips that you can use to maximize your bets when playing slots in a Canadian casino.

    • Play games with bonuses: Slot games have built-in bonus features. You can trigger these bonuses by landing a unique combination specified in the paytable. These bonuses range from free spins, cascading reels, wilds, and more. You can also claim casino bonus deals like no deposit bonus offers and match-up promotions.
    • Opt for titles with a high RTP: The higher the RTP, the lower the house edge, and vice versa. Therefore, you must pick only games with an excellent return to player percentage. You can learn more about the RTP by reading reviews from trusted sources like 
    • Play the maximum number of paylines: Some slot games, including mobile slots allow you to set how many paylines you want to bet on with each spin. As we have mentioned, the more paylines you bet on, the higher your winning chances are.
    • Play progressive jackpot slots: These games are like the regular slots. However, when playing, you’re also competing against other players for a chance to land a jackpot. Every bet that players on that network make contributes to the prize pool, and one lucky player would trigger the prize.


    Blackjack is one of the popular table games you’ll find at the best online casino sites in Canada. The game appeals to new and seasoned players because of how easy it is to learn. What you should have in mind is that you must learn the basics before attempting it for real money. Fortunately, there are free versions of the game that you can try at some of the best online gambling sites. There are RNG-based variants where you play with a bot. Others are live dealer games that you play with an actual croupier.

    In blackjack, both the player’s skill and their luck are factors in determining the outcome of a hand. For this reason, the house edge of 0.5% is a rough estimate. However, this house edge is based on faultless play in accordance with established norms and fundamental strategy. Note that if you enter a blackjack game with zero blackjack knowledge, the house edge increases. This is because you are inexperienced and prone to make mistakes that result in failure or a loss.

    How to Beat the House Edge in Blackjack

    With blackjack, you can employ a few strategies to boost your winning chances. These strategies don’t guarantee you a win, but they help you know the best way to maximize your bankroll. It is also important to remember that blackjack is also a game of luck, even though you need a bit of skill to win. To that end, only wager the amount you can afford to lose. Here are some strategies that you can use when playing blackjack at dollar deposit casinos and sites in Canada.

    • Memorizing a blackjack chart: This is one of the most common blackjack tactics for winning. These tables detail every conceivable outcome based on the cards you and the dealer are holding. It guides you toward the best decision to make based on the cards you have.
    • Use composition strategies: Composition tactics are a bit more complicated than a simple blackjack chart. However, you must first be familiar with the charts before implementing this approach. The strategy uses the card values that have been removed from the deck as a reference for the possible remaining cards. When executed properly, it can reduce the house advantage to as low as 0.18%


    Baccarat may not be as popular as other casino games, and its larger betting limits may discourage low-stake players. Nonetheless, the game is straightforward, and if played correctly, the house edge can be as little as 1.01%. Therefore, players have a fair possibility of playing games with almost 100% RTP. Like blackjack, there are a few strategies you can use to beat the house edge in baccarat. As we already noted, these strategies don’t guarantee a win.

    How to Beat the House Edge in Baccarat

    In baccarat, you wager on whose hand you believe will total closest to nine. Therefore, whether you win or lose depends on chance. However, there are a few things you can do to improve your odds and reduce the number of hits to your bankroll. These tips are listed below. Before you start playing, ensure you have a set budget and stick to it. You should also claim bonuses like no deposit bonus offers and free chips if available.

    • Bet on the baker: This wager has the lowest house edge of the three wagering options. Thus, it makes sense to gamble on the banker since you will receive the maximum returns.
    • Play games with fewer decks: The edge on banker wagers is lower with 1 deck than with 8 or 6 decks. Plus, having more cards in play increases the likelihood of a tie, which enhances the house’s edge.
    • Never bet on a tie: You might find one of the best payout online casino sites that offers better odds on the tie wager. Still, the advantage on this wager will still result in a larger share of your winnings going to the house.


    With roulette, the house edge depends on the type of game you play for real money. The American version has the worst odds because of its extra zero pocket.

    This house edge is significantly reduced when you play the European or French versions because they have only one zero pocket. Aside from these three, other game variants exist. These titles have special features that make the gameplay more exciting. Still, the RTP might be affected by these extra features.

    How to Beat the House Edge in Roulette

    Roulette is a simple game with different betting options. To play, you only need to bet on where you think the ball will land. The gameplay remains the same even when playing the live dealer version. Roulette is mostly based on luck. Nevertheless, a few tips can improve your winning chances.

    • Play French roulette: French roulette has the La Partage and En Prison rules that drop its house edge to as low as 1.35%. This makes it the roulette game with the lowest house edge. Furthermore, you should take advantage of incentives like free chips and no deposit bonus deals.
    • Use roulette strategies: There are strategies like the Martingale and Fibonacci system that boosts your winning chances.


    The house edge is an essential factor to consider when playing games online for real money. It tells you how much you lose and gain in the long run. The percentage varies for each game, so you should only play titles with the lowest house edges. This also means playing games that have low RTPs. You can learn about the game’s house edge by checking out reviews before playing it at the best online casino sites. 

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