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Technologies that Online Casinos Will be Using in the Future

    Technology is moving forward all of the time, and those industries that rely on this technology, like online casinos, will undoubtedly move forward with them. This article will be looking at which direction this technology is likely to take online casinos in and how you (as an online casino player or at least somebody who might shortly become one) are likely to benefit from the better experience or features these will bring.

    There are four main areas where technology is taking online casinos into the future and covers the whole experience, from opening an account to the quality of games you are going to be playing.

    Account security – making sure the only person accessing your winnings is you

    So, the first thing on that short but very important list is security. The biggest question that people are likely to ask about online casinos is if their money is going to be safe, and this is where existing technology can be expanded to provide more safety for players when it comes to withdrawing their money. While verification processes already exist where the customer has to provide a Government issued photo ID among other documents to prove their identity before they can make their first withdrawal, modern technology can take that one step further.

    By asking the player to take a selfie and sending it in, the casino can use the latest facial recognition software to check that against the ID photo on record. This could potentially make that account much safer for people who might have been careless with their password or have had one of their devices hacked by those with malicious intent.

    Better quality – developer can get more features into games

    There are some online casinos with a massive range of games to choose from. A good example of this can be seen here and examined that when it comes to playing table games or slots, there is something for everyone among the thousands of choices on offer. The next progression is for even more features to be added to some of these games, now that faster mobile internet speeds can mean that slow loading times and mid-game glitches are almost a thing of the past.

    Making more of future titles in bigger franchises with better graphics and a better gaming experience will add to what the player gets out of playing the slots and add to the already increasing popularity of online casinos. 

    VR Technology – making it feel more like you are on the casino floor 

    VR technology is already a big hit in the online gaming world, with VR headsets selling in their millions in 2021. With that in mind, it could be a great option for casinos, especially those that have live dealer options, as these could make the experience as authentic as possible.

    By donning the headset, instead of just interacting with the dealer via video link (which is already being made better by technology), you could be immersed in an environment that looks exactly like the casino floor. You could place bets the same way you might in the ‘real’ world. There is no doubt some legal hoops to jump through to make this a reality, but it is easy to see how something like this could take the whole casino experience to another level.

    Cryptocurrency – how soon could you be betting using Bitcoin or Ethereum?

    Some online casinos already accept cryptocurrencies, but they are in the vast minority. It might be possible for you to use a form of digital currency to make a deposit into your online casino account, but you would theoretically need to fund an e-wallet account and then fund your account that way. This does not, however, mean that you can wager using Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency to place a wager, but that can be a vital next step.

    As online casinos set limits in USD or CAD (or even EUR or GBP), they could instead do this in your digital currency of choice, with things like jackpots converted likewise. Where you are only playing against the house, as you are at so many online casinos, it is easy to see how this could be implemented once all the legal aspects have been looked into.

    Final thoughts

    There could be much to look forward to if you are an online casino player, with many advances behind the scenes meaning what you experience could be better than ever. Plus, with more features in the slots you play and a truly immersive experience when playing table games, it has improved massively and will continue to do so.

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