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Tech Solutions For Your New Nightclub

    When you consider tech for your new nightclub, do you think “Las Vegas”?  From hypnotizing light displays timed to music and dancers, to landscapes sparkling with LED vistas, there’s a captivating movement of light and sound throughout that city. Although your new nightclub won’t necessarily offer all the tech that Las Vegas does, you may be surprised at the newest tech solutions that can be included in your own club. Let’s take a look at some of the best and brightest options: 

    1. Consolidate all Areas into One Platform

    If your staff members will need to juggle lights, sound, video, and animatronics while using multiple boards, there will undoubtedly be a less-than-stellar coordination of all. The good news is there are technology platforms, such as SoundSwitch and VenueMagic, that are made for the nightclub industry. These all-in-one platforms manage operations in one centralized spot, increasing efficiency and using management efforts effectively across the board by compiling information from multiple sources within the nightclub. In addition, some of the most popular platforms can inform key statistics about attendance patterns, customer preferences, music choices, and more. 

    2.  Partner with a Digital Ticketing System

    Digital ticketing systems have been around for a while, but the management of them has changed with new vendor-nightclub owner contracts in place. The differences are clear: 

    Contracts to avoid include those with third-party ticketing vendors who don’t give the nightclub staff access to: 

    •  Manage a ticketing page
    •  View sales before the event
    •  View data after the event
    •  Collect money during the process 

    In contrast, consider a contract with a ticketing vendor who offers: 

    • Customized event and ticketing page for your venue (without competing venues or advertisements)     
    • Direct payments that travel through your own merchant services provider and into your bank account at the moment a ticket is purchased online
    • An integrated mobility app for promoters to sell tickets on the street
    • Full access to your data.

    3.  Use Pre-sales, Upsales, and Cross-sales to Boost your Nightclub

    A goal of your new nightclub will be to drive revenue and translate it to money in the bank. With a combination of pre-sales, upsales, and cross-sales, you’ll be able to drive additional revenue to the bank without increasing the workload of your staff. You’ll want to seriously consider the revenue to be made from merch and other sales; pre-sales, upsales and cross-sales add up considerably when marketing strategies inform and offer value to consumers. 

    4.  Build the Internal Structure of Your Nightclub

    If you’re starting a nightclub and haven’t yet structured the financial projections, operations plan, marketing strategies, and other essential components, you’ll want to do so straight away. 

    Placing everything into this business plan for a nightclub will activate growth and offer solutions as needed during the startup and growth phase of your nightclub. In addition to providing structure, your completed business plan will open several opportunities, such as funding from investors or lenders, partnering, collaborating with other venues, and others. 

    5.  Use a Reservation Management System to Book Tables

    It is frustrating when errors occur while booking tables, which typically end in a high degree of customer dissatisfaction and poor reviews online. Using a pen and paper system guarantees errors and email systems can misread the customer’s intentions with the same result. 

    Consider using a reservation management platform that will eliminate those errors and increase efficiency across your entire staff. The best platforms contain an interactive table map that displays reservations, guest information, and servers all in one view. This streamlines your processes and eliminates errors. Maximizing efficiency and accuracy is essential to operating an excellent nightclub. 

    6.  Use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Build Relationships

    The primary concern inside your new nightclub is that of your relationship with patrons. A platform that includes a robust CRM system tied to your POS and integrated into one primary platform gives your guests a great experience. 

    With an integrated CRM system, you’re able to improve guest experiences by identifying each guest in line, provide personalized services for VIP guests and improve marketing efforts overall. 

    Patrons of your nightclub, especially those who return regularly, will want to know they’ve fostered relationships with the owner of your nightclub. An integrated CRM system allows you and your staff to utilize data to treat every guest as a valuable member of your nightclub.

    The latest technology solutions include those that manage all systems concurrently, provide an improved ticket-processing system, and ensure guests have a positive experience. Integrate these tech solutions into your new nightclub for your own ticket to a rewarding nightclub success! 

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